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  1. joe89

    Great information, what about spool ? U can post some dyno's
  2. Hi there 😊 Anyone have experience with Garrett GTW turbo's? I'm going to buy GTW3684R with 0.70 T4 divided exhaust side. Hope it will spool like GT3582R with 0.84 T4 divided and make at least 50 horsepower more?
  3. That's nice hint 😂 Actually engine build power till 8200, 8500 is safe without upgraded valve springs and retainers?
  4. Hi there! I have GTX35 + CP Pistons + Bridgeway H-Beam rods + Nitto oil pump + HKS 264 8.7mm + Cometic 1.3mm head gasket + ARP head + rods stud + Harmonic balancer Ross Tuffbond. Head is stock just that cams. What is the highest safe revlimit on that setup for street car?
  5. What's the safe boost level for 8374 and 2.6 capacity till 8200? I don't have speed sensor
  6. I get it I have 8375 .92 T4 divided in my forged Rb26 and HKS 264 cams on fuel pump ,and it's a bit laggy i running 21psi it's street fast car but it push hard after 4300. My power goal with ~2.6l capacity is 420rwkw on fuel pump 98 till 8200 rpms, 8374 with hotside .92 is the best way for fast daily car with 420rwkw? The little problem is that hotside is huge and i have little space One page ago i read 7670 is for max 375rwkw, with 1.05 hot side also? But also it's information the compressor is for 640hp so maybe with 1.05 it can make that close 400rwkw in 2.6l?
  7. Wow nice, how much it can be? 200?500? +-
  8. Guys short question: will EFR 8374 .92 spool faster than 8375 .92?
  9. What u mean? I trying to find some information but the most is problem with stock old oem pump or crank. I have crank in mint condition and new pump. Numbers are from external gauge, on internal it shows in half way 2-4b on 100% TPS till rev limit. It look like: full throttle: at 6000 3b, 6200 3.2b, 6500 - 2.6b, 6800 - 2.9b, 8000 - 2.2b and 8200 2.5b half or low throttle 4000 - 5.8b, 6000 6.2b hot idle 1000 - 1.7-1.9b cold engine 1000 7-8b
  10. Problem with oil pressure RB26. Hi, I have problem with oil pressure, engine is forged, dont take oil, no leaks and i have Nitto oil pump. When i start engine it have 7-8b on 1000rpm, when oil is hot i have 1.7-1.9b at 1000rpm, normal driving (3000-6000) 5-6b and when i go WOT [from 4000 to 8200] it drop to 2.2-2.8b and when i press light acceleration pedal it again hold 5-6b ... wtf? I have fresh Motul 300v 15w50 with K&N Oil filter.
  11. - What is the deck height? - stock - How thick is your head gasket? - 1.3mm - Are your pistons valve relieved? - yes - Have you decked the head? - no My rods are Bridgeway H-Beam and pistons CP. Yes i have baby cams They are step 1 Soo +6 should be fine, and exhaust side -4/-5 too? In 2JZ my friend have intake +7 and exhaust -5 and have amazing spool and good top end. I wanna try to set my cams on the dyno and watch what's happening So i won't exceed +6 on the intake and what's with exhaust? Same, but in minus right?