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  1. No, it is not a V spec although a previous owner put a v-spec sticker on it.
  2. It's been said before but truth be told she's the one who earns the money not me so if she goes I can't afford to run anything. Better to keep her and at least get use of a company provided XR6T or XR8.
  3. Beat the trade in offer and it's yours. $36,000 - no swaps.
  4. Still available. Will sell for $39,000. Genuine buyers only please, no more test pilots.
  5. I'm trying to get rid of one of the 4WD's, another is my competition vehicle and the newest one is my wife's company car which we can't offload until the lease is up. That is why the GTR has to go too, plus the GTR is kept in the garage so it is always blocked in by the 4WD's on the driveway and never gets a run - about 3500-4000km in the last 10 months.
  6. Three big fat slow four wheel drives:- 1999 Nissan Patrol GU, set up for touring 1990 Nissan Patrol GQ, set up for competition 1993 Ford Maverick (Nissan Patrol), standard and for sale If you think performance cars can suck money, try 4WD's!
  7. I'll wait as long as it takes for the right sale
  8. Not really interested in swap as I have too many cars, wife would not be happy with swapping one for another.
  9. Not sure how to tell. The compliance was done in 2000, the model year stated for the vehicle is 1997. I can't see a reference date on the Nissan VIN plate under the bonnet.
  10. If you mean me then yes and it's still mine, or if you mean Steve "MR GTR", then yes it was. I suspect you mean the latter.
  11. 1997 R33 GTR Black 65,000km RB26DETT, 4WS, Dual Air Bags, Climate Control, Electrics etc. HID Lights 400R style front bar Nismo Intercooler HKS Air Pods Nismo 300km/h speedo Clarion CD Alarm Warranty until December 2005 (see Royal warranty at www.cargear.com.au) Qld Rego until June 2004, RWC GC Can email photos email: [email protected] phone: 0413 534 732 Beat the trade in price and it's yours $36000 firm, no swaps. Selling due to lack of use and nagging wife, and impending company car. Steve -
  12. Is it possible to dyno a GTR on a 2WD dyno? I have been told you can just pull a fuse to disable the ATTESSA system - is this perfectly safe or, more to the point, what damage might this do? Steve
  13. try diff lapping, i know a few 4x4 guys who have used them before and had very good results. i believe there is now a southside location as well as the original one in kedron(?)
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