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  1. Yeah i was only thinking of the stroker kit only. Isn't the height change the only problem was thinking that hypertune now make a low profile rocker covers.
  2. I bloody hope not but i think i might put a borescope on my to do list. As for me day dreaming of a rebuild stroker kit money can buy a 2.8 or get a rb30 and same money buys a 3.2 or 3.4 [emoji57] Now my biggest problem is finding time to wipe my own ass. Got another baby 11mths apart Happy dayz happy dayz [emoji6]
  3. Yer oil dipstick popped out too much pressure in crankcase. Not sure to why i had so much pressure to do that. But to fix the problem and do happy track dayz i think i need a catch can, larger sump, baffle kit for sump n cam cover, oil restrictor Maybe even a oil accumulator on top. Then it might hit the track again but for now ill keep it straight drag pass. Did loose about 4ltrs of oil from 6 hardly touching the dipstick that how known something went wrong as i was going up the shecane at 6k to 8k rpm i look down n noticed oil pressure at 2kgcm2..... at that point my car seat had me by the balls. No knocking but at idle in gear lift the clutch put load on engine makes a small squeaking sound n crank pully has very slight movement . So thrust bearing has worn too much.
  4. Not so fun day at barbs on friday.
  5. Long shot Any1 got a attesa boot door cover ?
  6. Friday 13th is always bad luck I always take it slow n steady. That's gotta sting [emoji43]
  7. That's the spirit. !!!GT-R life!!! [emoji13]
  8. Nice!!! The RB will bite ya back 1day [emoji7]
  9. Get the price u wanted ? Paint job looked mint tho! What now r35 sky33 or the darkside 32
  10. Ahhh thats why they sell it cheap. [emoji57] So racing fuel WA is the only good place ?
  11. Opps mis print "use" not used Was thinking of it as my full tank did not last long. 2 closed car run about 5 to 8 laps each. lost count left me 1/4 left n still wanted to go play
  12. Got a question? Will it hurt if you used avgas 110 octane leaded fuel. All i can think of is an unhappy cat That porsche was mental fast!!![emoji2]
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