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  1. Hello. i have a few bits coming off my Lemans. Parts are in great condition and i full working order. A set of HKS 2530 Turbos. Working great and in perfect condition. Was taking of my lemans. Turbos have never been over 1.1 bar because my car has been mapped to that. I have driven it at 0.9 the most of the time Price 1800 And a set of hks elbows Price 460 Hks mushroom filters. With purple filters. I have a set of new in plastic green filters i throw with it. Price 140
  2. Bluzzer

    Looking for a single turbo in good condition.. Open for everything
  3. Bluzzer

    Searching for R35 brakes
  4. Does anyone have the paint code for the Lemans?? Need to have my splitter resprayed. My paint guy cannot find anything on BT2
  5. Haven't you forgot to put Ricky on the list?
  6. What are you putting down Ricky?
  7. Could be fun to hear something about peoples LM. Tell me something about your cars. Where, why and then did you get it? Whats the best mod you done so far? Anything
  8. Hello Everubody. Talked to Chris about the LM list and decided to join SAU as it looks like the most LM activity is here. A picture of my R33 GTR LM V-spec
  9. Bluzzer