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  1. what is the oem part number for the front axles in an R33 gtr? Thanks fellas.
  2. what turbos came on the R32 R33 and R34 GTR?
  3. do you guys know the torque capacity on the stock silvia sr20det clutch? thanks for any help!
  4. exactly what i was wondering. i wouldnt get a GTR if i didnt want awd... who wouldnt want awd? but in the rare case that you wanna drift for whatever reason and want to have rwd, i was just wondering how hard it would be to do that. thanks for the help fellas.
  5. i was wondering about them in general. i hear on the wrx they actually have electronics so you can tell it how much power to the front and how much to the back. after hearing that it sparked my mind about the GTR.
  6. when people swap RB25's and 26's into 240sx's over here they use the rb25 tranny because of the obviousness for rwd. so if the rb25 tranny will mount up to the rb26, will the rb26 tranny mount to the rb25?
  7. if youre running a gtr, how hard is it to run rwd? im in the US and we didnt get any freakin Skylines.... sucks here..... and so ive heard what people THINK you need to do in order to run rwd. is there a basic toggle switch that can allow you to take all power from the front wheels and send that power to the rear? or do you have to actually pull the front axles? just somthing ive always wondered. thanks fellas.
  8. what all would i need to get the wishbone style? what i really mean is what could i change over and what would i have to custom fab? im prepared so hit me with your worst.
  9. lol someone already suggested that. i wasnt planning on going vvt. dont feel like messing with s14. there are 2 s13 det's tho. redtop and blacktop. just making sure no one is confusing blacktop s13 with the vvt s14. getting the blacktop is just as easy as getting the redtop for me and the cost is just a tad more. the blacktop is newer (doesn't mean ill get a better motor i know) but the main question was just whether or not they added a bit of power when they changed over to s13 blacktop from redtop or if they just had a different valve cover.
  10. i know rb25 tranny is rwd and thats why people do rb26 swap with rb25 tranny. that was my major point. im achieving somthing that you would only get from a DSM in america. yeah you could do it with a subaru but in the end you still have a subaru. this car will not be aimed at anything with "economy" in the title so i wont care about money and time. ive seem one or two for sale that claimed to be awd but couldnt ever get info from them about it. and unfortunately, holidays just ended .... sniff sniff
  11. I have an S13 240sx usdm and i think im going to go SR20det but im thinkin of making an RB26dett s14 or s15 240sx after this. i know its kinda expensive but it can be done using the RB25det tranny but i love AWD. do any of you know the major things i would have to custom fab in order to make the 240 awd? its obvious ill need spindels for the front wheels so could i mount some gtr spindels or will they not fit? any info would be awsome. thanks fellas.
  12. i know this is mainly a skyline forum so ill be brief. im in the US so we didnt ever get those lovely silvia's or skyline's and i was just wondering if you guys know the specs on the s13 redtop and blacktop stock? when i look on the net all i get is different guesses and some motor dyno's. since they were sold over there, could you guys let me know what they had off the lot? asking redtop and blacktop because i heard blacktop came with a little more but ive also seen that they had the same horsepower. thanks for any help.
  13. BTW... whats a good place to buy half cuts of Rb25's in the US? i found a couple on the forum but they seem to be oversees and i would REALLY like to avoid doing that. thanks for the reply.
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