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  1. Sure. Stock cadillac ctsv makes 485 whp on this dyno. Stock focus RS mashes 318 whp on this dyno. But it's inertia so mine looks like it spools late. I also live AT sea level. Was like 5 C in shop that night so cold dense air.
  2. GTR chassis is pretty much bent in half. All the GTR stuff into GTS4 as full caged track car. Super widebody though is the plan.
  3. Been awhile... But I'm coming back to life slowly. 2 cracked vertebrae are definitely in there. Back brace and very light duty for 2-3 months, but no surgery needed. I was extremely fortunate (thank God). Good news is I picked up this beauty local. Gts-4 that needs a little work but he has all the parts to put it back together save for a hood and front bumper. Oh and I bought my car back from insurance! It's destiny is the widebody gutted caged racecar I should have built in the first place! Things to look forward to gentlemen. Less weight, more grip, safer car!
  4. Now I'm I the hospital for the flu...yes with a broken back. This is incredible pain!
  5. And now I'm sick with a cold on top of this! Coughing is pure torture!
  6. Notice there are NO brake marks in the picture at the end of the road... I'm not going to talk about what happened yet but seems throttle stuck and I had no brakes at all.
  7. Thinking...time attack. Maybe the only thing the wife will be on board with. I won't be doing any physical car work for a couple months at least.
  8. She had a good run... another classic to the big racetrack in the sky. Miraculously survived the crash with only 2 fractured vertebrae.
  9. New results now that I'm on E85. 2.75L stock bore (86mm) BC stroker (79mm stroke). BC SS valves, valve guides, retainers, springs Tomei Poncam A's Hypertune V2 intake 6 boost manifold for IWG Borg Warner 8374 EFR turbo .92 IWG on turbosmart actuator ported head ID 1300x injectors (nearly maxxed) 2x 460 walbro fuel pumps with 3rd as a lift pump to the sump ECU masters EMU black LS2 DBW TB the low 7xx runs are 26 psi tapering to around 24 the 740 run is 30 psi tapering to around 24-25. I have added 5th gear spoolup log because this is an inertia dyno and falsely makes this setup seem laggy. boost is all in at 3800 usually in 3rd gear. Now for the crazy stuf...STOCK intercooler, STOCK trans, 3" exhaust.
  10. I guarantee this car has high 130's if not mid 140's in it. It is flat out scary to drive...recall I ran 128mph on pump 93 (your ron98) on 18-19 psi boost in the 1/4 and it pales in comparison to how it is now. It is an absolute ANIMAL...
  11. Boom. Check them digits out. Sucker woke up at 30 psi in the midrange. 26 on top.
  12. 106k tonight...Super cold dense air. Just turned it to 30 in the midrange and 26 on top...BEAST.
  13. Boom. Gapped these BCPR8ES plugs down to .021" and fixed the misfire totally. These are back to back pulls from 22 up to 26 psi boost! Yes through a stock intercooler and through only 3" exhaust with a .92 IWG 8384 EFR. Should be noted it's like 37 deg F in the shop tonight. I can't wait to drive it. This crushes my old numbers. These ID1300s are almost maxxed though.