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  1. awesome man, looking more in the roll racing rather then track, driving an Evo before i definitely know that around a track they have the upper hand ! but down the straights they are still quite competitive @bcozican
  2. one of the end goals as well is trying to figure out ways these GTT skylines can beat your 280kw Evos, before i make a new thread any sort of suggestions ? i use to have an Evo and got the right offer for it so i chose to give a skyline a go but seems to struggle to beat 300kw Evos ? thanks @bcozican
  3. what did you find the difference to be from stock cams to poncams ? and whats the most 'legal' looking way to get them to sound more aggressive, simply removing the muffler ? thanks heaps
  4. sounds nice ! but wouldn't that also be due to your side pipes that is quite loud ? @bcozican
  5. I'm looking for both benefits, performance and the Brap brap, tuner has advised 272 Camtech - what performance differences would i see with the 272 as opposed to poncams ? @Dose Pipe Sutututu
  6. whats the biggest bang for buck though between the 2 cams ? considering the expectations I am hoping to get
  7. Chasing more mid range to top end power but yes your right I want the lumpy sound and not to sure if the 260 poncams would do it for me ?
  8. PON CAMS V CAMTECH 272 Hey guys, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with either or link or shedding some light on my next modification. I am looking at purchasing Cams for my R34 GTT already pushing 330RWKW, can any one let me know what the cons and pros are going with Tomei drop ins 260 as oppose to the Camtech 272. My 34 has the following modifications: 1000cc Bosch Injectors- Walbro 460 Fuel Pump- Full Turbo Back Exhaust 3 inch- Custom Dump pipe- Garret 3076 Turbocharger- Power FC ECU tuned on E85 ( UniGroup Tune)- Greddy Electronic Boost Controller- Tomei Head Gasket- Screamer pipe Would be good to get some ideas on what would be best for my setup and why as well as knowing which one would sound better on idle which is just a bonus. Thanks peeps.
  9. white one just got sold today ! so grey one i will be looking at - sucks though
  10. lol yep thanks mate ! i think he can get what he wants for what it is
  11. if i had the right amount for it he knows i would be there in a heart beat !
  12. thanks for that mate ofcourse all is being considered - happy to see everyone elses input now i need to get as much opinion before i bring one back this saturday !!
  13. been looking closely to the white - looks like thats the one i will pick up this weekend - would look mean
  14. looks better then the grey one but i will see both and see which one is better - and no lol i wouldnt single turbo it - i prefer to keep it twin just upgrade them later
  15. so im going down to vic and checking this car out - as always looking on the market and this pops up http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Nissan-Skyline-1999/AGC-AD-17199304/?Cr=0 suggestions ?
  16. price was negotiated with the one in vic to quite a reasonable price - have a few good mechanic friends up in vic who checked the car out for me all looks good - confirmed that the front has not been in an accident after thoroughly looking at it - still thinking of flying up since all seems well drives well and its stock which is what i initially was looking for - if theres some 3k more then point it my way and ill check it out asap ! lol other then that stil enjoying the single v twin discsussion
  17. haha cheers mate - got a lot of help from some of the guys on the forum telling me small details to look out for and some inspection tips so thanks !!!!!
  18. agreed - did bit of research ringing around again some friends from a workshop and 350kw on a stock engine and single turbo conversion could potentially cause future issues - have to look more into it though
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