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  1. has anyone used one of the ORC 1000F clutches? looks like a good pull type plug and play. solid centre like the OSG R3C though.
  2. I hereby declare the SAU.com.au dick measuring competition over!
  3. Is that measured flywheel torque or derived torque from a dyno reported power at the wheels? because that would put it right around 950ish factoring 20-25% drivetrain loss
  4. I think you're going to have trouble with the excedy carbon triple on a 9180. according to here: https://shop.exedyusa.com/exedy-racing-clutch/exedy-racing-hyper-carbon-series/g-50059.aspx its only rated to 568 ft lb. (770Nm) the ORC1000F triple is rated to 980NM the coppermix competition twin is rated to 950NM and the OS Giken R3C is rated to 1050ft lb (1400NM)
  5. this is a massive thread dig but thought it was worth posting, I've been trawling through the Emtron KV8 ECU options and the HKS Vcam is supported under closed loop PID cam control. no Valcon control box required. has certainly piqued my interest in the setup considering HKS has price-cut the V-cam package from what it used to cost. (looking at about $4k AUD these days)
  6. Kevin you can stop being a smart Cünt. We're talking about a flow restrictor The restrictor is there to restrict flow. Not keep bubbles dissolved. What do you think happens once the oil has passed through the orifice into the head galleries. Feel free to publish an SAE paper about burn4005 being a wanker.
  7. embedded facebook post for those following at home:
  8. I'm guessing the dyno wasn't pointing at Mecca, which can cause problems.
  9. The divider in the 6 boost manifold is VERY impressive fab work. Very thick 6mm plate , fully welded all the way through and the end is profiled to the face of the gate valve. Before installing I disassembled my 50mm progate to confirm fitment of the seat, valve and gate housing to the manifold and it was an excellent fit.
  10. yea gauge likely. it's difficult for a thermocouple to generate more voltage differential than the junction could produce. either cold junction comp is stuffed or your gauge/wiring is generating an signal offset.
  11. yea, check you can blow through the pressure supply port of the solenoid with it de-energised/unplugged, and it is blocked with it energised.
  12. very interested, you were making stout power with an 8374 so will be interested to see the difference going a step bigger, especially on the hot side.
  13. its impossible to manually blip for downshifts on a paddle shift when you have gear stacking.
  14. Blip will be for an Air shifted sequential around Xmas if 2018 goes to plan.