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  1. performance-wise

    Brand new quality harnesses in stock, ready to go -
  2. performance-wise

    I have brand new Wiring Specialties hand made in the U.S aftermarket coil pack harnesses in stock. R32 GTST - R32 GTR -
  3. heaps in stock. We also now carry the LS conversion kits which include a stealth black alloy mounting bracket, wiring specialties harness and YJ coils. SEE HERE -
  4. YELLOW JACKETS LS/LQ9/D585 COIL PACK CONVERSION KITS - R32 GTR GTST R33 GTST GTR We are proud to offer Skylines Australia complete LQ9/D585 coil pack conversion kits suitable for: R32 GTST - RB20DET R32 GTR RB26DETT R33 GTST RB25DET (SERIES 1 & 2) R33 GTR RB26DETT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COIL PACK FEATURES: • Increased Ignition Performance • Improved Combustion • Improved throttle response and smoothness • No spark blowout at higher boost • Improved fuel economy • Comes with rubber mounting boots and springs • Solid construction • Comes in a complete set to suit your vehicle type • 2 Year Warranty • Manufactured with Components from GE (USA), BASF (Germany) and Epoxy Resins from Switzerland • Australian owned family company • Individually checked and carefully packed and shipped quickly from within Australia • 100% genuine product. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOUNTING BRACKET FEATURES: • STEALTH BLACK PREMIUM FINISH TO COMPLIMENT YOUR ENGINE BAY • SOLID & LIGHT WEIGHT ALLOY CONSTRUCTION • "YJ" LOGO STAMPED ON BRACKET FOR AUTHENTICITY • BRACKET CAN BE MOUNTED UPSIDE DOWN TO HIDE LOGO IF REQUIRED • COMES WITH QUALITY MOUNTING HARDWARE • DIRECT FIT • 2 YEAR WARRANTY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COIL PACK LOOM FEATURES: The Wiring Specialties LS2/LQ9 coil pack sub harnesses are plug and play to the OEM harness. This makes the installation very simple and makes more power instantly. • Brand NEW Construction • High Temp Nylon looming with adhesive shrink tubing • High Temp wire (280 degrees) • OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart) • Designed for a factory-like installation • OEM connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement • No additional wiring is needed • Harness eliminates the ignition chip (where applicable) • Allows for LS coil mounting in the OEM coil location, atop the valve cover, or along the firewall (coils must be mounted sequentially) • Made in USA • Local Warranty --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRICES: COMPLETE KIT (COILS, LOOM & BRACKET) - $780.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. COILS ONLY (NO LOOM, NO BRACKET) - $420.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. BRACKET ONLY (NO LOOM, NO COILS) - $180.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. LOOM ONLY (NO COILS, NO BRACKET) - $250 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. Please PM or contact us if you have any questions regarding these items. Cheers, Paul.
  5. performance-wise

    I have these which are an upgrade over the factory looms -
  6. performance-wise
  7. performance-wise

    How about a set of brand new Yellow Jackets coil packs for only $400.00 delivered via express post. Great value for money and come with a 2 year warranty. Ive sold heaps of these coils over the last 7+ years and they are used in big HP applications. For more info or to purchase -
  8. How about a set of brand new Yellow Jackets coil packs for only $400.00 delivered via express post. Great value for money and come with a 2 year warranty. Ive sold heaps of these coils over the last 7+ years and they are used in some big HP applications. For more info or to purchase - see here I also have brand new quality aftermarket coil looms to suit: RB25 S1 - see here RB20 - see here
  9. performance-wise

    That's a ridiculous price. They aren't that hard to change. Id get a quote elsewhere if you can. Did they quote you for OEMs? Or splitfires? Both types are overpriced either way. How about these for only $400 delivered via express post - see here Great quality coils for the price backed by a local 2 year warranty and I have them in stock, ready to ship immediately.
  10. performance-wise

    Ive got a set of used but in good nick Nismo floor mats. (full 5pc set) - asking $300 shipped.
  11. performance-wise

    I would have been more than happy to leave it at the first post but I'm entitled to respond to defend myself. How am I being arrogant? What lies? Lack of evidence... What evidence do you need? I sell heaps and I have next to nil returns. When did I say I will do 'whatever it takes' to make a buck? The only arrogance being displayed is by you mate. Calling me a troll, telling me to sod off etc... And you've never even used YJs? Fair dinkum....What do you have to do with this topic then? Nothing!! You don't count. All I did was offer the OP an option which I am entitled to do as a trader cause at the end of all this, the YJs are great coils. We had issues in the past but it has been resolved and the YJs are kickin ass. I advise the OP to weigh his options regardless of all of this bickering and to please be aware that every time I post anything about my coils, the same bunch of people like to jump on and have a go at me for it. I'm not responding anymore. Ive got better things to do like sell coils and dedicate my time to my customers. Not fools like you.
  12. performance-wise

    SAU isnt irrelevant. I never said that. I said you guys (the YJ haters) are irrelevant as you are a very minute minority. I'm entitled to offer my products to potential customers as a trader on SAU. I dont have to leave just cos you dont like the products and I will continue to offer YJs as an option so people aren't spending more than they should. Check my first post on this thread, I was addressing the original poster trying to give them an informed choice. I kept it simple and honest. Then came the flood of shit from you guys.... again...... I'm sure it wont be the last time either. It's like you guys just wanna start shit with me all the time. Very [email protected]#kin annoying actually and I shouldn't have to put up with it as a paid contributor/trader on SAU for around 10 years now. Let me post in peace. It is my right.
  13. performance-wise

    Wow..That is so clever. Well done...
  14. performance-wise

    yeah nah. not the same coils mate. colour's totally different, no YJ stamp and the mounting bracket is totally different too. Those coils are just a Splitfire knock off painted yellow. Here's the real deal: I guess these are splitfires too then according to your uneducated opinion: - - I offer a 24 month local Australian warranty (not china based) and you wont need to use it cos the coils kick ass. I can prove it with actual figures and facts, not heresy from a microscopic minority. The people purchase them and the people love them. Ive sold and will continue to sell shitloads and the people are extremely happy that they didn't waist their coin on overpriced products. Besides, out of all of the skyline owners in the big wide world there is tiny amount that actually use or even know of SAU. The fantastic 5 that keep posting anti YJ crap is irrelevant. End of story.
  15. performance-wise

    I have no idea what you are talking about? Im not into flogging horses? Sounds gay,