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  1. Good pickup @BK I'm using R35 coils hence the ISO version. Forgot about that difference!
  2. Just copy the position on the old cam. It doesn't matter their phasing as long as they are spaced at 120 degrees and not near the cam home pulse timing wise. Any new ecu that is capable of generic VVT would have no problems with it.
  3. The actuator is actually a modified Subaru EJ unit. Oil is fed through ports in the camshaft just in front of cylinder 1 lobes, there are internal passeges drilled that feed that oil to the actuator bolted to the front. It's not simple but it is certainly possible. The grub screws that stick out for the vvt sensor are just a threaded hole with a long grub screws and lock nuts.
  4. Yes they do https://www.rhdjapan.com/hks-v-cam-system-version-up-camshaft.html
  5. step 1 is a 248 degree 8.7mm camshaft with 30 degrees of advance (20 degrees locked out with steel block) step 2 is a 264 degree 8.7mm camshaft with 50 degrees of advance. you can use the actuator with the block removed to give the 50 degrees but you will need to purchase the step 2 camshaft or get your step 1 248 degree camshaft ground to a lower base circle and reground to a longer duration.
  6. Denso IK01-24 or NGK R7434-8. best plugs out there and a lot cheaper than a new set of coils. fine tip iridium. I've had a set for 2 years in an 780hp rb26 and they're still perfect.
  7. Any update on this? interested in how you went.
  8. @Wojtekall three of those links appear to be for an E4LM. the datasheet in your links shows these as 330lph are you able to supply E5LMs, IE the same pump as the BKS1000 kit?
  9. Skeptical of the benefits mostly due to Borg themselves abandoning the concept. Wether that was due to reliability, performance or cost constraints I have no idea.
  10. It's real flow is 90-95lb/min corrected so 900-950hp in old money turbo ratings (or Borg equivalent) so about the same flow as an 8474 which Borg eates as a 950hp turbo. The Garrett is a bit more efficient on the compressor side of things in the meat of the map but that doesn't affect the peak power rating, where both turbos are trailing off 60% at their peak flow.
  11. If you're a vendor Pm me the site and I'll post about it instead I've searched high and low for one so it's good info.
  12. G35-900 is rated at 900hp but only flows ~80lb/min. And even less at higher pressure ratios. They got very optimistic with their ratings compared with previous generations. An efr8374 flows a full 79lb/min all the way up to a 2.5 bar boost (3.5PR) and they only rated it at 750hp. I blame Garrett's Marketing department. Precisions.. like 6262 and 6466... who the f**k knows but they must derate them as everyone drives those things waay beyond their rated flow. And they just smoke rather than die.
  13. adjust the cams? That's really late for 15psi but reasonable with poorly optimised cam timing. Is your boost control soft? Holding the solenoid on while your spooling can help too. Boost leaks don't help either
  14. This is an odd hill to want to die on gtsboy, what makes you think the chamfer on the face of the whole is not intended for an oring? Here is an ORB cross section for comparison..
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