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  1. will this affect the tune of the car at all ? is it possible still to drive to a tuner! if i install it myself ? thanks dave
  2. I've been having an issue, with my r33 gtst where ive been driving normally or even sitting at a set of lights and my car would start to lose all power/revs would drop andmy car would turn off! i hear alot of boost being dumped mean while! and alot of black smoke comes out! ive been told my tps sensor might be playing up, could anyone help ?
  3. alot of trash people on this site zz
  4. to all on this topic, i read what you guys have to say, just not a fan of replying sorry!
  5. looking for a forward facing plenum for my r33 gtst, has to be in chrome or alloy, show details,what throttler body needed etc etc
  6. i found a gt35/82r highmount kit for $1000 to suit an rb25 please ttell me some information about this asap
  7. Looking for new or good condition leather Nismo shift knob! To suit my R33 GTST Attachment is an example of what im looking for! Thanks David!
  8. hey man brought it of a private dealer, he had a modify rail which wont be ADR proved thanks anyway
  9. Hey guys, i've just purchased a set of bride low max's, for my R33 GTST! just wondering if anyone has them for sale? or where would the best place to buy them ? (sydney)
  10. twin plate or higher is always your best option!
  11. hey guys, im looking at upgrading my turbo on my r33 gtst, just wondering how much boost standard rb25 will hold and is it worth upgrading it on stock internals ? thanks
  12. hey man i have the same idea for my r33 gtst, keen on what it looks like before i do it
  13. hey marko, keen on the wheels but how can i tell if the offset will fit on my r33 gtst ?| and im from nsw so what arrangement can we make ?
  14. please display a picture of te37 with that offset as im not too sure on what it is
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