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  1. shubby0901

    Definitely check this. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. The giveaway in my case were the fragments of old hardened rubber in the footwell. I did have a look at this. I also tested it with the brake pedal depressed, and pushed the switch in and out manually, no change. Based on the setup, when the switch is pushed in, the lights should be off but when manually pressing the switch, they never switched off. Its a cheap part, will try from a local Nissan Dealer otherwise order through Amayama.
  2. shubby0901

    Took the car out after a week...was amazing to drive it again. Parked it and realized the brake lights are on...not sure how long I had been driving it with the brake lights permanently on, but drove it home and disconnected the switch. Time to order a new switch!
  3. shubby0901

    Ive had no issues with it sitting once I get it hooked upto the trickly charger. Took it out for a spin yesterday and it started a bit rough (forgot charger since last drive) but drove perfectly.
  4. shubby0901

    Yeah I keep the tyres inflated. It sits maximum 2 weeks without moving, I try to take it out as much as I can...trying to save some money before I start to do some more work on this
  5. shubby0901

    Installed a CTEK MX5.0 charger today. The car doesnt get driven much so a car charger is a must as the battery dies pretty fast...its in need of a new battery too me thinks...
  6. shubby0901

    Drove the car after 2 weeks today....forgot how much fun it is to drive this thing...anyway it was washed, photographed and put back in the garage. Debating between keeping it as is or continuing to work on it.... Anyone know of any good devices to put under the tires to stop flat spots forming?
  7. shubby0901

    Bought myself a daily today...VF SV6 Wagon. Skyline going to sit for a while and be worked on....a good day but a sad day nonetheless. Skyline is not gone, she's just resting for a while...
  8. shubby0901

    Pics for the DIY as old links are broken...
  9. shubby0901

    Awesome, you'll love it. Engine bay not sure but there is a Silver plate on the driver side of the firewall that is completely faded. You can barely see the text on it, I need to get it sorted out. Having fun driving the car in the rain, its so fun when the small slides kick in...
  10. shubby0901

    Replaced power steering hoses with genuine ones today. Return hose, bottom clamp was a bitch to get off. Ended up just destroying it since I was replacing all the hose clamps anyway. Also did a full flush of the fluid, old fluid didn't look too bad though....hopefully no more leaks!
  11. shubby0901

    No real updates yet with the car but here's a photo of how it sits at the moment...debating between working on this or selling it and getting something else.....
  12. shubby0901

    Took the car to Forge Performance, Adelaide for a few things. Fixed up a boost leak which was really really annoying. Figured out the manifold studs had snapped. Also heres what the second Pedders report said needs to be fixed: Rear Sway Bar Links Heres what Josh Forge showed me needed to be fixed: Tie Rod Ends Castor Rod Bushes Camber Arm Bushes HICAS rear joints Couple of other non-suspension things The second set of things to fix also match up with the first Pedders report I got a few months ago. Time to get to work...
  13. shubby0901

    Yeah the leak is from the joint where the hoses meet the reservoir. Need to see if I need to actually replace the hoses and if so how to do it/where to order from etc.
  14. shubby0901

    The report actually wasnt bad. They said PWsteering fluid leak which I know about, and rear sway bar links have perished. They said the vibration is due to a flat spot in the wheels so I need to figure that out. Borrow rims from my mates S13 and test if the vibration is gone.
  15. shubby0901

    Keen for this. Next time I'll check it. Going back to pedders tomorrow for another check. See how many of the issues they told me about earlier have been fixed and how many are left/are new.