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  1. Born 1 July soooo........ Cancer
  2. We'll catch up real soon, if your in Canberra still. I'll send you my Mobile number via PM Boondahs, Burbouns and Bitches are on the cards mate. Like to hear more about what's been going on. I'm driving a Maloo R8 that is awesome, GTR's in the shop with John getting a 6speed Getrag put in and another rebuilt motor. Have a nice Nissan Pathfinder I'm doing up. Gave the Liberty to one of my sons.
  3. Hey Rob bout time you showed up mate
  4. Welcome to the forums. White 34's Good luck with the mods and personalisation
  5. great advice ^
  6. Hi Milhouse - I'll grab these off you "new black leather gear stick boot and leather handbrake level boot $30" Pm your details and I'll pop round and pick them up. I'm in Kambah Cheers, Richard
  7. steering rack, check it out where the metal fittings are. Nibbing them up helps for a little while but the brass washers cause issues. Providing you have checked all the usual. Sump plug/washer, oil filter, tappet cover gaskets, dip stick and pipe where it joins the eng, catch can & hoses, general lines & intake pipe, power steering hoses.
  8. Limiter bashing will be the death of it.
  9. sa 

    Type A, B or R ?
  10. BNR32 5spd Gear box - Push type No crunch, no issues $800.00 (Pick-up from ACT) PM on here.
  11. Unfortunately not on FB I'll find out tomorrow and PM you a price. Came out to put the Getrag in
  12. I have a 5 spd R32 GTR box with no issues sitting at Trojans. Not sure the going rate for one of these. Whats the market price? Nov 92 model
  13. Congrats Scooby Great buy Moray, well done. Are you in the Canberra area too?
  14. Don't use steel wool it will scratch your glass. Exception - '0000' fine steel wool is the only steel wool you can use on glass and it's to remove small specs, calcium, bug guts etc I use it on my front windscreens for that really clean new windscreen feeling. -> Soapy water and new sharp razor blades. You can get a tool that holds the razor blade to make it easier on your hands. The glass is not fragile, nor is there a factory tint in the glass you would remove. Removing the quarter windows is a fine art. Unless you know what your doing don't try or you will break something. I haven't tried paint stripper - the issue there would be DONT get it on anything else. If your keen Find a piece glass or old window. Paint it and wait a week then try the paint striper to see what happens. Use rubber gloves when playing with Paint stripper.