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  1. Got around to picking up rear subframe and put them both in this arvo so it will roll on the trailer for rail / sandblast work. Its still a shelf at the moment unfortunately but hope to get some pallet racking or similar soon to make better use of the area. About to lose over half my shed to new home owners Does anyone bave reccomendstions for a good vlaster in brissy / seqld area that can do the engine bay, boot floor and window trims etc?
  2. Picked up the front bar this weekend. Have been spending time trying to buckle up my r31 to get ready for sale this last week so not much progress on the gtr unfortunately.
  3. Not too sure didn't have a proper look. But id say it would be enough to mount it properly. It just came with the lip i didn't order anything separately.
  4. Just jap was $15 to ship from Sydney to Toowoomba..
  5. Hey mate, Can't help with the information you are looking for, but I am also going to "black out" my interior as such when my GTR goes back together. I have had decent success with black trim paint which may be worth a look into? Or you may be able to get them dyed / dipped? Subscribing for more answers too
  6. That's awesome mate. Love it. My actual name is Tennessee so thought I had to check out this thread!
  7. Awesome work mate. I've just started restoring an R32 GTR myself. (I say restoring but its more like painting and re-assembling haha). Glad I don't have to go to this effort. You are definitely doing this properly!
  8. Yeah, not getting the N1 bar, just normal GTR. My gtst has a genuine N1 bar on it which I bought brand new in 2015 - $250 haha. I also have a genuine N1 reo i bought at the same time for $250 thru nissan as well. If I can't find a 32 gtr front reo for a decent price, I may steal the N1 from my gtst. The normal GTR bar will fit fine on that.
  9. Tell me about it. The price on Kudos has doubled. got on my nerves a little bit. Totally a cash grab. hence Im getting the front bar..before it goes up too.
  10. Alrighty, so this weekend was mega expensive and im feeling it haha. Ended up taking a 10 hr round trip to bundaberg to pick up some 26 covers. Was a decent price so can't complain. Then yesterday i went to jdm autoparts in brissy to get: Front subframe, body loom, attessa ecu, attessa res, subframe mounting bracket thingies, speedo cable, etc. Then, last night i decided to order a brand new front lip off justjap because nismo heritage has more than doubled the price. RIP. Justjap had some for $600. Also thought id order the front bar and indicators from kudos which is another $900. Will get those in the next few weeks but will be storing for a long time yet ha. Next on the agenga will be to get the car rolling so its ready to go to brissy for some work on the rails.
  11. I have been to broke to do anything to the GTR the last few weeks hence the lack of updates, but finally getting a few items picked up this weekend hopefully. I am currently looking into how I am going to restore the bolts and nuts, brackets etc used around the whole car, namely suspension at this stage. My plan of attack is currently to purchase a vibratory tumbler and zinc plating setup. I also have access to a small sand blaster for items that won't fit within the tumbler. Vibratory Tumblers, also known as case tumblers are available at gun shops so will pick one up in town for $95 in the coming weeks. Much like the one below on ebay. At this stage I believe a walnut media will be suitable for getting the right finish on the hardware. If anyone has experience with tumbling bolts etc some advice would be sweet. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Max-clean-3-5l-Electronic-Brass-Case-Tumbler-Reloading-Media-Cleaning-Case-Clean/183475533028?epid=22026939511&hash=item2ab7fe74e4:g:Df8AAOSwZw1buslt https://www.caswellplating.com.au/store/store.php/products/copy-cad-or-zinc-plating-kit-6-litre Once zinc plating is completed, I am thinking that using a black chromate on them will be an awesome final touch. https://www.caswellplating.com.au/store/store.php/products/black-chromate-concentrate an example of a zinc then chromated bolt is attached. Much better than painting. Hopefully on monday I will pick up the front rolling gear. I would start stripping this straight away to prepare for resto but I actually need to take the car to a fabrication workshop in the next month or so for some work to get done on the frame rails (classic dented in 32 things i'm sure you are all aware of haha). So unfortunately I will be putting the front subframe, suspension etc in the car at this stage. I will also be putting in the rear subframe out of the red gtst just so it rolls and can get on the trailer to go to the workshop. Also picking up something for the eventual engine tomorrow, 10 hr drive ahead of me.
  12. Awesome. Did not know about this. Looked up both models and they are the same Cheers!
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