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  1. burn4005

    You'd be pretty game to be making a main cap out of a dissimilar metal to the block. I'd expect there would be issues/fretting due to thermal expansion coefficients?
  2. burn4005

    is the integrated main cap version made from Steel or are they all Aluminium?
  3. I'd like to test that theory about turbine flow, Geoff could I place a standing order for an 8474 supercore [emoji4]
  4. E85 is f**king gold. Even if you don't use it to its potential timing wise it is great engine insurance. Egts are low, it won't knock, engine is super clean. Happy days
  5. My take is Higher compression engines are: -more thermally efficient, less heat out the exhaust (lower EGTs) which spools the turbo slightly slower. BSFC improves. -better off boost due to torque improvements -won't eat as much boost (dynamic compression) as low compression engines do. on a large engine with a small turbo (8374 on a 3.2 is a small turbo in my mind) it makes sense as you won't get much boost into the motor anyway before you overspeed the thing. I just hit the speed limit of an 8374 on a 2.6 at 8000rpm and 27psi at 490kw. so a 3.2 with the same VE% at around 6300 rpm you'll have the same boost limit. if you rev any higher you'll either have to taper it off, or run less boost, as the torque produced is really going to work your gearbox. its hard to know where the 1.05a/r housings limit is, as we were stonewalling the compressor and had a compressor speed limiting function in the ECU, adding boost wasn't really making any more power as the ECU was just pulling the target down anyway. it would be interesting to throw a 9174 core in there to see what happens with the 1.05 as it would be running near peak efficiency where this one is falling off. I wish I had an EMAP sensor, but the wastegate duty was quite telling. at about 7000rpm and up we had to really start ramping the duty in to maintain boost target, whereas below this point it was pretty flat. compressor efficiency was really starting to dive up here so to maintain shaft power by increasing exhaust expansion ratio it looked like this: (I'm using a 4 port 12w MAC valve and a 7psi spring in the gate, also using solenoid deadtime function in the emtron so real duty is about 12% more) running the thing on E85 also makes the decision much easier.
  6. burn4005

    Probably need more crank prime at warmer areas
  7. and for shits and giggles, here is the 91mm compressor. looks like a damn good fit too if you're heading for more boost.
  8. here is my dyno log over the 8374 compressor map. the 8374 is a pretty good match for an rb26. I've moved the air flow scale slightly to make the turbo speed lines line up better. I would also expect the pressure ratio to be slightly higher due to air filter and intercooler pressure drop. I'm just using MAP here. you can see why they snap on so hard, it goes right through the peak efficiency zone when it's spooling.
  9. It's a powerhouse racing one, and I'm using a sard venturi pump in place of the tiny stock one for the saddle transfer
  10. it is! part of me wanted to crack 500kw but the rest of me is over the moon (and i'm over 650hp so I'll claim that instead)
  11. Forgot to mention that the 490kw was done with Bosch 1650s, stock R34 fuel lines, stock fuel rail stock nissan filter single in tank pump (pierburg l3lm at 17.5v and pwm control) Aftermarket fuel hat Diff Fuel pressure drops from 45 to 42psi from idle to redline with fixed pump speed but can be ramped in to keep it flat. Pressure at pump outlet is probably much higher!
  12. Dyno today 87mm rb26 on e85, 260 9.15 cams 8374 on a 6 boost 490kw at 27.5psi. 126k rpm full boost at 4600rpm haven't played with cams or closed loop boost control yet.
  13. burn4005

    they just replace the stock ones. no difference in sound. you can tighten them up with the preload screw if you want a bit of compressor surge but otherwise they're silent.
  14. burn4005

    lol the only Garret that might displace my EFR is a med/large frame G series if/when they ever get released.