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  1. Aargh - I would be all over this and have ordered b y now for my Skyline Crossover if I hadn't upgraded a couple of months ago to an Infiniti FX50S... I can't see a suitable model for the FX50 which is a bit disappointing.. I waited years for a replacement head unit for the Skyline... CHeers - N
  2. It's not that I wish I had, it's that I wish I could. N
  3. I'd love to know how to do this... I had done a little research a while ago and thought it was a complex process with a defeat device needing to be fitted (for a 2009 J50 at least) Cheers - N
  4. Needle nose pliers to pull the old ones out and the new ones just slid in - the end of the wiper assemblies are bendy (for me) and got far enough out of the way for me to get the steel bars slotted in... After that it was just sliding them fully in Cheer s-N
  5. I just bought metal bar backed refills from supercheap. A few minutes to fit and good as new. CHeers - N
  6. Actually, I'm not going to go ahead... Being charged over $1000NZD for a pirated software upgrade is just something I can't in good conscience be part of. I'll continue struggling with the Japanese. MAYBE if it gave me navigation as well I could swallow my pride but just for an English translation? A pirated one? Nah... Cheers - N
  7. Ohhhh, I just got another email from them and it's a bit clearer now and no-where near as good a deal as I thought. $790+$50 USD shipping. They send you a replacement main unit and you have to send them your unit. So it's $800 USD for their software still. Aaargh. [Edit - I read their email again - English is not their first language - but I know none of theirs! - it looks like they will give a credit for returning the unit you remove. Obviously that's how they get their stock of parts to flash the English onto. Maybe it's not such a bad deal. I have asked about the credit amount.] Don't know about the BCM programming... Cheers - N
  8. Heh - look at my first post. I am wondering if I can trust them. I would hate anything I say to be seen as the start of a circular web of trust. Someone I don't know put me onto them and I am trying to get some due diligence done. Their website has the info but you have to autotranslate and do a bit of digging. Cheers - N
  9. Definittely changed... This particular option is to get sent a new head unit, already setup for English... Cheers - N
  10. xanavi.ru Xanavi.ru seem to have available kits for Japanese to English conversions (including Australian, but not New Zealand, maps). Pricing seems ok - I am just wondering if anyone had any particular cautionary tales to tell in terms of them taking money and not dispatching, or sending the wrong things? I'm more than happy that I have the skills to remove and replace the unit - more concerned with whether or not I can trust the Estonian company. Thoughts? Cheers - Neil G
  11. That's simply a photo of using the video input to mirrorlink an android device to the screen. Yes it's a bit useful (are you using AV input or RGB?) but there's a lot of other functionality tied up in the car Japanese menus... I presume those are unchanged? Does this include disabling the video screen lockout when driving? How much and what Android box do you put in? Does it include something like the mimics touchscreen overlay? Cheers -N
  12. I had Nissan plug in and they can't see anything obvious... Their belief was that there was a cable disconnected or broken while the aircon people took out and put back the dash - or perhaps they damaged/jammed something. In any case I went back to the Aircon place and their stance seems to have softened a lot and now they have said they'll make it right. They asked for a couple of days to find an auto electrician and will give me a call. I'm happy with their new attitude so far... Cheers - N
  13. They can be changed, but the technique is slightly different on pre MY10 V36 cars (more complex) and MY10 and later (including 2009+ Skyline crossovers)... Unfortunately there's a cartel that has the method and they are keeping it secret and charging a phenomenal amount for it. (Think $1500+ for a software upgrade) Cheers - N
  14. Interesting... They did say they had taken out the whole dash but they weren't clear on whether they disconnected the stereo/head unit at all. From the clock being about 15 minutes behind when I got the car back it looks like the disconnected the battery for that long. The head unit still accepts commands and I can see the changes update on the screen (arrows, temps etc) and the LEDs on the buttons all work as designed - it's just that the only commands that seem to be actioned are the fan speed ones. Unfortunately the shop took a very defensive approach and suggested it was a problem that I should solve. Only then did I tell them I had dashcam footage of their mechanic talking to someone else and commenting (in colourful language) that it was "working before"... That only mitigated their position very slightly and they still seemed clear that they didn't expect to be held accountable for the cost of fixing it unless it could be proven it was something they actually did. In any case, I have the car booked in to go see Nissan on Wednesday so they can at least plug a consult into it and hopefully at least tell where the fault is. If it's a computer reset or something simple then I'll get them to do it and forward the bill to the aircon specialist place - otherwise I'll look at going through mediation with the MTA (Motor Trade Association) or other legal remedies like the disputes tribunal/Small claims... I can't imagine that this is anything but an open and shut case given the evidence I have. I should also note that when they disconnected and discharged the aircon a month or 2 ago (they couldn't find a compressor at the time - I eventually sourced one), when they handed the car back to me the guy sat in the car with me and demonstrated to me that all the heating and fan controls still worked, and only the AC didn't work because the system had a failsafe lockout when the system wasn't pressurised. So they demonstrated all the stuff working after the worked on it last time, and when I get the car back this time, it's all busted. Damn shame the dashcam over-wrote that conversation :-( Cheers - N
  15. Oh dear. I decided to review the dashcam footage just in case it caught something interesting and it clearly recorded two staff discussing the issue and the main technician stating "it was working before but now it's &^*^*$".. "What happened" asks the other.. "I Dunno" says the first guy. (There are some more specifics that make it clear this blower fan direction and temp issue were not pre-existing). They are going to get a polite but firm request in the morning to make this right at no cost to myself. Cheers - N
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