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  1. Hi mate, yeh thanks. Not sure what you mean??? If it's the converted manual? No I didn't get it. If your talking the dashboard, always has been in English!!
  2. Not much, I just wanted to put a price, I forgot to in the original post
  3. Hey guys. How do I update my post, anyone know???
  4. Well sounds like the car may have been resprayed once upon a time?????? Either way my position doesn't change. Still trying to sell what it is, and that is that the car is in good condition regardless, thanks for pointing all that out for me, cheers
  5. Sorry, it may have, I haven't any knowledge of that happening, so as you could imagine I assume it's all genuine??? bought the car off my brother in law and he never mentioned anything. Anyways I can get The VIN number if that helps, sorry bout any confusion
  6. The car hasn't been resprayed. Genuine all round, parts of the engine bay are white???????? Don't get your angle?????
  7. Purchased this car approx 4years ago. The stagea has been fantastic, premium 98 fuel has always been used and the car has never missed a beat. Early on replaced the radiator for a bigger size than the original and all alluminium, which was on advice from my mechanic to be better suited & more efficient for the sports engine & Aussie conditions. That, plus english stereo are the only modifications to this car. The car has been regularly serviced since owned. The speedo has 128172km on it. Rego paid until Nov 2018 Very reluctant sale, as family has outgrown it.
  8. fenderbeau

    Thanks guys for comments, will try suggestions and post back my outcome. Cheers
  9. fenderbeau

    Hey everyone! Just curious if anyone has a mongoose m40 car alarm and immobiliser installed. Have been on website and found instructions, but nothing about reprogramming the unit to suit my needs. Is it possible to do so or not. At the moment I only have 30 seconds at any point to disarm or rearm it. No good for example, if someone wants to stay in car or camp in it.??? Anyways any comments would be appreciated. Cheers gang
  10. fenderbeau

    Hey guys, here's a photo of my stock standard stagea I bought recently. Hope you like
  11. Thanks mate, I know it was a wild shot. Have to find a hard copy somewhere?? Cheers