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  1. i wouldn't just bend it from the ferrule, you will have a stress concentration and risk tearing or folding it. I would remove it and bend it around something like a bit of pipe with a radius. this will make the bend more progressive instead of a "kink"
  2. great news well done on finding it! seriously, turbo speed sensors are so under rated. they tell you LOTS about an engine. (unless you have a precision, then f**k you don't ask questions it a 900hp turbo haha)
  3. The other possibility, albeit unlikely is a pre turbo inlet restriction causing your compressors operating pressure ratio to be much higher than normal. You've got a big inlet filter on there?
  4. for reference, I was talking about the stock twin BOVs on my setup leaking, I have a blanking plate on the turbo housing bov, I swapped out the stock ones for 2x GFB mach 2 plumb backs which bolted onto the stock bov pipe and wound them up pretty tight. I wasn't happy with the oriface size on the comp cover bov for the high flowing turbos (83 and 91mm versions). was still getting loud choof (comp surge) with it. no such issue with the mach 2s.
  5. my BOVs were leaking and the turbo was doing about 8000rpm more than it should have been based on the compressor map / VE mass flow calc and Pressure ratio from the ECU. put in new BOVs and it was back down where it should have been.
  6. thats pretty serious. 4" dump and 1.45 A/R rear. that is going to haul.
  7. interesting. I remember borg had their own prototype on display a few years ago. was on an EFR turbo starting with a 7 though. would be cool to see this in action. I wonder if they're buying EFR housings from Borg to modify or if they are casting their own (investment casting stainless is no small feat!)
  8. that looks like a much friendlier torque curve as far as drivability goes. looks more like a supercharger delivery.
  9. yea it was specifically the 8474 i was talking about lack of results, I had assumed they weren't performing as nobody seemed to be bragging, I hadn't considered people being coy about good results (ie Papadakis posting about getting one but then hearing nothing further about how it went). Ive still only seen a dyno plot of RT/Ernies one from 2016 I think, otherwise i would have pulled the trigger already! Anecdotally it looks like they're proving to be a solid performer over the 8374 (and reading between the lines of your post they are definately meeting expectations amounst the hush-hush crowd). looks like I need to get off my ass and order one then!
  10. im starting to worry about these turbos, not a single result anywhere on the internet for over 6 months! lots of gunnas though! (including me lol)
  11. inconel studs, copper nuts and nordlock washers. never think about it again.
  12. man im running 500awkw of e85 through stock 5/16" line so anything better than that will be fine.
  13. I think that's a safe assumption.
  14. this is the perfect use case for a V-cam system. you can purposely run shitty cam timing to keep VE low on lower octane fuels.
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