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  1. Don't think response will be far off in the proposed turbine housing. Will certainly make more power. Just what the customer was told and told me. Was a 3684R 62mm.
  2. Here is 25 neo GTW (Red) vs 3 Litre GTR head w cams etc Holset HCR40rs (Blue ) (supposed 650 kw hub)
  3. Have experience with the 62mm version fitted into a crappy ill-machined chinese .63 undivided housing. RB25DET neo stock engine was approx 400kww on 98 around 27psi. Forged bottom end and light porting became more det limited as comp crept up a tad and was approx 380kww on 98 then 470kww on E78 approx 32 psi. Awesome turbo. With decent housing would be even better. If you want more chuck the KTS upgrad wheel on. Have dyno sheets if wanted.
  4. The way you now have it plumbed is the normal way of plumbing a three port for most applications.
  5. It sounds like you have a leaking WG diaphragm or hose to the top of the gate. Suck on hose to the top of the gate and suck on it and ensure it holds vacum. Jason
  6. One thing you are forgetting is that there will ( should ) be a mains girdle in place when the block is bored/honed and this should be in place also when setting the ring gaps with the torque plate on.You will find it pretty difficult with the mains girdle in place to get in there from underneath... Jason
  7. Run two of them with E85 and 5 Bar differential fuel pressure with 1800cc injectors (@ 5 Bar) at 90 % duty and they hold 5 Bar differential pressure perfect. Only dyno work so far so cant comment on longevity but for the price not really a concern.
  8. No problem. I did some runs with E78 but found the traction limit unfortunately. Don't think there would be a-lot of peak power left but expect to be able to bold the curve further as still no timing added over pump E10 settings. Normal 3 port controller maxed up top. Identical turbo bar the compressor wheel. I simply removed the Z core and put W in for true back to back test. Cams are small but not much of the head really comparable to typical RB. .
  9. Blue had more WG duty from the start and really cold day. Have not really seen any other results except I do have a GTW 3684 on a 25 I have graphs on. Has everything there for VCT but not running currently, on my list.
  10. Yeah for sure. I started off with a .7 AR then .8x then 1 and came on earlier each time. First time it has lost a little down low, but comes on hard!
  11. Next up had a 1.36 AR housing lying around so thought, why not. V band outlet was different so made a 4 inch exhaust up ( from 3.5 ) so housing and exhaust different.
  12. No problem. Yeah I was hoping it wouldn't really loose anything down low but definitely did. However you wouldn't really know it to drive, and the plan was to try some E in it too. Yes, 25 headed 30.
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