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  1. This about sums it up.. 1- 32psi 2- 28psi 3- 110psi 4- 90psi 5- 35psi 6- 40psi RIP Neo.
  2. Alright, so to my luck i've picked up an R32 with an R34 NEO motor for 800 bucks and decided to join this forum. See, im a mechanic, and more of a holden man however i have bought this car from drift. So the issue is at this stage the car will crank for about 20-30 seconds, occasionally fire, and flat out refuses to idle. engine revs beautifully once started and when its slightly warmed up will idle very very roughly. Now, i've just put a second hand set of coilpacks because the original 6 littlerally fell apart in my hands. There was suspicion from the previous owner that the engine has cooked. Compression test being done tomorrow for my own peace of mind. All input much appreciated! Here's the engine specs according to receipts and my knowledge. R32 running R33 RB25block with NEO head + computer. Possibly running Tomei Type B cams. (260 dur 9.15mm lift) Full exhaust from manifold back. manifold has small crack near turbo joint. Hissing noise from engine bay, unable to diagnose at this stage because it was only me and now pitch black outside. I have knocked a solenoid hose on the hard intake pipe which goes straight into the throttle body (Not attached to pipe, is on a bracket) Car's running a FMIC with the worst plumbing ive seen on a turbo car. FROM MY KNOWLEDGE car is tuned to suit all the modifications.
  3. Hey, do you still have the R34 coil packs? are they all okay? Im in perth and need a set of neo packs to check my engine nick. thanks.,
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