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  1. nsw/act 

    Could be some good value here
  2. I spotted a very very well looked after Silver R33 GTR in Mitchell. ACT plates ELUSIV.
  3. Congrats on the appointment
  4. Didn't read question properly - disregard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the half moons go on the back end (Closest the firewall). valve cover plugs "half moon grommets" that replace the worn, cracked, and leaking grommets on the rear of the cylinder head under the valve covers and gasket. (one for each cam side)""
  5. I.T. crowd - great
  6. lol - that's good nah seems to have stopped working. Was a gif of the history of the Nissan GTR's
  7. ah - re-reading you say pads and rotors. Sometimes the long pins that hold the retaining clip in place are not secured (knocked in properly) and work loose. Then the retaining clip can make a clicking sound as the rotor moves. Just a thought.
  8. Have a look at the brake pad retaining clip - anyways add it to things to look at Had any work done recently anywhere near where this new noise is coming from?
  9. Perhaps your next Signature Anthony?
  10. Leave this here
  11. Awesome Anf
  12. Boot and Bonnet lip
  13. Engineering/Compliance certificate is an issue. Don't fancy a trip to Sydney (EPA) and the bother of trying to meet the standards is a real PITA. Fine if you never get pulled over but if you do the choices are it's engineered or returned to stockish. Selling would be a nightmare also because if it goes interstate it cant be registered without issues. And my final thought would be if I'm not a dyno queen or after serious power for straight line or track racing it would be a real shame to go single on such a great condition GTR. Stock / stock looking GTR's pull the good dollars. Although your right I was going Single but not any more
  14. Like to know if anyone is running and/or see real world Dyno results for the HKS GT III - SS Sports Turbo on the RB26. If your running these I'd also like to know your set-up and what you think. Thanks in advnce