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  1. I'm actually preeety sure you can negotiate something with the self storage facilities near your place to see if they have storage units big enough to fit a car in. Not sure how expensive it will cost but it will be private and secure for your vehicle that's for sure! Just e careful to make sure you keep it tuned up while it's in storage yeah?
  2. You may want to check with your self storage facility near your house or just see if there are any short term parking spots within a maintained garage that you can secure a lot at. Most important is to make sure the place has a good security system and you've got insurance for the car coming in even if you're not going to be driving it gor a while. Good luck!
  3. IS your GTR in storage because of the weather? It may be a good idea if you're really worried about your vehicle to get a mechanic in and give it a proper tune up just to make sure eveyrthing is okay after coming out of the cold. At the same time, besides changing the oil and tires like what @jjman suggested, just make sure that you give the car a bit of time to warm up before taking it out of storage for a spin. Have fun!
  4. Ensure the engine oil and gas tanks are cleared out before you put the car up into storage to avoid any potential freezing or hardening of the liquids. A car cover should also be mandatory even if you are already putting the car up in storage. Sometimes fine particles inside the unit itself can still be up for some exterior damage, though not so major of course.
  5. I know of a supercheap storage Illawarra which offers a reliable yet affordable storage service. That is the key factors which we should be looking out for when we are searching for storage providers. We need to ensure that our belongings are always in good hands and are well taken care of around the clock. They have a variety of sizes so you can really choose which one meets your needs.
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