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  1. Like this I've read about it being done but everythread has broken images. Can anyone give me a hand with the pinout on this plug
  2. Hey guys so I looked through the posts and searched and I found some scattered info about it but images were missing ect. Can anyone post a photo or a wiring diagram of where to connect an RCA input into the tv tuner. I know you cannect it to the pins inside a plug on it but I'm not sure which pins. I already have the wires cut behind my dash to leave the screen on from a previous owner and I also know about cont 1 and 2 pins to auto change it to the RCA input for reverse cameras ect. I just need to know what pins to connect the RCA's to. Commsman or Chris Rodgers could you please chime in?
  3. so basically im looking to build a 30de engine i want to go high comp na for whatever reasons that dont really matter at this point haha 1 point left cant drive turbo blah blah blah all the usual shit THE BLOCK what i want to build consists of a 30e block, crank and rods, 25de pistons shave the block 1mm to get the pistons up a bit because they sit 1mm further down the 30e pistons. THE HEAD this will be a det neo head with re lapped valves stock springs. either 250ish degree regrinds or 260 degree poncam drop ins with an adjustable exhaust cam gear and stock intake stuff to keep variable timing. im going to just skim the head this should bring the compression to somewhere around 12:1. im going to grub screw the oil gallerie in the block and run a head oil drain kit. im going to drill and tap an oil gallery in the side of the block to run a hard line up to the vct stuff pics below. and ill be porting the head myself a decent amount but i wont be going crazy. i need advice on what i should do for the intake manifold. do i a lave the stock neo intake manifold on to get the engine in and work out any bugs. B use a neo freddy plenum. or C relocate the vct solenoid and go to rb26 itbs using an adapter plate and some ram tubes on the itbs of some sort. the other thing i need to know is exactly where to put the stud for the new tensioner for the timing belt and if it differs from the standard r33 25det head conversion.. my final goal is as close to 160kw as possible on e85 and im going to be revving it as high as it wants to make power. i was thinking cap the revs at 7500 cause i reckon it will drop off before then anyway. anyone got any tips or advice on things i should change or shit i just completely overlooked. anything really cause this is all theory in my head based off other builds
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