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  1. if this guy is in perth why doesnt someone from perth go to meet him and give him the shape of the buttons exactly.. and then he can sell them as a perfect overlay. i dont have a v35 otherwise i would have already volunteered
  2. agreed. i did the same.. drove to freo, couldn't see squat drove home drove to workshop once the car arrived for compliance.
  3. i use EBC reds on the front and they are excellent, anything more and the rotors are going to suffer
  4. the rear bar looks like the one for sale from autoworx.com.au
  5. They complied my R34 without issues at all and quick too thumbs up
  6. oi someone was supposed to contact me biatch
  7. howie are you watching the thread while thinking about buying a V35.... thats why i am always lurking Frank.. TOP effort.
  8. lately i have heard more and more reports about 101 being great with NO HESITATION or the dreaded ....They were great...BUT
  9. I would like to say that whilst the R34 one is different. I ripped all my stuff out after testing the front audio and video input on the xanavi satnav in the R34. it worked for the laptop when switched to NTSC. then i got told there is nothing else i can do. I ripped it all out. looked in the boot when i finally got to the sub install and the fricken tv tuner part ALSO had an AUXinput. a fricken HTPC in there would have worked out great guns. I am hoping if the V35 has something similar which it sounds like from IT doctors post.. then there is certainly some scope for it all.
  10. mate of mine did a sunroof on his R33 SII a while back. $1400 only problem he ever had was the closing switch got stuck once and drained his battery overnight. thats prettymuch it. no leaks etc.. the place in perth deal with holdens/ford new ones and this is the kit they install in those cars, apparently.. well this is when VX's were everywhere or was it VT's So i do not think its a big deal if they are offering a warranty.
  11. that is frustrating.. is it the same for 05 V35's compared to 04,03,02 ones
  12. this is the part i dont get.... what chance do you have to get into a dealer and just ask for a 10K reduction anyone have any luck with this tactic, when they were serious about buying
  13. I would just like to say that RIANTO, is a legend. Those red stuffs... are fantastico and they seem to be the equavalent to the 2500's everyone gets greenstuffs and then says 2500's are better.
  14. Love your style unique this is exactly how i ended up at this point. I have seen a smicko wagon A4 Quattro Turbo S line.. a car i got a hankering for when i went to europe. I have been with nissans for years now.. so the v35 is the natural progression. It good to hear people say it is a step up from experience, because when i got the 34 over the 33, i could also say there was step up...BUT...the 33 seemed more wild...I can say i am over the wildside.. so if the 35 is as powerful as claimed, then the bug might be quelled a little..mod bug that is i have spent a bit of time on the american g35 forums... supercharger kits run rampant.. so i guess thats an option. For now I would like a 6 speed. Car dealer in Perth, has my name, was supposed to call me so I can test drive a manual... *cough*cough* NO PHONECALLS.. Its been a while. I will give them a call and ask whats up. I really wanna test drive one, to know if I can live with it... and from what all of you have said.. there is NO turning back. Appreciate all the responses. and also to "R34" if you are reading this....thanks for the PM. If anyone in perth reads this, and recalls a dark blue R34 tailing them through maylands sorta area late on a saturday night... that was me... taking rubbernecking to a whole new level.. I was like..press the brakes....ooooh...aaaah....
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