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  1. Just checked their site, i wouldn't pay that much plus shipping for a non turbo supra, especially in the condition seen in the photos... son of rajab what's wrong with people? Paul Walker is dead, time to move on
  2. Safe for the engine? sure, for the underbody? might get a bit hot and covered in soot.. for your ears? hell no, for arrive without getting pulled over and defected? hell no
  3. I'd vote for a supercharger instead of the gt30
  4. Can't confirm if it stocks e85, but definitely a glitch, the shell site says this one is temporarily closed
  5. That car is listed on there about 3 or 4 times... the link above indicates the "bidder" didn't pay, so the $5KUSD could be a starting bid not buy out price, another listing has an actual price of $14,990USD...but also claims a clean title and lists the VIN so you could do some more research. Regardless, I wouldn't touch it as per all the above comments, unless you want to confront the seller with the knowledge it's not a gts-t and lowball him for trying to pass it off as something it is not.
  6. I would suspect this is because there is no direct link to Belgium, even passanger flights stop somewhere else in Europe (UK for example) or Qatar for some reason... the first quote is just likely not telling you the exact route being taken. Also, Pack and Send want $400 to send a front bar from Sydney to Gold Coast... if anything trucks should be cheaper now as the roads are empty
  7. Nope, they'll only test you if you've been overseas recently or come into contact with an already confirmed case. So actual cases are a lot higher, mortality rate is a lot lower My point is there is no logic in this lockdown, so the idea that it is just going to go away is f**king delusional, regardless, taking the initiative to personally go over the top with your own lockdown efforts and shame those who don't is just pathetic
  8. which is it pal? should we be stopping the virus at all costs or should we let it run it's course for herd immunity? It would make more sense to stop international arrivals and quarantine the at-risk and let the rest of us deal with it. in saying that, the group you're flagging as at higher risk are similarly at high risk with the seasonal flu, so once again... what's the point of all this? Also, all of your percentages are flawed due to a lack of wide scale or consistent testing, total infected is easily significantly more This overreaction implies there will be no return to normal without some form of overarching control anyway... I digress.. you're actually allowed to go fishing and get a haircut, and go shopping at large enough corporations who are able to weather this self inflicted storm, and get takeaway and you're allowed to drive to them in your Skyline... happy days.
  9. so the same yet milder than the regular seasonal flu? I don't see annual economic shutdowns to stop that...there is still no evidence of significant community transmission, QLD had an election 2 weeks ago and our numbers are still abysmally low, albeit due to the lack of wide scale testing, but even still, using the confirmed cases the mortality rate is 0.5%... so with actual likely cases the mortality rate would become unmeasurable. Even Sydney the hotspot that it is, is only due to more international travelers who were tested, but even still 0.8% mortality rate is pathetic for a "pandemic".
  10. How can you have this opinion, yet think the world response is acceptable and there will ever be any semblance of normal after this?
  11. yep, all good now, thought you might have sneakily fixed it but i guess the credit goes to gremlins instead!
  12. Just slap some L plates on 🤣
  13. Just go and get a haircut instead... ffs
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