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  1. WTB R33 GTR Bonnet Damper hey, i am looking for an set bonnet damper for my r33 gtr. used or new or an info where i can get some! Thanks!
  2. R33 GTR Parts hey, selling some Parts. Came from a R33 GTR. -OEM Exhaust Manifold - 100AUD -OEM Outlet Pipes - 55AUD -OEM PCM Valve (2x) - 85AUD each -OEM Valve Springs - 100AUD -OEM Camshaft (IN/EX) - 190AUD -OEM AFM (both) 125AUD -OEM RB26 Rods - 300AUD -OEM Starter - 85AUD -OEM RB26 Turbo Water/Oil Lines - 70AUD -OEM RB26 Actuators (both) - 100AUD -Lighter Flywheel - 200AUD -Top Radiator Hose incl. Watertemp. Sensor Adapter - 70AUD -Speedo Frame - 40AUD for more pictures send me a mail to klauke1986@freenet.de! all parts are working and in a used condition! Paypal and worldwide shipping available! Location Germany! Greetings!
  3. WTB: a Set HKS Actuators hey guys, i am looking for a set HKS Actuators for my HKS GT-RS Turbos. New or used! Thanks!
  4. RB26 HKS / Greddy Piping hey guys i am looking for a hks or greddy piping kit between AFM - Turbos and Turbos - Y Pipe like the pictures use or new i hope someone can help me Greetings
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