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  1. 23k usd. This one is a very well rust free car. Far better than some horror stories I'm seeing. Yes appears to be a real nismo bar!
  2. Well this popped up for sale about 6 hours from me for a very fair price. I like that it's still pretty stock. It does have downpipe, full exhaust, and coilovers...but check out that stock airbox! (forgive me I've never seen one in person on the 10 or so R32's I have seen). I will keep this one stock and build the other chassis into a pretty healthy racecar.
  3. Well...Lots of other projects out of the way. New house, new move, same hurt back (but I manage). Finished most of my other racecar projects (couple of E36 M3's with LS swaps and a MR2 Spyder with a 2zz 6 speed swap), but I'm getting back at it gents. Get ready...should be really really fun this time. The crank was FINE on the RB28 and I'm going to be putting all this back together soon enough!!! STAY TUNED!
  4. 8374 or 8474 IWG 2.75L 79mm stroker stock bore RB26? Still on small cams (Poncam A), but same motor made 740 whp 615 wtq on 30 psi peak dropping to 24/5 psi on top to keep ID 1350x from going over 100% DC. I'm getting back in the game and have a 6 boost IWG manifold, 8374 EFR .92 that has a chipped turbine (but still boosted just fine when pulled). Could go to REAL cams this time since motor is out and I have the oil pump off now...
  5. On an intertia dyno I could see this being the case. -7 are significantly later on threshold and lag compared directly to 8374 efr single FYI all
  6. Oh and to add. There is some merit in comparing the 8374 compressor map to 8474. In my case (full build 2.75L stroker w/ ported head and all the stuff) I could actually use the extra compressor map. BUT, the 8374 is actually more efficient by a few percent especially at the lower (pumpgas) boost levels. so...in your application I would still lean towards 8374 IWG .92.
  7. 8474 next month on the shelves. You can just stop this comversation now.
  8. Looks strong indeed. And these are just the 550's. I am REALLY tempted to try a 660 on my track car. But I REALLLLLLLLY Loved the 8374.
  9. I'm telling you...the 8374 will CRUSH your N1s on boost threshold, response, overall power, midrange torque etc...yes on even a stock 2.6 I have a car with new -7, fresh motor, camgears, haltech. Then I just installed a .92 8374 efr on a stock 2.6 car. No kidding the efr absolutely destroyed them both as a better operating engine. I think it's pointless to go with anything smaller to be honest because you really don't spool any faster...only reduce topend.
  10. Alright fellas i'm back... Pulled the drivetrain from the wrecked GTR...in the midst of being injured and bummed sold the 8374 .92 EFR and 6 boost manifold off of it. Found another R32 GTR roller that i'm picking up this coming Sunday (yes exactly 1 year ago to the day of me totalling my car by setting the GTR jump distance record). Anyway...what's changed? I'm going all out this time. Bigger cams (was on tomei poncam A) and lighter weight (gutted, caged) car this time. Motor is still BC stroker N1 block stock bores. 2.75 L...everything ther to rev 8,400...everything there to rev to 9k if I dry sump it this time. Last time I maxxed the ID 1350X injectors doing 740 whp on E85...what will the 9180 get me? What turbo setup would you pick and why? Patrick
  11. Whoa... there is definitely something wrong with that motor if that's all they got out of an 8374 EFR .92 iwg turbo on a stock RB26! I mean how can the iwg be to blame when it's simply a turbine housing that's still in the range of what most choose on the RB if you still stay external? (Referring to the 1.05). I thought you were mocking me with the bald eagles comment... no sweat there I have a sense of humor (hell yeah brother). I'll get some videos of the cars this week for y'all
  12. Pulled the logs - 24 psi boost tapering to 22 on top end to stretch injectors
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