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  1. Oh rice racing is here.. Michael Jackson Popcorn.gif
  2. I'm not following.. why did you have to pull boost out up top previously? You said: "It will also mean we don’t have to pull boost out in the top end too" Can't imagine it's surge related (low mass flow issue), or turbo speed related (compressor hasn't changed)
  3. What do mean by having to pull boost out? the cost of EMAP outweighing the benefit of greater MAP? or EGTs getting too high? PS thats friggin' massive. the 3" outlet looks hilariously small
  4. burn4005

    well they've completely tapped out the EFR on that car so i guess twins were next. the Gs are potentially more efficient than their EFR counterparts so worth a crack I suppose
  5. burn4005

    I use two of these with the bottom cut off sitting inside a tank with fuel tank foam. the base of the tank has a ball valve on it so at the track I can leave it open to drain to sump and all other times it just collects in the tank and I clean it before a track day because it gets sludgy due to moisture over time.
  6. I would not be worried. A mate has a Mk7 gold and the oil temp is 105-110 all the time. Synth oils can take it no worries. I only need to keep the oil and coolant under control for 5 WOT laps, because the tyres and brakes are f**ked by then anyway and sprint days are pretty much all short sessions.
  7. Used dash 10, and the longer an fitting came with the bnr34 oil cooler/remote mount kit. May be available seperately from rhdjapan? All greddy bits have individual spare part numbers you should be able to find it.
  8. nitto 2.8 AND V-cam?? Id be going 9000rpm redline, EFR9180 1.05 and sending it. 8374 at the minimum. I've got a 8374 1.05 on a little 2.6 and its bloody good at 450awkw but not a lot left turbine speed wise, let alone extra capacity and 50 degrees of cam adjustment to play with. I've been googling 8474 every week for the last 2 years. most people regret going smaller, very few regret going larger, especially when your engine is built with headroom to cop it.
  9. doesn't seem to work in this case as its a video. tried to ressurect it. did some testing with a spanner and digital fish scale and the holding torque of a stock RB26 ITB throttle assembly (3 throttle springs and main shaft spring) is about 800Nmm at 100% throttle and 400Nmm at ~1% throttle lighter springs will be required on the throttles, removing the three throttle springs would bring this down to nothing, and would be easy to do on a fitted engine, but i think having very light springs on each is good for safety of the engine, although I'm yet to see a linkage break on an RB26. throttle cable sure, but threaded link.. nah. specified max holding current for most DBW motors seems to be around 2 amps.
  10. I'm Bumping this back from the dead as im seriously looking at implementing a DBW setup on the ITB rb26. did anyone find anything out? photobucket links are now dead due to "photof**kit" occuring..
  11. burn4005

    I've got a set of golds set sprung slightly softer. ride is amazing considering. valving valving valving.
  12. cars and coffee? great brakes circuit work? cost/benefit isn't there.
  13. the switching delay on those is terrible (500usec) but i guess you dont really need a linear PWM duty to output response for pumps. if you want to run at a reasonable frequency (5-20khz) you want to use one of these http://solidstaterelaystore.com/pe0630.aspx
  14. exactly one piece of string improvement. get it tuned. look at usmair's 8374 vs 9180 results. 9174 should be in the middle.
  15. Im running the Pierburg L3LM being fed by two holley hydramats, a 17.5v boost a pump and an aston martin fuel pump control module (siemens VDO 7H42-9D372-AA) they take a 100hz signal and up-sample to 20khz pwm power drive. works great, and the L3LM at 17.5v flows about 430lph at 70psi. and only 17a draw. will be attempting 500awkw worth of E85 early next month so we'll see how it goes.