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  1. back pressure not relevant to compressor flow. (in the context of the operating point on a compressor map. yes, it affects VE) but remember that 2.6 bar gauge inlet pressure will end up being more like 3.7 absolute PR (Possibly higher) once you factor in the inlet filter and intercooler pressure drops, which crosses closer to low 80s flow point at that wheel speed. i'd be happy with 750hp at the hubs at this operating point. 900 at the hubs through diffs and gearbox flowing ~85lb/min is asking a bit much isn't it? the Motec will have a logged VE calculated airflow. if your injector data is good and you lambda=target the Motec calculated airflow will be accurate if you wanted to verify.
  2. I need a 700kw turbo and a cable throttle to drive my no aero no slicks car on a twisty track because more peak power is faster. got it.
  3. ok I'll bite. traction control gives you CONTROL to allow you closer to the limit. if it is done correctly, you will be faster. DBW doesnt give you more power. it gives you CONTROL of available power. if it is done correctly, you will be faster. "big turbo good" isnt the answer. the post was about the 8474 coming on too hard. DBW can linearise the power developed. and compared to an 9280, sure the peak power isn't as high, but the spread of controllable power is wider. a larger turbo just gives you a smaller band you have torque demand authority. if your gearing dictates a second gear hairpin or third gear chicane complex down to 4000rpm, i garantee the smaller turbo with DBW torque demand will get you around it MUCH faster than a larger turbo with a cable throttle. if we are talking about turbos of this size you dont need more peak power at the apex, you need more control of midrange torque and having a large turbo so it doesn't come on as hard is a bandaid solution. sure, at QR "big turbo good". but at lakeside/morgan park its not useful.
  4. thats a very non-DBW way of thinking of things. a responsive turbo gives you more control authority.
  5. this is where the significantly more efficient 84 or 91mm compressors would be better over the 83mm at high mass flows. the 91mm is about 10% more efficient above 70lb/min, which corresponds to about 7% extra mass flow that can be bled out the gate due to the reduced shaft power requirement.
  6. or run a screamer. venting ~25% mass flow out a short screamer reduces your full exhaust requirements in a big way.
  7. interesting. which turbo do they reach for these days? the 84 or the 91 or are there tracks that they'd go one over the other?
  8. thats a super interesting comparison.. 0.8 to 1.45 is a pretty dramatic turbine difference to not see any transient difference. Im guessing you had the boost response tuned to be quite soft for the 8474 that wasn't nessasary with the 9174?
  9. My 8374 is at 127krpm at 490wkw (650whp) so it has nothing left. You'll need an 8474.
  10. Did they have to go to a smaller base circle for this? I imagine they would have to in order to effectively add meat to the lobe to get a longer duration.
  11. I've got a Series 6 25 row setrab in a nismo duct and on the track oil temps still get to 120 degrees after 5 laps. on the road im not sure I'd bother. definitely put a temp sensor in and if you are getting over 100 degrees move to a decent synthetic oil then keep it under 120 degrees. if you can't keep it below this, then spend the money on the cooler.
  12. I'd love to know how you could possibly spend 250k on an engine package..... a billet block (or cast block, partial grout and a brace) and Nitto Stroker kit is only 25 grand, add 10k for a full house head, a few grand for 625 bolts/studs and you're most of the way there. Precision 7685, a couple of gates, manifold, Motec M150.. and you're at maybe 50k assembled. RIPS racing in NZ has a lot of experience building engines for UK guys and shipping them so I'd be giving them a call.
  13. Also what cams are you using? I cant see them in your list
  14. Roller speed axis should be made illegal. What gearbox, diff ratios, rims and tyres?
  15. Or one of your HKS2530s eats a bit of silicone and lunches the compressor wheel, which is not available. ask me how i know...
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