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  1. hot richard

    All good. He drove the pants off it. I was surprised how confident in the wet he was with it. Well deserved win
  2. hot richard

    Also has a tune and quaife lsd
  3. hot richard

    Sweet. Thanks for that. Sounds very interesting
  4. hot richard

    Can you give a rundown of how you made it? Pretty keen to learn how to do it.
  5. hot richard

    See you all tomorrow
  6. hot richard Been using this for the past 5 years now and no issues
  7. hot richard

    Just entered
  8. hot richard

  9. hot richard

    Would we using the back track also or just the skid pan?
  10. Fark it I might see if I can
  11. Really wish I could make this
  12. hot richard

    Sorry read it wrong hahahaha.
  13. hot richard

    Is it 250 for the come and try also?
  14. hot richard

    Far out. That is awesome. Thanks again for the great day. Look forward to the next one.
  15. hot richard

    Was the results tallied up?