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  1. I must've been lucky with my 32. I was able to remove my ball joints using a pitman arm tool on both sides. Pretty neat guide though, should help a fair few guys.
  2. You're one wild mother fker haha. Looks fun though.
  3. If it wasn't for me, you legit wouldn't be holding those exact ones in your hands.. So you're lucky as they are now discontinued.
  4. Ha... good luck with that. Hopeless knobs at that joint...
  5. post a picture of the "r32" key? It's pretty normal for the red R to start pealing, stop putting it in your pocket lol.
  6. Sad thing about this, Otaku know about this issue yet they continue to sell the product.
  7. Eat your heart out... https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Nissan&ssd=%24*KwE6Dh8qe2Z5QkBfd30kMGJ2VlFPdmpnaBEkYXwrNC1LKyIuPDggKjNVLVI4LCBzBXEqJSxVOytTcS8qKmxJdS1lYGoua2Z3OSUsYm9qLDZzBXIqJSx6ays0LmBrc00pPj85K3NyJzYnSHIsZnwrNC4XDQJFTCwjKmB9Lmt9AUZbPT04OTc0ZGxhJCtjfWFtLDY_Ki9kJSxieys0YiQzLyQra2l-KzRiJDMvJCtrbiozVVEsAAAAALf16mQ%24&vid=0&cid=&uid=411864&q=BNR32009853
  8. I'm selling a brand new Nismo oil pump if you decide to go down that route.
  9. RB20? I've got one sitting on a shelf in my garage that I wouldn't mind selling. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  10. blue plate won't show the year..
  11. That sounds like a crock of shit to me.. I've they've sent you the wrong item surely they'd offer an exchange... ? Unless you ordered the wrong part number?
  12. I'd just buy the fastener kit and do it properly. http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/side-skirt-fastener-piece-suit-nissan-skyline-p-2077.html
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