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  1. @pol1on1 Haha thanks, In need of a new camera too as this one is starting to get a bit fuzzed, yeah I had a look around but never found it, Ill call the tavern. Thanks anyway was fun while I was there, would be keen to come to any future ones.
  2. Yeah sure, I have some others if there's certain cars you'd like
  3. Hi guys, ah here are some of the photos I took at the start, the sun was making them a little grainy but yeah. Had to leave early due to the fact that I suddenly realized my wallet had gone MIA (still missing if anyone picked it up or something) fun regardless, wouldn't mind going to any future ones either.
  4. I would disagree that they don't do anything, many people have this oiling problems this is a pretty simple fix. At worst it avoids a potential problem.
  5. Rb head oil drain dimensions Hi all, I've been looking at buying a rear head oil drain kit for my 25/30 such as the one spool or Franklin engineering make. However I work in a machine shop and could easily make such a drain myself, I was wondering however if anyone had one lying around they could take some measurements off (preferably vernier) Mainly chasing total width, length of drain spigot, diameter of drain spigot, the dimensions of the oil ring groove, pcd of bolt holes. If anyone has the dimensions I'd be happy to make extras at a fraction of the cost! Thanks
  6. Hi mate just wondering if you ever finished this project as I'm looking to convert my neo rb25 head to shim under bucket using gtr buckets, I haven't done any measuring as such yet to see if it is possible but waking up a old thread to see where you eventually got to. Thanks, J
  7. I'd like to go to 8k if people reckon a ati balancer should see me there ill look at getting one
  8. Hey, recently purchased a 25/30 motor for my r34, runs r34 neo head. Been doing some research on the rb30 crank compared to the 25 crank and apparently the 30 crank due the it's design has bad harmonics that cause it to have revving issues. I found some info stating that rb30's have a tendency to break oil pumps over 7500rpm. Now I don't intend to spend buckets of money on my car, so I would prefer to avoid buying a good aftermarket counter weighted crank, however I was wondering if anyone has used the fluid style damper and if it helps eliminate some of the 30 cranks harmonic issues. Thanks
  9. Its all good, got it out with damage, it required me the find some strong round bar and bend it into a L/J shape then stuck that inside the housing and hit it out from the inside, its a little tricky and I wouldn't recommend using alot of force just slowly tap it out, but the core plug was replaced and the fitting tapped back in perfectly and is now running with no leak. Thanks anyway as always Ben
  10. So, I recently noticed coolant puddles under my R34 coupe nothing major small puddles each night, after inspection I found that one of the core plugs is leaking. In itself this wouldn't be a major problem just knock it out and knock one it, however as can be seen in the attached pictures after removing most of the major things in the way I came across an issue. There is a fitting that is pressed into the thermostat housing that allows for coolant to flow to the heater core, this fitting is blocking me from removing the core plug, and before I go do something stupid like break it, does anybody know how to remove the heater return fitting in the thermostat housing, and no it doesn't just come out easily is quite tight and I don't want to but to much force on it in case I am doing something wrong that will break it. Thanks for any help, pictures of fitting below
  11. How does one find a sydneykid? And what is his 'setup'?
  12. I think people understand what I mean when I say, 'coilover' it clearly doesnt mean im putting the stock 'coilovers' back in, it more or less implies upgrading to a 'coilover' those that are bought aftermarket. And yes thankyou there is a difference I can get lowered springs and standard shocks, is it a coilover? technically if I sold it to someone would I call it a coilover? probs not. And to be honest your not even answering the question your just being obtuse, is the question should I put coilovers in? no its not. Thanks for your feedback.
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