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  1. going to put air intake & exhaust on the car & just want a flash tune to get the delimet off & get better it driving better
  2. all im being told is it not worth doing as its a auto.
  3. Right info is hard to find here in the uk for tunning the v36 370 gt auto what have you guys done
  4. Hi im looking at getting a catch can for the v36 370gt but can't fine any brackets to fit 2 catch cans. can anyone help
  5. Hi guys and girls I picked up my need v36 back in January & loving it it's my 3rd skyline.
  6. that is something we dont have a lot here in the uk is m35's wreck's
  7. there are done on ebay uk. yeah have glass cover. but there have been a few cars break ins around wear i live
  8. how easy is it to get a rear tailgate glass for the m35? can you still get them from nissan
  9. yeah chris posted up that he just got one & is happy with it
  10. how much is one shipped to the uk?
  11. stagea alan

    Itsrom ecu

    Itsrom ecu after having a highflow turbo fitted last year now looking at the itsrom ecu. now as im in the uk is it worth getting. the mods i have is a uk made highflow turbo & exhaust
  12. Twin Turbo m35 Has anyone done a twin turbo set up & got it running on a m35?
  13. New exhaust needed looks like its time for a new exhaust for the nm35 but which one should i get? or any good used ones about that can ship to the uk
  14. take it they will fit a nm35 stagea
  15. how much you looking for the kit?
  16. tie rod ends looking for adjustable tie rod ends for my nm35 as when i lower it i get bad bumpsteer. what are you guys using to sort this out
  17. stagea alan


    bumpsteer just put bc's on my nm35 lowered it to where i was happy but now getting bad bumpsteer so rased it back up but now unhappy with the look. now can i get anti bumpsteer balljoints or tie rodends for the nm35
  18. Braided front brake pipes What Braided brake pipes are you using on your nm35? what other nissan brake lines fit the nm35
  19. its easyer to get hold of the 350z caliper then the gtt over here in the uk so do the 350z fit the nm35
  20. Brake Caliper nm35 Im starting to look into changing my calipers on my nm35 for some better one's. I have read that the 34 gtt & 350z brembo fit which is the best to fit for better stopping power?
  21. yeah it had a aftermarket hu & satnav
  22. aerial removel m35 looking at changing the stock roof aerial on my nm35 has anyone done this before? what did you put on.
  23. well i got my nm35 back from my mates garage after about 10 weeks. it now has the first uk built highflow turbo fitted & some new bc's coilovers fitted. as it was in the garage my rad got a leak in the fillerneck so had to get one from a nice lad on here. & tomorrow im off wheel shopping.
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