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  1. So now sema has kicked off, has anyone heard anything about the 8474 and 9280 black series turbos?
  2. are you actually monitoring exhaust pressure on each twin scroll bank or just wanted the gates to move a bit quicker?
  3. twin 4-ports is pretty serious! what springs are you running in the gates?
  4. thats getting towards the very upper limit of power for the 67 compressor. but you'd scrape it in before overspeeding. I'd be wanting a larger A/R hotside though on a 2.5 have a play in matchbot and see where your exhaust pressures end up.
  5. just keep a 1.45 housing on your wishlist if you're looking at 775+hp. they 'spensive.
  6. I see you are using a 50mm waste gate. Is that a turbosmart progate or progate lite? The lite version is unsuitable for 4 port boost control in my opinion. I would only consider using it if nothing else would fit. The diaphragm to valve area is only around 1.3 so is more susceptable to manifold pressure differences with a light spring. The real progate 50 has a diaphragm to valve area of around 2 so has much better control.
  7. you need use the combustion energy to turn the turbo rather than provide cylinder pressure. you want more ignition retard to burn the charge later. the PowerFC pro is a piece of shit in 2017. pull it out and use a real ecu. it's "launch control" is only an ignition cut instead of fuel, and an auxillary rev limiter. its not a real launch control system. ideally you want an ecu that can do TPS defined ignition retard activated by low road speed & a clutch switch.
  8. an external gate has to pull on the stem to open valve, an internal actuator has to push to open the flapper.
  9. also I'd recommend finding a 12 watt solenoid version of the 4 port mac valve (made by circuit seven on ebay). they control duty cycle range is much greater (40% greater effective duty range) giving you better control resolution as the 4 ports are sensitive. also a lighter spring in the gate will allow the valve to respond faster. as long as your diaphram to valve area is decent (>1.5), a 4 port will hold it closed with a very light spring. effective duty @ 30hz for the 4 ports: 5.4watt is 22-62% 12watt is 14-70% alve freq approx Duty range % 3port MAC-5.4 watt 10 7-90 15 10-89 20 15-86 25 17-80 31 20-80 40 26-68 3 port MAC-C7-HI-FREQ 31 15-85 40 17-82 4 port 5.4 watt 10 9-87 20 16-70 30 22-62 40 25-40 4 port C7-HI-FREQ 10 6-90 20 10-80 30 14-70
  10. You're hitting a wall and it's mostly the hot side doing it so the 9174 wouldn't help. China cooler at 500kw may be a problem but 120mm should be sufficient if it's decent. But 3" exhaust at 500kw is definitely a problem. That's a lot of cheap power on the table there.
  11. Said like a true precision user! On a serious notw it's great to see the power just flatten and not nose over, even with the boost tapering. Gives me confidence the 1.05 is the right choice for a safe 450-480awwk
  12. I've got a super turbo on an r34. Chopped off the flange where it bolts to the Cat coverter as it's 75mm there. Welded on a 3.5" instead to match the dump pipe Very quiet. Happy with it.
  13. if they're genuine ID2000 injectors then they should be fine. if they're bosch CNG injectors throw them out.
  14. you're right, i was looking at this on my phone on the bus, now I've got it on my monitor to extrapolate, it's all done at 94lb/min no matter how hard you drive it.
  15. you're right, I haven't found anything that explicitly states the 80mm turbine rpm limit is what stops you spinning the 91mm compressor wheel any harder, but Borg Warner saying the 9174 has a higher HP capacity and rpm limit relative to the 9180 shows this is the case. what confuses this is all of borg warner compressors are limited to 560m/s tip speed, and it is definitely the compressor tip speed they're talking about, so why the 91mm compressor is an exception to this is anyone's guess. it appears they have clipped their compressor map at this speed, so the 9180 map stops at the 116krpm line, but it's actually still operating at 70+% efficiency, so if spun harder you could extrapolate that map up and to the right a fair bit further if the compressor can hold itself together. you'll need quite a high pressure ratio to keep it happy though (anything under 4:1 is basically stonewalled).