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Slide's Feedback

  1. CGB_R32 left Positive feedback   

    excellent service and very quick at response communication. the first of many transactions.

    Slide was The Buyer

  2. wang left Positive feedback   

    Awsome trader. Helpful and quick delivery!

    Slide was The Buyer

  3. elrodeo666 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trader and feedback communication also excellent.<br />Delivery as stated.on time and no problems

    Slide was The Buyer

  4. Broken_R31 left Positive feedback   

    Great product range and payment options, fast service and shipping, excellent orders support.

    Slide was The Buyer

  5. stenve left Positive feedback   

    excellent trader, great to deal with and quick delivery! :D

    Slide was The Buyer

  6. petgts4 left Positive feedback   

    Great trader to deal with, excellent products, thanks!

    Slide was The Buyer

  7. N1GTR left Positive feedback   

    Delivered the item like a man should, the deal was over so fast i didnt realise he'd started.

    Slide was The Buyer

  8. flyz33 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trader. Quick shipping!

    Slide was The Buyer

  9. 30three left Positive feedback   

    Quick delivery, great communitcation and very helpfull. Thank you Slide

    Slide was The Buyer

  10. OS30GK left Positive feedback   

    Slight delay, but all is well when is received. A+

    Slide was The Buyer

  11. illusiVe left Positive feedback   

    ordered wednesday, received the coilpacks friday, installed saturday. works awesome, great service *thumbs up*

    Slide was The Buyer

  12. 180or200 left Positive feedback   

    great service, fast delivery, will use again forsure!!

    Slide was The Buyer

  13. edspaged2 left Positive feedback   

    Always stayed in contact. Good seller. highly recommended!

    Slide was The Buyer

  14. geraus left Positive feedback   

    great service, good communication! will be buying more.

    Slide was The Buyer

  15. bnr#@ left Positive feedback   

    Prompt and excelent service and comunication, highly recomended

    Slide was The Buyer

  16. N1GTR left Positive feedback   

    Slide rocks my world. Parts delivered in 3 days. Couldnt be happier - im the happiest!!!

    Slide was The Buyer

  17. GTR1993 left Neutral feedback   

    Took 4 weeks to receive an "in stock" boost controller, pm/emails take multiple days to be replied.

    Slide was The Buyer

  18. DaveB left Positive feedback   

    Goods arrived promptly, recommended :D

    Slide was The Buyer

  19. SilverECR33 left Positive feedback   

    Items recieved As promised!! A+ trader :)

    Slide was The Buyer

  20. MBS206 left Positive feedback   

    Good Communication. Received item in a timely fashion. Would recommend!

    Slide was The Buyer

  21. _8OO5TED_ left Positive feedback   

    great service again, highly recommended A+++

    Slide was The Buyer

  22. discopotato03 left Positive feedback   

    Great service , thanks Sliding Performance .

    Slide was The Buyer

  23. syx left Positive feedback   

    I ordered the wrong part initially. Sent it back and Slide swapped to the right part with no hasssles. Great Trader. Would buy from him again.

    Slide was The Buyer

  24. SimonR32 left Positive feedback   

    quick response to questions, good price and delivery time. THANKS

    Slide was The Buyer

  25. Tangles left Positive feedback   

    Best dealer out there in Aussieland, bar none. Full Stop - The End. <br />That says it all IMHO.

    Slide was The Buyer

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