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  1. 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 25GT Very good condition, 135,614 km on the clock. Regularly serviced and garaged throughout ownership. Ignition coil packs replaced at 134,000km. RB25DE Neo variant. 4 speed automatic, imported from Japan. Import plate still on the car, and can be provided upon request.Selling because I want something with four doors. The car is completely stock except for a cat back exhaust. Pioneer infotainment system with Bluetooth audio/calls and GPS navigation included, reverse camera also installed.. Factory Xenon headlights installed. Price somewhat negotiable. **Absolutely no swaps**. Get in touch if you’re interested (0437 418 420 or jordan.peters102@gmail.com). Price: $9500 somewhat negotiable. No swaps.
  2. Ah, I figured it out in the end - the bulbs in the inner circle do take T10 wedge types, if anyone else is looking for them, the width of the both ends of the bulb should be the same - 10mm. The problem I was having with mine was that the sockets for these bulbs was stretched due to having the LED set in them for so long. All I had to do was pinch the metal contacts of the sockets together with a pair of pliers a little, and after that I was able to make the T10 bulbs fit properly. The inner and outer circle of lights light up when the headlights are switched on.
  3. Thanks for the reply!I'm trying to fit stock bulbs, but I've tried T10s and it seems that some of the plastic in the socket that supports the bulb is preventing it from getting to the contacts, hence why it can't light up - the bulb simply isn't long enough. I've contacted the Nissan dealership in my area and they were able to order some in from Melbourne (coming in soon I hope), but I'm not sure what type they are since Nissan uses their own standards for their bulbs Also, one more quick question- when you turn on the headlights, is the larger circle on the tail light supposed to turn on as well? Or do those only turn on when the brake is applied?
  4. Hi all, I'm fitting some stock tail lights on my R34 after I got rid of my faded LED pair, and I noticed that the inner set of lights (smaller circle) take a pair of bulbs that I can't seem to find. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are these supposed to light up when the headlights are on? I've looked around, and the general consensus seems to be that T10 wedge types will work just fine, but they don't seem to fit on the sockets - no click can be felt or heard when they go into the sockets (using 12V 5W T-10mm, capless). I strongly feel that the plugs on the bulb are not long enough to reach the socket's metal contacts. After fitting them they don't turn on when the headlights are on, but brake lights work when pressing on brake and indicators work fine too. Is there another type of bulb that works with the inner circle? It could also be a fuse problem, but indicators and brake lights are working on both clusters, so I'm really confused about this. I've also tried fitting all four bulbs and then turning on the lights, but no dice. I've bought enough ill-fitting bulbs to create a shop of my own at this stage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've attached a photo to show which part of the light I'm referring to. Thanks!
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