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  1. nor mention of existing seat time/experience or handling/brake/grip level
  2. As you've already noticed the NISMO logo is just a sticker, so it's very likely the "Volk racing" in the above pic was also just a sticker that has been removed or deteriorated with age, so i'd agree they're gong to be the Volk AV3 as you've suggested,
  3. Having lived with a Skyline in the inner city, I'd be less worried about micrometer scratches from dirt and more worried about people who employ "touch parking" techniques.
  4. I must have misunderstood the part where you mentioned the cost of feeding your kids stops you paying $60 for an event...
  5. ummm ok... I didn't realise you could only have prestige races at race tracks , would it help if i called it a Motorsport Park instead? What i'm referring too however, is existing tracks that host amateur sprints, drifts, drags and burnout days are being surrounded by houses that over time has led to restrictions, threats of closure and such. Which is 100% the governments fault/responsibility. You're not going to get any new venues in your backyard if they can't even keep the existing ones open. It's plain common sense.
  6. They can work at the new race tracks!
  7. Imagine all the race tracks they could build and provide access to free of charge if they canned bludging for the dole!!... I could get behind that!
  8. everyone agreeing with you 100% of the time is not a discussion... stop using your kids as an excuse to go risk your life and potentially innocent bystanders lives by being a "dik head" as you put it, on public roads. However, at least one thing the government should be doing is ensuring the preservation of existing race tracks, and not letting developers build housing close and later forcing restrictions or shut down due to noise complaints, which is the biggest issue with "local playgrounds" for hooning, anywhere near housing is never going to happen or be sustainable.
  9. No it doesn't, the average person doesn't even know what car they drive or how it moves, you want to be involved in a niche expensive hobby, you have to be prepared for the expense (not really that expensive if you're smart about it) and inconvenience. I couldn't think of anything more boring for a child then to be forced to sit/stand and watch other people have fun, it's hot, noisy, flies everywhere. Trust me the novelty for them will wear off after 30 mins and you'll be packing up to take them home.
  10. Just man up, look after your kids more at home and enjoy your alone time hobbie from time to time, they'll just get in the way (of others too) at the track... it's way more f**king selfish if you go and kill yourself on some back road leaving your kids to be raised and god knows what else by the next man your misses shacks up with... bring an esky of whatever you would normally feed them at home Do some research, easy to find. A government funded racing event would likely have HWP sitting at the gate ready to rape you on your illegal modifications, which by the way, pretty f**king selfish to be pouring money into your car if you're struggling to feed your kids or attend events lol... racing a bog stock shitter more often is still a lot more fun than not racing a modified shitter.
  11. What if they called it a Temporary Refund Adjustment instead of LCT?
  12. Does it say "CARRET" on the exhaust housing like this one?: https://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?406419-whats-that-turbo&s=1226b7a24cf3a2b1ec6a929aa8cb4271
  13. considering their history of delays I wonder if they purposefully mailed an empty box around to buy themselves some time
  14. From the article in the OP it appears the project was abandoned in the 90's and relaunched in the early 2000's, which would explain that, with that in mind, i hope the new owner doesn't get a nice expensive rusty surprise.
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