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  1. From the article in the OP it appears the project was abandoned in the 90's and relaunched in the early 2000's, which would explain that, with that in mind, i hope the new owner doesn't get a nice expensive rusty surprise.
  2. Interesting. So R32 fanboi's hating on an R32. I wonder though, is it because I posted it in a way that put down other R32's and mentioned R33? If I (or say Prank or VSpec) had posted it as a purely R32 appreciation thread would you all be frothing? Also would be interested to know your thoughts if it was Nismo instead of HKS... but alas none of these possibilities are now possible. Anyway, I still like it, wouldn't pay $212,000 for it though
  3. GTofuS-T

    Looky what I just posted
  4. Rare 1993 HKS Zero-R R32 Skyline coming to Melbourne after auction**kRPVhieNNNJsyq0ORbnnbxX9QVlwbeJs If HKS managed to make an R32 look desirable finally... imagine how good the R33 version could be! Thoughts?
  5. that's f**ked, and so obvious that they were doing everything they can to get out of honoring that sale price. I'd be reporting that shit to the ACCC
  6. wait... have you seen it though?? :puke: it is more european than JDM though, so might meet both criteria for you? haha
  7. here we go... another pointless GT-R price projection thread... you guys should just meet up in person and jerk each other off More on topic... due to family commitments we'll be selling the wifes Eunos Roadster and getting something 4-door, atm looking at either a early 2000's Caldina GT-Four or Mercedes E320. Eventually will sell the Skyline track hack, and seriously considering getting something like an Excel cup car just for fun.
  8. GTofuS-T

    damnit! I got scammed... how do I calculate how many monies the scam bot scammed me of?
  9. GTofuS-T

    Then it's not DIY, it's using a tool. But even then, I'd bet money it's still not spot-on. I didn't realise DIY meant eyes closed take a swing at something without learning how to first... i guess all the work i do on my car can be deemed professional then the only scenario where you can never be accurate is in a variable rate situation, but car loans are usually a fixed rate. Anything else should be easy with all the info from the agreement in your hands.
  10. GTofuS-T

    not if you know what you're doing... or know how to use google...
  11. Fair enough, I thought you were just after the info itself
  12. The page I linked above is for GT-T models not GT-R
  13. Don't let the name fool you, the GT-R registry has all the other model info too if you explore the site a bit
  14. GTofuS-T

    this thread references the rb25de head as 08U