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  1. Hello all Just wondering what people recommend / using for a security alarm system for a BNR34 GTR Nur please? Kind regards, Mathew
  2. Genuine Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Car Cover Hello Just wondering if there are any genuine Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Car Covers available, and if so anyone know where to purchase one, or if any are available for sale? Were there / or are there, any covers that were made specifically for the R34 GTR? Kind regards, Mathew
  3. R34 GTR NUR's That Still Exist? The general consensus is that there was 750 BNR34 GTR V Spec II Nur's and 250 BNR34 GTR M Spec Nur's manufactured. With the latest image doing the rounds of a NUR being destroyed / written off, out of curiosity, is there a registry or something of the nature, indicating how many of the original 1,000 Nur's still exist, that have not been destroyed / written off? Kind regards, Mathew
  4. March bump. Still seeking and looking. That's also my understanding, so far it's only the intercoolers that are being manufactured for re-circulation. Unless, someone knows something otherwise / Nismo's plan for the radiators to be re-manufactured again?
  5. Want To Buy A BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiator Hello all, I know that BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiators are a discontinued item, however I am seeking to purchase one, preferably in brand new condition and not damaged. I believe the part number for the BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiator is 21410-RSR45. If anyone has one that they are willing to sell, or knows of someone who to contact to source the item, please let me know and send me a message. Kind regards, Mathew.
  6. October Bump. Still looking. Unfortunately the one by JDM Auto Link sold. If anyone has a brand new Nismo BNR34 GTR Intercooler / know of anyone selling / know of one that is available please message me. Kind regards, Mathew
  7. May Bump. Still looking to purchase a BNR34 Nismo Front Mount Intercooler, new condition preferred. If anyone is seeling, or knows of where I may be able to purchase one, please inbox me. Kind regards, Mathew PS; I'm specifically only after a Nismo branded front mount intercooler. I know ARC may have made the coolers, however to keep in line with the host of other Nismo goodies I have so far purchased for my Nur, I am trying to keep it unison, hence trying to find the final elusive piece I am seeking.
  8. Firstly, from Joey83's ridiculous post, it's more likely than not, he wouldn't even have the slightest clue of what a N1 is. Secondly, good luck finding a GTR for $50,000, that hasn't been haircut, damaged, thrashed, and well maintained. Thirdly, quite stupid comparing an R34 to an R35 GTR. R34 GTR in total has about 10,000 units worldwide, with limited release. Compared to the global worldwide release of the R35 GTR, which no doubt exceeds the units of total production world wide of the R34 GTR, in probably it's first year alone. Alas, basic economics 101. Demand, Supply, Price. Anyways, back on topic. Good luck AliasJohn with the sale. A rare car indeed. Kind regards, Mathew
  9. March bump. Still looking and seeking to purchase Nismo Front Mount Intercooler for R34 GTR. If selling, or know of a place to purchase one, please inbox me. Kind regards, Mathew.
  10. February bump. Still looking. Inbox please. Kind regards, Mathew.
  11. January bump. Prefer to purchase a brand new, genuine, NISMO BNR34 GTR Front Mount Intercooler. Please inbox me if selling. Kind regards, Mathew.
  12. December bump. Still looking to purchase a brand new, genuine, NISMO BNR34 GTR Front Mount Intercooler. Please inbox me if selling. Kind regards, Mathew.
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