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  1. Trust Greddy eManage Ultimate package! Comes with a harness which I’m guessing is a universal, has been used previously as evident by the wire tips being soldered! Also comes with.. - MAP sensor. - Innovate motorsports wideband o2 controller and all wiring to connect to serial port. - Bosch wideband o2 sensor with weld in bung Happy to post etc
  2. Haven’t had this issue myself, but it sounds like the temp sensor inside the cabin is not working correctly. If it still cools at 18 then the cold side is working, just that once you move off 18 the climate control side kicks in and relies on the sensor output. Im not 100% sure, but I believe 18 is the point where it will simply keep cooling. Good luck!
  3. M35 Turbo without wastegate actuator Up for sale is my spare turbo that was going to get high flowed one day! Have now sold the Stagea so is no longer required. In good condition still. Can arrange post if required. $400 Can send some pics if required but it looks like a stock turbo!
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