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  1. lol well we have it every thursday night at the same place. anyone in any car is welcome as long as u dont do stupid shit and we just hang round and talk bull shit
  2. yep that was me i was heading to the weekly Mighty car mods melb meet at the Glen. oh and ur GTR... very nice just wish my GTS4 was a GTR lol.. 1 day
  3. hey man that wouldnt happen to of been u i drove passed last thursday night on springvale rd??. i was in my black R32 GTS4. i looked over and gave u the nod of respect
  4. ok just for you... is that enough Honda City Turbo for ya???
  5. Hi im after a pair of R32 head lights for my GTS 4. Also after a stock R32 GTS front bumper. colour doesnt matter to much but black would be awesome. i am Located in SE suburbs of melbourne.
  6. looks to me the senator guy didnt have the skill to drag race... yet again he drive a senator
  7. Think i may and to join in on this. ive had iRacing for a while but havent used it much in the last year. might have to shake off some rust.
  8. Hey man, im after the pair of head lights. Do u still have them and would u post to Melb? Cheers
  9. Just Recently bought an R32 GTS 4.
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