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  1. Geoff I'm curious about how the 8474 is being marketed by Borg warner against the 9174. Or is is replacing it in the lineup going forward?
  2. Swap to some Denso IK01-24 or NGK R7434-8 plugs and you won't look back. oh wait, are you still talking evo or RB?
  3. buy a set of inconel T04 flange studs and you'll never have to worry about it.
  4. and if you REALLY need it to sound fully hectic bro these guys can do a compressor cover mod for you https://www.t51r.com/
  5. burn4005

    more on this, if the ramps meet at what looks like a 90 degree angle its just a nissan lsd: if the ramps are much more shallow are more like a 135 degree incident angle like this then its a nismo diff.
  6. I hope you're using a power FC too, the pinnacle of japanese performance. looks like a colossal waste of time and money to me. this is HKSs own literature.. find a used T51r SPL and stick that on instead if you're chasing a period-correct 1990s power curve.
  7. I'm making 500awkw on e85 with a stock fuel rail and even egts. Don't over think it.
  8. Emtron KV8 is the correct answer.
  9. Wow what a torque slab! what size motor is that on and how much head work?
  10. 8374 because eventually you'll want e85 and 480kw+ I had 400kw, got over it and now I have 500kw. I like 500 better.
  11. burn4005

    my Damper is only a small OEM style bosch one with an adjustable pre-load installed just before the fuel rail that I'm sure is quite compressed at elevated pressures so would have little effect in high boost high power operating zones. i was only concerned with low pulse widths at relatively low fuel pressures, which is where you were seeing your issues. I'm also using a progressive cavity twin screw pump that provides very linear fuel delivery, whereas a turbine style pump will struggle a bit with very choppy fuel pressure. the walbros really do not like being run slowly, whereas the Pierburg stays very linear in its supply. there is no manifold reference line on my FPD, and I still have a few meters of Gates rubber line in my fuel system that would also provide a dampening effect. I use the VP M2 additive that seems to keep the rubber in good condition and I never leave E85 sitting in it for extended periods. and yes, running all solid line would certainly provide a much noisier fuel pressure do to the lack of elasticity.
  12. burn4005

    Eh, overrated. I have added a pulsation damper to the pre rail feed at the 1650cc inj are pretty choppy though. And ecu uses live rail pressure measured at the regulator in the fuel model I'm at 500awkw on e85 in an r34 gtr. stock lines, stock filter and stock rail. I have an egt sensor on each cylinder and they're all flat on a long pull. Not sure where this pressure drop issue comes from I mean it is a physical effect but your fluid velocity would need to be massive for it to be important over a 1m long straight rail. Yes, the rail pressure will be higher than what the regulator sensor sees due to fluid flow mechanics, and the effect gets stronger the high the bypass rate but low viscosity warm fuel travelling in a straight rail this gradient will be very small. The twin entry rails with very high fuel demands introduce strong turbulence at the centre return affecting the two centre cylinders. It's better to have the fuel travelling in one direction. A large enough rail with a bore size to suit the delivery (should be larger than the hose used to feed it so no supply issues exist) is more than adequate. I just did a quick calc and the drop accross a 1m long straight extruded tube of 15mm diameter with a flow of 10l/min of room temp ethanol is 0.145psi. The real effect will be even less as at high duty cycles you are dropping roughly 1/6 of the flow as you cross each injector so the differential decreases. This is one of those mates brothers cousins dogs auntie said things but until someone puts a sensor pre and post rail to prove it I'm a non believer and am feeding my engine well over 800hp worth of e85 without an issue.
  13. burn4005

    Emtron do a Kv8 plugin for skyline gtrs. Worth a look.
  14. burn4005

    Ok so this is how this thread will go down. I and everyone else is going to say go a split pulse manifold at a 1.05a/r rear on it as you'll choke it. Then an American is going to come in here and say nah he made X power with the 0.92 and a war will break out with Dyno sheets and Aussies calling American dynos shit.. Basically go a 1.05. I did and made 492kw at the treads and the turbo is at Max speed. 127,000rpm.
  15. You can do a fair bit of testing around engine pressure ratios with an orifice plate or butterfly as a restriction in the exhaust. Every psi of extra pressure post turbine will be likely ~3x that amount in the exhaust manifold when you factor in the operating turbine expansion ratio.