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  1. Hi all, I have an import sedan KV36 2012 that I installed an English Infiniti headunit in 5 years ago when I got it. Now its time to update the GPS map. Any thoughts? * Dealers charge a small fortune for a DVD set that installs the key but I see in the USA that this can be purchased from Infinity for $150USD https://truckomize.com/nissan-maps * OZ infiniti does not seem to have this website option but I pinged their spare parts dept. just to see how outrageous the price was. I suspect they wont evben sell me the DVDs and expect installation costs on top.... * is there an international site like Amayama that has english sets? https://www.amayama.com/en Any info appreciated. Will pass back what I find out for others also. Pete
  2. Hi all Do any of you have experience with the Sunny Coast from the point of servicing? I have 2012 V36 sedan with 100K+ so according to service schedule it needs a major service (plugs etc). Its down on power, a bit flat and burning fuel. I could try local Nissan dealer in Maroochydore or ultratune but I would like to find a shop that isnt a cookie cutter I can drive to north Brissy if there is a better place? Pete
  3. Gday Paramour I read the bog stock V36 will typically give 280HP/208KW at rear wheels from several sources e.g. The 280 RWHP equates to ~320HP/238KW at the crank (15% drivetrain loss). This aligns with Nissan specing the engine at 245kw in Japan, abet brand new on 100 octane in ideal situation. If your measuring the RWHP at 201KW with mods (270HP) then you MAY be down on power over stock. Now before you panic, I have found Dynos and Dyno operators vary a lot - So if you did a dyno run before and after on the same dyno and saw a considerable gain in HP, its probably fine and the dyno is just set conservative. If not - then the heads cant breathe well enough to take advantage of your intake and exhaust. Maybe look at how the Z1 package got engine 400HP/300KW. You may be able to either ship over parts or at least copy them (i.e. grab manifold from a wrecker and port them ?). https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/370z-g37-vq37vhr-400hp-package-p-7223.html Also what about adding switchable 98 / E85 tune maps so u can gain more power this way? To get even better flow, the cams need to be swapped (JWT). I found a few vids on how to do this and you DONT need to remove the motor. You do need to remove most of the front end stuff like bumper, radiator etc to access them. e.g. hope that helps. Pete
  4. Does anyone have info on how to apply to add to sevs list? I am interested. Also once we get 3 years from the date infiniti stock in australia was made, we can get good prices on import v37. I know they announced shutting down Infiniti in Sep 2019. I assume the stock on the floor was made sometime mid 2019. This would mean ~mid 2022 we could import 2019 models from japan of the 400R in japan (Q50 400HP red in AUS) - japan part number 5BA-RV37. Why 3 years ? Japanese wty on new cars. Then they start dumping them to auctions. PS This is the facelifted model with GTR look grille btw.
  5. Its a bit like the local nissan 200sx (silvia in japan). We got S14 and S14a models. We didnt get S13 or final S15. Thus you CAN import a silvia but only S13/15 models. Same with V37 - Nissan has dropped infiniti in AUS now so current model after a certain date should be importable (2021). Too expensive though. Now if we can find "rare" older models not sold in AUS (like the AWD version VR30DDTT) and its was available in japan, we may have a loophole. No harm trying, eh? Pete
  6. this is why V37 has me interested. lots of options to hot up later. locally shipped is still big money (thus looking for options to import say a cheap 2016-2018 Q50 AWD VR30DDTT.
  7. I have a 2012 SP V36 sedan. Im thinking its time to move on. The question is what (import) next? Price is an issue as I landed the V36 for mid 20's on the road So I would like to keep in that up to 30K range. Ideally have a turbo and be a GT. I have been sniffing around the skyline V37 in japan to see if the VR30DDTT models may have had something nissan OZ didnt register (thus blocking SEVS). For instance the VR30 models seem to have shipped to USA as both RWD and AWD but OZ seems to only have got RWD version in VR30 (OZ AWD was the hybrid). So if not a V37, what else for 30K import with turbo?
  8. if you want a good bodykit, check the WALD one http://www.wald.co.jp/showcase/detail/y51_bb_2009/index_en.html
  9. One option is to order online from outside OZ e.g. https://www.amayama.com/en https://www.amayama.com/en/part/nissan/17040jk01a https://partsouq.com/ bit cheaper here https://www.infinitipartsdeal.com/parts/infiniti-pump-compl-fuel~17040-jl60a.html https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=17040-jl60a&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&rt=nc&Brand%20Type=Genuine%20OEM&_dcat=6030 Cheers Pete
  10. Trev, you using T2 or T3 size ? I cant tell size from the utube pic. Initially T2 frame would be my thought due to space limitations. I have no experience regarding IHI or borg warner turbos but wonder if they are better than Garrett in tight spaces. AAM kit uses borg for instance. Those little MGT offsets above Nissan VR30s are using look T1 in scale to me. Part number MGT14446LKSZ, MGT 14 series. The Q50/60 tuners have maxed them to 17+PSI/E85. Yes they choke on top end of curve, but they do give fantastic low to mid power without lag (Nissan goal no doubt). Also their tiny frame fits in the limited space even better. I now wonder if a T1 size compromise may be the best on a stock V36 block ? Food for thought.
  11. Also here is the new OEM Garrett MGT offset turbo. Its designed to shoot the compressor outlet straight upwards to the manifold (via air to water intercoolers mounted on manifold). Yes its small (450HP) but Ill find out if Garrett have slightly bigger ones or if it can have the compressor side upgraded & wastegate ported at least to get to 500hp.
  12. re steering knuckle - great explanation, thanks ! What about using matching turbos (one reverse - see pic. That should allow complementary piping) ?
  13. VR30DDTT information engine https://conceptzperformance.com/blog/the-vr30dett-nissans-new-twin-turbo-engine/ turbos https://conceptzperformance.com/blog/a-closer-look-at-the-vr30ddtts-turbochargers/ fitting manual trans https://conceptzperformance.com/blog/installing-a-manual-transmission-in-the-infiniti-q60-red-sport/ max HP seems 500HP on stock turbos https://amsperformance.com/cart/ra-500-performance-package/ fastest 1/4 is in low 10's
  14. Tru Trevor, ill look into JDM wrecker imports for local parts (over USA). Not sure about VR30DDTT turbos being too small - 500RWHP can be squeezed out of em ! note they are integrated into the exhaust manifold and custom. https://amsperformance.com/cart/ra-500-performance-package/ Looking at the turbo design, it may be possible to fit a bigger compressor housing and enlarge the wastegate flap/seat a bit. Ill post ion other thread the VR30DDTT specs
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