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  1. we'll see if it's still doing it in 20-30 years...
  2. Yaris GR is the answer to your prayers
  3. Time to park up my R33 GTS-T until it hits the half-mil guaranteed future price
  4. This is true, stupid boomers should have enjoyed themselves a bit more
  5. is it just me or is the rear very reminiscent of the dodge challenger?
  6. tis a shame, if it wasn't for the haltech you might have had the engine failure on the track offering much more street cred and gram likes
  7. if it's even made it into Australia yet it's probably still a few more months of quarantine
  8. if you like attracting attention from lanky, adidas wearing 17 yo wanna be lads, then sure
  9. the main reason those who do it here and don't care is because they change their turbos as often as they fill up with gas and 99% of the year it's parked in a garage in pieces. I can't be bothered quoting anyone, but those who think it will or it won't instantly explode are just being retarded, Nissan wouldn't have planned the turbo to be a serviceable part so the recirc is there for the LONGEVITY of the turbo, and as GTSBoy said there are minor benefits to recovery spool time, likely negligible in 99% of circumstances. Given these are 20-30 years old now, stressing it this way *may* lead to it failing on you, so avoid the risk cause dose is f**king lame, or do it and enjoy the excuse to upgrade when/if it does.
  10. Do you have the standard or the "premium" cube shifter?
  11. Can' you just weld in some hangers? At a guess i'd suggest off the gearbox crossmember and what i'm assuming is a mid-axle support? looks nice btw!
  12. Here you go, $250 buy now from YJP as a starting point. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c839374532
  13. If you are going to sell them, put them on ebay with worldwide/global shipping program and some American might buy them
  14. it's a tough question, i can't easily find any examples on line, so without a benchmark your best bet is to advertise high and see if there's any interest. The factory option angle would only be relevant to someone who wants to hang on to a set or restore their r32 to factory, otherwise no one with a skyline is upgrading to 16 x 7j rims... The below thread shows a completely different design so who know
  15. interestingly it came with an RB20E - will you even be able to register it?
  16. You should have posted a pro-spacer thread in order to get that response here
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