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  1. People may tell you different things But Yes they are interchangeable, No they will not impact hicas or attessa if you use either one One has like a 3 spoke attached to the rear of the steering wheel and the other one doesn't. The 32 GTSt steering wheel also fits the 32 GTRs You can get a boss kit and use an aftermarket steering wheel
  2. Guessing a Gynaecologist?
  3. banged up good - car and you Want to tell us what happened? Impound yard?
  4. nsw/act 

    GR8 NEWS Des :thumbsup:
  5. About $1.5k-$2k too much^ Take your time and ask questions on SAU if you get stuck. It really peeves me how others can sell a lemon.
  6. while your at it check the globes in the dash especially for your warning light. You should have a working oil pressure sender in the replacement motor
  7. damn that sucks. Good luck with the replacement motor mate all goes well
  8. nsw/act 

    A Limited Edition GTR T-Shirt....Woo hoo - All is good
  9. It's an unknown $$$ amount without further investigation. Too many unknowns really. If you got $5k you would be doing very well
  10. nsw/act 

    Any news on the T-shirt?
  11. I'll drop the cash with John around 10am and you can leave the seat covers there with John or Nick. Sound ok ?
  12. Lets say 10am?
  13. I'll Grab your seat covers Andrew - leave em with John and I'll cash you up. I'll be at Johns on Wednesday ok? Thanks mate
  14. Welcome back champ