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  1. ^^^ Yep, also tried calling a mobile number and its not connected.. Does anybody still have contact with any of them!?
  2. Ethan33GTR

    GTR Edit

    Cars & Chill 21st Aug
  3. Ok thanks for the good understanding, Is it possible for someone to update me with the new business contact numbers / address etc ? I sure want to keep using Adam / Morris as my preferred mechanics due to their excellent customer service and skills, so any information for me to get in contact with them would be much appreciated!
  4. Ok thanks for that info, but how will i know their new contact number or are they keeping the business the same and everything?
  5. I have tried to call JLM a number a times but no answer??
  6. righto good to hear, So Adam and Morris are still there but i have not seen Todd in awhile?
  7. Have they been shut down? its a shame, those guys were a pleasure to deal with..
  8. Hey Guys, I need some help in trying to figure out what is going on with my car.. So on the weekend i was driving home from getting my windows tinted and all of sudden my ABS & 4WD light came on, the car did not feel any different in any way. About 5 min later a pulled over and turned the car off for a minute then turned it back on and the lights were gone until about another 4 min later and the ABS light turned on and so did the 4WD light but the 4WD light was turning on and off in no particular pattern and it also dimmed at one stage however the car was still driving fine. Anyway i get home and turn the car off for a bit to check all the fuses and make sure the fluid in the boot space was alright and it was all good, i then came back a short while later to have a look again however this time when turning the car on i heard a continuous buzzing noise and the steering felt funny (hard) so i ended tracing the buzzing noise back to the black box on the ABS pump. I opened it up to find two relays so i assumed that is what was making the buzzing noise i pulled them out gave them a little clean and put them back in and started the car to find the buzzing noise had stopped but the ABS/4WD lights were still on? now i know that didn't solve the problem so im going to buy two new relays and replace them anyway because it is an old car and they are more then likely stuffed, but i need some help in diagnosing these issues? Can anybody suggest a good mechanic to take it to? I live near Rouse Hill NSW, i was thinking of getting in contact with MRC in castle hill but i have never dealt with them before. Im just not certain who might be the best to turn to for this kind of problem? I know someone is going to suggest diagnosing the attesa myself but i am not experienced in doing so and i would rather have the car looked at by a professional. Cheers!
  9. yeh sorry my bad i didnt realise exactly what i wrote
  10. so whats the go guys, any team 33 cruises happening in the near future??
  11. sounds legit, becuase i rang castle hill exhaust and the quoted me $950 for a 3'' Mandrel bent (Mild steel/stainless cannon) with 100cell hi flow cat. you think this would be suitable for my setup or should i go 3.5 for when i do more work? i just dont want the drone like you mentioned and i dont want to loose back pressure
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