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  1. Always good to get a JEVIC done, they actually bench test the odometer and forensically inspect the speedo then cross check all year or production numbers etc. They then double check with Japanese Dept of Transport history & kilometre reports. www.jevic.com we use them on all our imports and they have found in the past 12 months 4 vehicles with altered odometers which we do not import but RTV to Auction. Always good to only buy from a licenced dealer who commits to showing you the reports, auction cert, export certificates etc. If the importer or broker cant show you these walk away. Attached are some examples. 170126_S500P-0051700.pdf
  2. Warning when getting quotes to import your vehicle from Brokers, Backyard Workshops and Importers, Ask if they can do the compliance, do they provide an odometer check, supply warranty on the vehicle, roadworthy the car, make sure the vehicle isn't rusty, have all the factory recalls been done, and what happens if it gets here and there is another recall who fixes that? IS the car reconditioned to Australian standards? I have been looking at what the Australian Import brokers, Backyard Importers and some others list as a cost to import a vehicle and they are not correct in the calculations. They are misleading to say the least. when they talk pricing on their websites they forget about agent fees and Japanese deregistration, port fees Japan and local transport in Japan. They all have to use local dealers in Japan to buy vehicles and the dealers in Japan all charge what is called a buyers fee see guide here http://smilejv.com/fee_structure.php this site reflects accurately what fees are on top of the buy price from Auction. The BROKERS here in Australia mislead people and call it FOB, the price is clearly the fall of hammer price plus the following: 1.buyers fee, 2.plus transport to dock, 3. Japanese Government Custom fees, 4.Japanese Custom Brokers export fees, and to make sure your car is right you should always insist on a JEVIC www.jevic.com The Brokers like to tell everyone the average or last sale price but for some reason exclude all these other charges in the fees. Then the vehicle has to come to Australia, shipping is paid in US Dollars and on arrival Australian Border Protection and AQIS then have a go at adding some more cost. They work on GST and Import Duty conversion from YEN to AUD on the day rate of arrival which could be more or less than your original purchase value. Australian port fees, GST, Duty are as follows: CUSTOMS ENTRY CHARGE 2062.45 R (The GST and and import duty to be paid on shipping, vehicle, Japanese fees, and all invoiced amounts to ship to Australia) FREIGHT 1135.35 F (for the cost of a Cube ex Japan, larger cars ad more cost) FREIGHT EX WORKS JAPAN 170.58 F (Local freight Japan) PORT CHARGES 146.02 G (Australian port fee) SEA CARGO AUTOMATION 45.00 G (shipping company fees) DELIVERY ORDER FEE 65.00 G (Customs agent fee) QUARANTINE FEES 140.00 F (AQIS government fee) QUARANTINE ATTENDANCE 83.50 G (AQIS inspection) AGENCY ATTENDANCE 125.00 G (Custom clearance agent) CARTAGE 95.00 G (transport off dock in australia) Total cost for importation for a 2011 Nissan Cube $4123.85 plus purchase price of Cube $11304 = $15427.85 before its even complied, reconditioned, registered. DON'T LET BROKERS CON YOU, there are more fees again on top of this check with the people who actually comply vehicles, and who have vehicles for Sale in Australia. BROKERS, BACKYARD WORKSHOPS and some DEALERS, JUST DON'T GIVE YOU ALL THE FACTS. http://smilejv.com/auc_howitworks.php I have attached import calculator to this post with all the cost, excludes registration, stamp duty, workshop repairs. It only covers the importation of the vehicle and ADR compliance, NAV changeover if applicable, Tyres. All imports need to have NEW Tyres that carry a E Mark. Don't fall for the old they are ok, they are not legal in Australia. Also all Imports no matter which state they are complied in MUST HAVE A CURRENT ROADWORTHY completed by the RAWS workshop doing the compliance and supplied to the buyer. This will make sure the vehicle meets both FEDERAL and STATE of registration standards. Want to know more email me at [email protected] USE the calculator below and I have attached an invoice for the above example. IMPORT Calculator JAP USA March17.xlsx Invoice for shipping.pdf
  3. Try platinum import garage they do loan cars etc and carry parts in stock. 135052 ask for peter
  4. Platinum Import Garage


    Some of our Skylines we have ready and waiting. All available with working Satellite Navigation
  5. These guys are in Russia and apparently can change the HDD in Skyline and J50 etc, the contact is Alex, I have emailed him to see if they can help us out down under, if you need to maybe shot him an email and see if he will or can as to date I have not had a reply. Saint Petersburg Contact:Alex Location:St. Petersburg, ul.Zubkovskaya house 1 E-mail:[email protected] Skype:s7alois, Tel .:+7(962)686-0739, +7(964)397-0189 Solutions for Nissan 2006-2010 model years with navigation on the HDD for the Japanese market. (St. Petersburg)Many car owners with the release date from 2006 to 2010 come to us with the question of what can be done to my car or better compared with what the manufacturer suggests ?? We have compiled a list of typical services for the following Nissan models for the following cars Nissan c System 06IT (HDD) exclusively for the Japanese market: X-trail, Teana, Murano, Cube, Bluebird Sylphy (JP), Cima, Dualis, Elgrand, Fairlady Z, Fuga , GT-R, Juke (JP), Lafesta, Latio, Leaf (JP), March (JP), Note (JP), Presage, Serena, Skyline, Skyline Crossover, Skyline GT-R, Tiida (JP), Tiida Latio (JP), Wingroad. WANT immediately noted that the staffing MULTIMEDIA DATA EQUIPMENT INSTALLED ON CARS are extremely fragile.APPEAL TO US WEEKLY customers with PROSBOY REPAIR OR USUALLY recovered after "unauthorized repair" navigation unit. We strongly recommend not to trust the repairs of accidental MASTRERSKIM and master with low skills. Here is a list of basic services on an exclusive order of demand, according to requests via our website: - Complete replacement of standard equipment EQUIPMENT FOR THE YEAR 2012-2014 c drive HDD (replacement monitor head unit wiring. Coherence buttons on the steering wheel and instrument panel). At the exit you will get an excellent factory system, which will support all the old features and add new ones. The report and video from such work ( )- Unlock video in motion. The service provides the ability to stream video on the move. - Flashing on European radio broadcasting frequencies. - Russification panel dashboard. - Installation of digital TV tuner DVB T2 c function media player (would play any video / audio files on a regular device). The tuner allows you to view the top 20 channels in perfect digital quality broadcasts at speeds up to 40 km / h. - Connect the camera to the front view head unit. - Connection and output video images from video-logger or with tire pressure sensors on a regular monitor Nissan. - Increase hard disk c 40 GB and 60 / 80GB. - Repair of standard equipment. We are ready to repair any standard equipment. We regularly bring "recessed" equipment or entire vehicles.
  6. We have some beautiful Skylines that have arrived today

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