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  1. It actually simplifies a lot of things. No more idle air control motor external of my intake manifold. When I overlapped the cams real hard I lost vacuum signal and it made the car not be able to idle in full range with all of my accessories and air conditioning going. So the other idea is that now I will have a position knob that I can change sport mode on the throttle pedal on the car as I drive it. I will also have rolling anti lag. I will also have Cruise control!
  2. Yes to speed sensor. No to turbine. I'm running my cams pretty overlapped...going for bottom end HP.
  3. Getting there! New dyno and drivability coming soon! Anyone intrested in the EMU black should not buy the RB26 adapter. It is for a standard EMU and caused nothing but issues when trying to Wire with it. That being said the electric throttle body idols incredibly well so far and I haven't even touched it yet. The auto tune feature is extremely handy for getting your base fuel correct and seems to get within 1% on the first try. So soon dyno numbers will be with new Bosch 2 wire knock sensors, water meth injection, and valve lash tightened throughout. Hoping for 700 whp this time.
  4. Got the EMU black almost all wired in but had to test the electronic TB setup. Pretty sweet setup so far!
  5. Getting close. Finished the conversion of pinouts etc in a spreadsheet and in the emu software. Time to get to wiring! Also should be able to change cam gear settings easier now after milling the bracket.
  6. Here is the TB adaptor...made it before I bought the CNC machine. Oh yeah forgot I put SPARCO seats in it.
  7. Prototype sensor holder for now. Will be aluminum soon. Just testing the CNC mill. Have not run the car on the new ecu yet so I can't comment on the pedal yet. But the plan is better idle and drivability. Also may allow for CRUISE CONTROL with later firmware update. Allows for rolling anti-lag. Also can totally map pedal sensitivity with a knob from in car to swap responsiveness on the fly later. Also allows throttle blip on downshift. We shall see.
  8. Been quite a while. New job...working like mad and went to Washington DC for vacation with the wife and kiddos. Also bought a C5 vette that I'm gutting and building a track car out of. And I picked up an Exige with only 5k miles on it in BRITISH RACING GREEN! Anyway back to the skyline... Getting car ready for an event down here called skyline nationals. I finally got shims and redid my valve clearances. I have all of them identical save for 1. Set the intake at .010" and exhaust at .014" (one is .015"). This should net me better compression across cylinders now. Before I had spreads from .021" to .016" on intake and .018" to .014" on exhaust. Cams still look perfect. Motor looks CLEAN. New HKS timing belt while I was at it and I bought a small CNC mill / lathe combo. First part is a prototype CAS replacement that holds GT101 sensor. It's oak wood for now but aluminum coming up soon. Also made an adaptor and installed GM electronic 90mm TB. This will be controlled by new EMU black ecu...so no more haltech. The ecu also allowed me to increase crank trigger resolution. Now I'm at 36 teeth instead of 12 (limit of haltech platinum). I also installed a high rate GT101 sensor on the crank to replace the honeywell part (which was beyond specs at high rpms). Installed Corvette electronic pedal. Machined a small plate adaptor out of like 1/8" thick aluminum plate. You could easily use a drill press and jigsaw/bansaw. Also installed new bosch knock sensors and now moving to electric fans. Last final drag runs were all 126.6-126.2 mph in low 11 range. Still on US93 octane. Also bought water/meth injection and will be trying to push this 8374 EFR .92 IWG a bit harder. Why all the changes? 1) idle quality...with cams overlapped the factory IAC was maxxed...had to set revs too high. The GM TB will now control all air to engine. 2) rolling antilag. Yes the emu black with electronic pedal and TB will run rolling antilag [emoji4] 3) better boost control. The algorithm IS better in the program for sure. 4) bluetooth logging and remote bluetooth gauge app (no more laptop riding in car for passes). Wiring coming up this weekend!
  9. Currently changing from Haltech platinum to EMU Black. Also resetting my out of spec shims (been this way forever), and going to water/meth injection. 20 psi is 126.7 mph now. I can't imagine 27-31!
  10. Damn. Pure pumpgas and no knock at 26 psig!? I knock around 20.5 on my 8374efr on pure 93 octane (RON 98)
  11. Can't really read from the graph (sorry blurry and at an angle), but what power did it make on pumpgas (looks like 620?) and what boost level to achieve that? Same question for E85. Dang...mustang dyno those are STRONG numbers!
  12. Have you you tried inducing overlap in the cams a bit? May car (granted on 8374 .92 IWG) spooled 5-600 rpms sooner and made 30 more ft-lbs of tq when I rolled the cams in. HUGE difference on boost threshold and mid range. I did lose 10 hp on top but the car overall is def faster and easier to drive
  13. I'm on 2.75l stroker on 8374 EFR .92 and pushing 515 wtq and 600 whp on super coppermix twin. Holding for drag runs fine so far
  14. Not sure on the wastegates but I would say you are on the correct path with that housing (without knowing your displacement, intended use, etc). My 2.75 L stock bore stroker will hit 21 psi at 3,600 rpms in 3rd gear from a 2k rolling punch on the .92 IWG 8374. I have smaller cams like you and have set them to overlap for more mid range. It is a punchy street car 93 octane setup for sure and I like it (E85 is still not at the pump here), but I know I'm leaving power on the table at top end with cams overlapped and the smaller IWG housing. You being on the 9174 I would say definitely would require more exhaust AR.
  15. I'm in the states and can do back to back 8374 vs twin EFR if you want to make me a smoking deal on a setup... [emoji6]