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  1. Hi guys, hoping someone can help I have an R33 GTR and I’m trying to workout what the interior trim code K on the chassis plate stands for??
  2. Hi all, I've got a '96 R33 GTR its the first one I've owned and don't know anyone who has a GTR I've been searching to see if someone else had this problem but cant find anything. I'm Just curious If its normal for the attesa pump to be running all the time, I was under the assumption that the pump ran when you turn the key so that the instruments are on and it would run till it built up a certain amount of pressure in the line then shut off is this correct or am I way off ?? I had the car tuned when I first got it and the tuner couldn't do it cause it failed to load up the dyno on all four wheels they recommended I get an ets-pro torque split controller installed so I can manually adjust it from the drivers seat. I did it and they were able to dyno it , but the pump keeps running non-stop, is this normal? Thanks and sorry if this is a really stupid question I'm new to GTR's
  3. nismo coppermix single plate good for just over 300kw and very soft apparently or twin plate if your planning for more then 300kw
  4. Post back here once you get it fixed and how much you payed, I'm looking at getting mine resprayed soon
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