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  1. I tied mine to the wiper arm with telstra rope Just leave it sitting there it's not an issue
  2. Burger

    Probably "lost at the painters". Steer clear. Or try to get it super cheap.
  3. Burger

    If you mean R31: http://www.autocables.com.au/autocables_secure/results1.asp?CategoryID=17&CarMake=DATSUN/NISSAN
  4. Burger

    Wheres the fun in buying something that's immaculate? Looks to have cleaned up reasonably well though.
  5. Burger

    I don't want to buy more stanless steel... I NEED to buy more
  6. S2 front bits, garnish, seats, steering wheel, late model S2 tbar etc but a S1 dash pad without an airbag Any wires under dash that look like they're for an airbag on passenger side?
  7. Burger

    Needs more space savers
  8. Burger

    Yeah the dimmer switches they put in at compliance sometimes aren't of the best quality and can be installed pretty dodgy and can cause issues, I replaced mine with a better switch
  9. Burger

    A manual RWD will either be an RS4S with no front shaft or a RS RWD that's been converted from auto to manual. There's no factory manual RWD.
  10. Burger

    Yeah start-up warranty is usually the norm because they don't know if you're about to put 50psi into it and blow it up or not I've bought once from them before and had no problems.
  11. Mine have been rusty at the bottom of the front guards, presumably from all the dirt and crap that gets behind the guard liner getting wet and not drying out properly, the rust works its way from the inside out
  12. Burger

    Ejecto seato cuz!