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  1. Yeah, It definately has. If I was a little sooner I'd have probably bought your aero kit.
  2. Had a look on your profile is that the one? Its pretty sweet but the big gape in the front is a bit too intense for me. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Stagea M35 Body kit I plan on replacing the front and rear bumpers on my Stagea M35 250rx as they are a bit damaged. I was going to just buy and respray second hand parts. But then I started thinking what else could I replace them with... I scrolled through the forum and all the links to body kits etc seem to be pretty old. Is there anywhere current that supplies body kits for the M35 in Australia or do I have to look to getting stuff imported. What is involved in replacing the earlier front end with the facelifted later model? I couldnt find any solid info on this. Cheers
  4. I really feel like most of the stagea m35 threads end in ask scotty. Surely scotty would be sick of answering everyone questions, personally I feel bad asking him. Atleast it'd make more sense to publicly post the answers so that when someone uses the search tool it doesn't end in this.
  5. Would you sell the bot mat separately? Ifso will you assist with postage?
  6. Hi, looking to replace a stuffed bose head unit in a stagea m35. I have read all the previous threads and more, I am after a current supplier or shop that sells the gear to put in an aftermarket Hu (and still use my Aircon).
  7. 1. Lift the screen 2. Push the TV button If you want to watch it outside of japan then you must change the receiver, that is all I know. But it has been covered plenty of times on this forum, search.
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