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  1. Is this a V35 by any chance?
  2. "12 Primera Street" I see what you did there.
  3. Not my problem, the tyre place can deal with this tomorrow 🤣
  4. Hi all, received a new old stock set of Enkei/AMEs in the post today and these 4 things were in one of the boxes. I literally have no idea what they are, probably due to the fact every car I've ever owned has had the factory steelies or the standard alloys, I've never had any sort of aftermarket wheels on any car at all. They split into two parts and have a thread. Think it has something to do with the centre caps but not entirely sure. Both serious and not so serious replies/help encouraged, thanks 😂
  5. Ring her up and offer her some cash to knock them out with the golf club hitting it the opposite way? Should pretty much balance out... Or panel swap, if we're being serious. 2 different grey/silvers from memory.
  6. Burger

    2019 Chrome

    Err... What?
  7. He's probably look at you a bit funny if you asked him about winding one forward.
  8. There's a few import wreckers in Adelaide that post stuff out.
  9. I tied mine to the wiper arm with telstra rope Just leave it sitting there it's not an issue
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