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  1. I thought 12k is what cefiros are worth. I would like more but hey
  2. The time has come to sell my baby details are as below; 1989 Nissan Cefiro RB20DET 5sp Manual 156000kms Engine Mods HKS pod filter 3in Turbo back exhaust (by exhaust technology) FMIC Hybrid copy Bosch 040 Fuel Pump Body Mods bodykit unsure what type 17" Deep Dish Apec Apache Suspension mods D2 Coil-over suspension Adjustable Castor Rods Alloy subframe spacers Cusco Front Strut Brace 2way Mech LSD unknown brand Interior Mods Tomei Boost Gauge Tomei Turbo Timer Sony MP3 CD Momo Steering Wheel Alarm, Immobiliser and Central Locking This car has 150rwkw and always serviced at Graham West Workshop Price is $12,000 Contact me via PM or this thread
  3. on the stock RB20 turbo you'll only get 165rwkw max. even with power FC, no chance of 180rwkw
  4. it sounds like you need to replace the window regulator, cost about $150 from nissan, which they have to get from japan, so takes like 6 weeks. David
  5. If the window doesn't stay up its the regulator that is broken, here's the link on how to replace it http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...topic=90417&hl= Cheers David
  6. nice car. I have a few noobish questions; 1. Do you still have the standard computer? 2. What's it like on fuel 3. Where did you get it tuned? Cheers David
  7. the window regulator is the mechanism that moves and holds the glass. i doubt it is that. it would be more like a window motor relay or somethin David
  8. i paid $1050 for full comprehensive, i'm 21 and rating 2, i live in regional victoria, and agreed value on the cef is $11000. Victorians are worse off because they can only get there full license at 18, where as SA (where i grew up, lol) you get it at 16 and a half. So i've had my full license for 5 years.
  9. yep, its a good piggyback computer for mild mods, i.e. boost upgrade, cooler, exhaust, doesn't handle bigger injectors well though.
  10. i'm down, i've PMd you for more details. Also on the supra.com forums you are offering these in blue and black. I would prefer blue if you can get it. Also can you do COD? David
  11. looks good. love the pillarless style of the laurel.
  12. go down to nissan and tell them the VIN and they'll give you all the info you need
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