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  1. Horney Nismo
  2. ^champion
  3. any chance you can: 1. remove your sig gif 2. Tell me WTF is in da box In that order
  4. He's an illiterate bogan. I think he meant $10k
  5. Your air fuel mixture is obviously wrong if your smelling fuel from the exhaust #1 - 02 Sensor, #2 - AFM
  6. tow bar?
  7. roof racks?
  8. feck - tell us what they are ya kent .....
  9. Opinions are like arseholes ........You know the saying. As soon as you post tech info or results the vultures strike and try rip it off the bone
  10. Clutch master cylinder and reservoir?
  11. check your engine fuse/relay. both in cabin and in engine bay If you haven't already Lastly - is the battery good or low in charge? Borrow some ones or throw jumper leads on it from a vehicle that is running
  12. That's good value. I bought one of the RH9 alternators a couple of years ago. I'm certain it was more expensive and less amperage (130amp)
  13. Throw some pictures up so we can see any gutter rash and quality of Paint job Cheers