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  1. A small but cool little "mod" Carbon fibre spoiler blade...is it rear Carbon or is it a wrap...you tell me? Whatever it is, I did it myself....
  2. Some small but highly effective work done on the car today, got some small door dings fixed! You can see the before and after. If anyone is looking for a paint-less dent repairer, Dentech Paintless Dent Repairer in South Australia is highly recommended!
  3. Question for fellow Skyliners - What are good intake setups that people use? I am looking for a good looking, well built setup which looks almost OEM. I have no intrest in having pods hanging around in the engine bay. Is just the HKS performance filter a good enough upgrade?
  4. 2) Installed big brakes ? This was a project of mine which I wanted to do since I bought the car...my R33 now has R34-GTR Brembo Calipers, PMU Pads and Disks and GKTech Stainless Steel Braided lines, running Castrol Response DOT4 fluid. These were fairly more intrusive, but some tips if someone else is trying it out: - Go to a proper fastners shop and gets bolts from there that fit, forget the old stuff that came with the calipers - Get a nice expensive drillbit and some cutting fluid to drill your hubs - Get an angle grinder or a reciprocating saw, this works just as well - Make your own bleeder with some hose and a clear bottle, rather than the 1-man bleeders you can buy at auto-parts stores Apologies for the average pictures, car needs a clean and a photoshoot with the new brakes....
  5. Updates to the car: 1) Installed a cheap chinese Android Headunit The system works..ok for the cost. I am still trying to set it up and giving different apps a go, I will check in again once I have it setup well... This was easy to install. I bought a Nissan to ISO adapter from SuperCheap Auto, cut the ISO plugs off and wired in the headunit plug and voila, it works!
  6. Completed a coolant flush over a couple of days while I waited for parts to come in. There are currently 2 majorish projects going on with the car, more to come very soon...hopefully....
  7. Currently I am making a list of all the required bolts....good thing I bought a thread gauge instead of assuming threads of bolts. I think I will just go stainless steel bolts and washer. I dont mind that button head design, its just a matter of which bolts I change and which I leave....I am leaning towards just buying a bulk order of bolts and changing them out as I go around the engine bay and pull/replace parts..
  8. Working on a bigish project on the car right now...but waiting for some parts which have not arrived due to COVID. Who else is affected by this thing? In the meantime, I bought some Stainless Bolts to try and see what I like the look of and am thinking of slowly replacing the bolts around the car Thoughts? I am not sure if I like the socket head.. also needs washers...
  9. I ran power from the dome lights, down inside the A-Pillar trim and then did the connections in the kick panel. It splits into 2 from there, one to power the driver side and one for the passenger side.
  10. Working from home is annoying becauseyoure tempted to work on the cat but cant because you need to actually work...anyway snuck this in today. LED lights in the footwells. I did the same thing before aswell but it never worked properly...cheap LED strips also meant the adhesive died after a small amount of time. This time, decent strips with proper 3M Tape...its looking nice Bits of the dash are out for a new headunit that is on its way but stuck somewhere due to COVID19....grrrr
  11. edit: Deleted post cuz I realised the stuff I wrote was really dumb....
  12. Working from home means small breaks are for working on the car...started to clean the engine bay, actually very surprised with the results! This is my process: Bowdens Orange Agent spray $1 paint brush to scrub Wet MicroFiber tower to clean up and let it air dry Working pretty well. This will keep me busy until the parts I have ordered come in
  13. Fixed up a couple of little niggly issues and installed a bright LED strip in the boot to replace the standard bulb...makes the car look way nicer and way more..european weirdly. Currently lookong at headunits for the car. Debating between a Chinese branded Andrpid powered unit or a name brand Android Auto unit....
  14. A heap of messing around with indicator stalks, fuses and rewiring of plugs, the car is working again. Now to get back onto the 200,000km service that is requried ASAP....
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