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  1. HarrisRacing

    IWG! So simple. So much power. My 2.75L was 3600 rpm boost in 3rd from a 2k punch. Also made 740 whp at 30 psi tapering to 25 on top on E85. Car would trap 128 mph in 1/4 on pumpgas and 19 or so psi. Gained about 150 whp when going to E85 and high boost from there (sorry never got track numbers)
  2. HarrisRacing

    Can you link me to or PM me some results of this? I have tons of experience with the 8374 on 2.8L, but 7670 has me interested for sure. For a pumpgas car 2.6 it would probably be an awesome fit.
  3. HarrisRacing

    This doesn't look all that impressive to be honest - especially given the $$$ for those twins. I'd have to drive the car to know for sure, but The 8374 looks like a better pick on this still. I can tell you mine on a 2.75L is just straight nasty for a streetcar. I'm about to tune a stock RB26 with my old 8374 EFR .92 on it (next couple of weeks). So I'll FINALLY have a few different cars on the same dyno for you guys for comparisons so we can end the "American HP" debate at least for a little while. FYI. I kept my engine after I crashed my car and bought another R32 GTR. It's got a nice fresh stock engine in it with -7's currently that did 406 whp before it maxxed the stock MAF's. I am contemplating trying out this 7670 1.05 we have sitting in the shop that a customer returned still brand new (and went with 8374). Thoughts on this on a completely stock RB26 with exhaust (may add intake cam gear)?
  4. Search my posts they are all on here including the build thread. 8374 is an incredible turbo for rb26
  5. I see that this dyno is in question. On my previous post you will see new garrett -7 turbos (extremely similar to N1's) on my RB26 car which is a stock engine with greddy downpipe, HKS hi power exhaust, and intake pods on 18-19 psi boost. We are making the exact same HP at 5k and the curves look VERY similar aside from your max power. I find hard to believe that this is a stroker engine on those turbos. It's either a stroker on -5's or is a really healthy high-flowing 2.6 on the -7's (which I find more believable). Check your stroke by running a rod in a spark plug hole and measuring high and low of the stroke while you roll the engine to know for sure.
  6. I had a similar setup (except the .92 IWG) and would make 20 psi at 3600 rpms if I punched the car from 2k in 3rd. 30 psi before 4k rpms. Stroker 2.75L on new N1 block and stock bores. Almost same power on pumpgas.
  7. My New R32 GTR Stock RB26 Stock dumps Greddy downpipe R34 GTR Intercooler Garrett -7 turbos Intake Pods 17 psi boost (looks like cut on top end) Same dyno as used on my old car 93 octane pumpgas (USA) Dynos start at 10 psi and move up from there.
  8. HarrisRacing

    Oh and I want to qualify something in case someone dug any of this up from the past in this thread. GTR's are pretty hard to come by in the states and I went off the deep end with my build. My car showed up with a rod knock and I didn't really get to experience the factory twins in their stock form. I went straight to 2.75L stroker and BW 8374 EFR IWG .92 turbo on a 6 boost manifold. Well during my build I had the typical accusations of "American Horsepower" which bothered me and my car ended up running about 128 mph in the 1/4 on pumpgas and 93 octane. On our dyno the car would typically put around 575 whp down at around 19-20 psig boost. Then I tuned it on E85 with the new ECUmasters EMUBLACK and the car made 740 whp and 615 wtq at 30 psi tapering to 25 or so on topend...again I think there were neigh sayers about it. I shortly thereafter crashed the car before I could get to the track and prove the new MPH (and run my 9 second pass). Rest assured, I still have the car and the drivetrain is still good (foreshadowing here). Anyway, fast forward I just picked up another R32 GTR. I spent the day checking it out and going through it. It has an exedy hyper single clutch, stock RB26 with N1 oil and water pumps (don't worry, I know), some filter pods, brand new Garrett -7 turbos, R34 intercooler, Greddy downpipe, HKS super Dragger exhaust. It was running STOCK boost at 10 psi and I'll be honest felt pretty dang laggy to me coming from my other car. Well I put the car on the SAME DYNO here (mine) and started turning up the boost and checking AFR's today. Here are the results and the car got MUCH more fun to drive with the increased boost from 10 psi up to ~17 or so today. Looks like I need to pull the plugs and gap them because it broke up right at the top on the higher boost runs (or there is an AFM limit on this ecu?). I don't have much experience with stock RB26 or stock format twins, but the car pulled very nicely on the street (once it get spooled up). It goes to show that a stroker and 8374 EFR completely crush the pumpgas results from my other car.
  9. HarrisRacing

    Sorry guys here are the results. Tapatalk didn't let me upload.
  10. HarrisRacing

    These are my old pumpgas results on 8374 IWG with nothing more than changing cam settings (increased overlap).
  11. HarrisRacing

    Plot twist - Made a deal on this. Motor runs well. New -7 turbos, new exedy hyper single clutch, intakes, exhaust, new HKS hipermax coilovers, stock interior, stock paint (not perfect, but workable), perfect dash. No wrecks from anywhere I can tell. Also comes with new in box Haltech platinum PNP. Getting excited! Found it local just about when I was getting the GTS-4 put back together. I will say the -7 were a little more laggy than I was expecting. I guess stroker + EFR has totally spoiled me. Sorry apparently had something on my camera lens. Oh and the car was super dirty from sitting in a warehouse for months.
  12. Sure. Stock cadillac ctsv makes 485 whp on this dyno. Stock focus RS mashes 318 whp on this dyno. But it's inertia so mine looks like it spools late. I also live AT sea level. Was like 5 C in shop that night so cold dense air.
  13. HarrisRacing

    GTR chassis is pretty much bent in half. All the GTR stuff into GTS4 as full caged track car. Super widebody though is the plan.
  14. HarrisRacing

    Been awhile... But I'm coming back to life slowly. 2 cracked vertebrae are definitely in there. Back brace and very light duty for 2-3 months, but no surgery needed. I was extremely fortunate (thank God). Good news is I picked up this beauty local. Gts-4 that needs a little work but he has all the parts to put it back together save for a hood and front bumper. Oh and I bought my car back from insurance! It's destiny is the widebody gutted caged racecar I should have built in the first place! Things to look forward to gentlemen. Less weight, more grip, safer car!
  15. HarrisRacing

    Now I'm I the hospital for the flu...yes with a broken back. This is incredible pain!