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  1. may as well ditch it, in the boot it's just dead weight!
  2. I wish, Obama was still chief back then. But yes, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  3. On the motorway south of Portland. It was only weird because it was an old beat up looking R33, way before the 25 year rule... not sure how they managed that, or why you would import such a shitter, but good on 'em.
  4. When were you going to tell us about the aesthetic update Pulse are doing?
  5. This is my guess... enjoy your trip this week haha 🤣
  6. add more dents to make it look like a design feature?
  7. except he thinks it's worth what he's put into it so that'll never happen 😂🤣
  8. sounds more like the no-track blues, just take it, thrash it and fall in love again, and not that ghey motorkhana stuff either (yeah it's fun but still..)
  9. Belgium is such a nice country with nice people. I went to Rock Werchter many years ago and by far the best concert experience I've ever had.
  10. Can we start a sweeps for how long before current exhaust is replaced with full 3" decat, straight piped one to get more out of the turbo setup?
  11. for this thread to make sense again you should put the built engine in the Landcruiser?
  12. I guess the rate of leakage from the flange was still less than what would have been wastegated, so the wastegate would have stayed closed for longer to compensate? Or perhaps you just drive so slow already that the impact was negligible?
  13. and it cost more than your car is worth 😂🤣
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