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  1. Yeah, the way it's wired up doesn't seem to do anything. A positive wire spits into 2. 1 End going to this and 1 end going to the power for the coils. The other wire coming out of this thing goes to earth currently. If it is a relay, then even when it its powered/not powered its not stopping power going to the coils. Seems odd.
  2. I'm assuming its a circuit breaker however the way its been wired up makes me think I'm wrong.
  3. I'll have a look on the weekend and take a few piccies. Hopefully be what you're after.
  4. I believe my son and I are putting this exact engine into his girlfriends car this weekend. The motor is currently at his house so unable to take any pics however he'll be bringing the engine and car here for us to do the transplant. If I remember before we get too carried away I'll take some photos. Could you give me an indication using the above pic of the exact area you want some closeups.
  5. Haven't measured the temp yet. Bought a Thermometer today to try. I've tried 2 new thermostats. A genuine nissan one (70 *C) and a high flow triton one (77*C). Bled the system over and over again. I believe some of the water pumps come with 6 blades and some come with 8. I'm just wondering if it makes a difference?
  6. RB20DET Waterpump (Are there differences?) Guys, having heating issues with the RB20DET.is there a difference between watrerpumps? Recently changed the waterpump as it appeared to be leaking. Turned out to be a pinhole leak in the radiator. Anyway, the engine takes a while to warm up, doesn't seem to want to get above 1/4 when idling however when you take it out for a drive it goes up to 3/4. When you stop at the lights the temp gauge drop back down towards 1/4. We've tried swapping radiators,fans and, thermostats. Still the same. Is there a difference in waterpumps?( I'm aware there is one with a slotted top hole.) The only thing I can think of is there is some difference between the one we took off and the one we pout on. ie: If the one we put in has move fins on the impeller. Any other ideas? cheers
  7. What suburb are you in?
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