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  1. I have 380mm front alcons. Carbotech XP12 pads. big of squeal on the road but an excellent track pad. 355mm rear brakes with 4x31.8 CAR98s going on in the next few weeks but the knee point of the BM57 will be all wrong for the new setup as the piston area is so large. Am looking at options for bringing it down (external prop valve probably)
  2. Math Pedant here, half the group has below *median* intelligence.
  3. R35 coils and the greatest spark plugs in the world, Denso IK01-24 or NGK R7434-8 and forget about it for a couple of years. they can be had from RHD japan for relatively reasonable money. supercheap will hit you for $99 a plug.
  4. Hi, sorting out some brakes for the skyine. got my spreadsheet out for dynamic brake bias, but I need the height of the centre of gravity. I've managed to find corner weights on the internet but not a COG height. anyone have a number? (can be for 32/33/34 just need something ballpark. I dont have corner scales or a hoist so I can't do the incline measurement test myself. thanks
  5. looks to allow for a lot more customisation in the mapping of it, and introduce wheel speed/slip if you use the additional wheel speed unit.
  6. not too many ECUs have an analog output (only Emtron KV comes to mind) unless you use something like this: https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038000-analogue-output-adaptor/
  7. the GTIII was a journal bearing wasn't it?
  8. would love to see a datalog of transient boost at 5500rpm from off throttle to WOT between those two.
  9. I would say one of the best pairings to the Getrag is an ATS carbon twin plate. the gearbox side clutch assembly (hub and plates) is unbelievably light. Each carbon disc weighs about 190 grams and really reduces the amount of work the syncros need to do. caveat is if you do a lot of start stop traffic driving (cold slipping) it wears quite quickly. but once hot its a beast.
  10. concept being even pulses? I can see two differing approaches for an I6 engine with regular cylinder pairing (1-6,2-5,3-4) equal length runners into a split T04 collector with seperate wastegates (lets assume each runner in this example is equal length and same cross sectional area): vs a concept like this (shared flow path to collector):
  11. can you elaborate on what a proper pulse converter manifold looks like? my manifold is cyl 1,2,3 -> one scroll 4,5,6 -> other scroll. the first place the gas paths meet is just before they hit the turbine blade.
  12. im in a similar place with similar power. half of the bits in the getrag are becoming rocking horse shit (try to find an input shaft) neat gearboxes are commissioning parts to be made by albins, but they are pricing them like they have a monopoly. only thing you can do is ISF polish the gears and go to a billet centre plate, next step is the big boi boxes.
  13. You need 6.7mm of valve clearance at TDC. Easiest is to determine if you have this after assembly but quite a waste of time.. IF you did your trigonometry at school and have the piston information and valve angle then you should be able to work it out. Ie put the head on a bench and measure relief to deck height, then do the same for the block to piston and add the gasket thickness.
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