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  1. All you really need is an LSD/locked diff, coilovers and a good wheel/tyre setup and you're good to go. Alot of clutch kicks, raping the handbrake and a tiny bit of hitting the limiter seems to do the job.
  2. Yeah I'm still surprised I got it for that cheap haha. 137,xxx km's (and actually genuine for once), original Skyline floor mats, interior is near perfect, downside was the paint and panels on the rear end were pretty rough and it's auto, but for $2500 with 2 months rego it was a steal, still alot of money when you're on a borderline minimum wage job though, hence why I want to find the cheap alternative to an rb25 gearbox haha.
  3. Besides the fact that I'm still on my P plates for just over a year, I don't care for huge power under the hood considering all I want to do is drift. And an N/a Skyline easily has enough power to do that, I have multiple friends who can drift their N/a R33's very well, one of them infact won the amateur division at the Rayleigh drift series this year and he was up against much more powerful turbo powered cars. I understand I won't ever make my money back for this conversion when I eventually sell my car but that's not the point, it's something fun to do on a weekend with some mates and as well as being a learning experience it'll be worth the money with the amount of fun the car will provide over the next few years.
  4. To be honest I paid $2500 for my auto R33, so by selling it and buying a manual one I'd end up spending more money than converting it since the current market for manual N/a r33's is still $5500+ on average. And I've always found a good cheap way, all the parts I've on my car so far have been cheap second hand things I've gotten good deals for, cheap is good if you know where to look and what to buy, and putting a $1500 Rb25DET gearbox in my N/a R33 is a bit pointless which is why I'm looking at the alternatives aka other RB gearboxes.
  5. So I'm finally getting rid of the slushbox my N/a R33 came with and I've got a few queries I'm hoping someone can answer. -I've heard the Rb25DE and RB20DET gearboxes are almost indentical apart from slightly different raitio's, in that case could I just use an RB20DET gearbox and a Rb25DE tailshaft together in an R33? I know you can't use a Rb25DET tailshaft as it's too long for a 20 or 25DE box -Rb20DET box uses a speedo cable, while Rb25de gearbox uses a speedo sensor, can you easily swap the box to accept a speedo sensor? -Is it possible to even use a RB30E on an R33 without an custom work? As their the cheapest of them all
  6. Well shit, good thing I have more than one pair Will post pics of sock consumption after these new injectors arrive, pinky promise
  7. If you can find me somewhere that sells brand new OEM replacements for a DE I'll eat my socks
  8. After several hours of research, I'm 99% positive that injectors off a 94-96 N/a 300ZX are identical to those in an RB25DE. Both red 270cc and look exactly the same my as f**ked DE's ones, fingers crossed.
  9. Sexual favours may be involved for whoever can point me in the right direction haha.
  10. Do you know of any injectors that are 270cc red and fit an RB25DE? I know RB20DET ones are 270cc red but they are top feed and I don't know if they are compatible. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting fairly desperate to find new ones.
  11. Serves me right for not doing enough research before buying.
  12. Damn, so there's no way to get them to work?
  13. So recently the injector on my 4th cylinder decided to shit itself and i was offered a fuel rail with GTST 370cc injectors on it at a good price so I went for it. Finished installing the rail and injectors before and now the car won't start, I'm stumped as why it won't work. It's a series 1 RB25DE automatic. Are the injector too big for the stock N/a ECU? Fuel rail clogged? Any help will be greatly appreicated thanks
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