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  1. Nicer than OEM
  2. Give Trojan a call on Monday. He's been up in QLD picking up some gear this week. He owns and works there.
  3. Tag is for a key word search. I.e. Bayside Blue, R34 GTR Vspec, etc.. Free form so what ever you type in that field is accepted. $152k wholly crap. The world has gone mad
  4. Tru dat - Southside 4 lyf bra Living in your old stomping grounds doesn't help Shell
  5. Can you record it? Take a vid with sound and post it up
  6. Injector O ring seals A leak in the inlet manifold gasket
  7. Your kidding me right ^^^^^ many Lols had
  8. Looks like a heeoge difference in the photo's, top effort. Good luck with the Neo conversion
  9. I understand Award Diffs is temporarily closed due to a personal issue in the family. The lads at Import parts will most likely go around to Trojans. Sorry to sound like a fanboy but thems the facts.
  10. My Maloo is an Auto, transmission wouldn't change down gears going up a rise under acceleration. Serviced 2 weeks back. So I gave the loud pedal a push to force the change and low and behold cunstable cranky pants coming up the rise I was going over as it kicked back. Say no more
  11. 80kms in a 60 zone. $409.00 and 3 points. Yep it was me and I have no legal reason for travelling at that speed sir. I am a supporter of the police and the job they do. However every now and then you get C#ntstable cranky pants. There is just no need for the shit attitude. Need to do more regular psych evaluations in my opinion. It's like I was the guy rooting his misses while he's been on duty.
  12. Nismo twin plate or twin plate competition
  13. great looking GTR. White is a favourite of mine.
  14. Welcome aboard. Next thing is to post up some pictures
  15. Spray some contact cleaner on the circuit board and plugs . 20yrs old might be something dry. Each globe should light separately from each other so the fault has to be a common (why I thought a fuse). Earth wire somewhere? No chance you've damaged the circuit board I hope.