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  1. 1994 R32 GTR Engine: HKS 2.8 stroker step 1 86.5mm ATI 1000hp balancer Platinum Racing rb26 brace Garage101 extended sump N1 water pump Nitto oil pump Head: Kelford Cams 274in/274exh 10.55mm (182-S) Kelford Cams CNC’d ported head +1mm oversized valves Kelford Cams beehive springs Kelford Cams titanium retainers HKS Cam gears Nitto 1.2mm headgasket ARP ca625+ headstuds Nitto gaskets inlet/exhaust Spool head drain Hi octane direct cam baffles Turbo/manifold: 6boost vband manifold Turbosmart progate 50mm wastegate 4” dump pipe to 3.5” system AES resonator and muffler Garrett GTX3584RS 1.01 rear Fuel system: Bosch 1650cc injectors Turbosmart fpr 1200 Frenchys performance garage twin intank Walbro 460 fuel pumps x2 -6 feed speedflow 200 series hose -6 return speedflow 200 series hose Ignition: Platinum Racing r35 coil kit Platinum Racing trigger kit NGK Copper spark plugs made 472hp on BP98 18psi by 4500 Will be going e85 when I sort out my getrag and will turn it up. trying to figure out why it nosed over up top IMG_5952.MOV
  2. Selling a 6boost T4 divided manifold to suit a rb26 and 50mm wastegate. $1000 ono
  3. ATI 1000hp balancer should be running in the next couple of months
  4. I’m looking at getting a new intercooler and stuck between the 76mm & 100mm plazamaman. I’m only aiming for 750-800+hp? I thought I would go 100mm just so I didn’t have to change if I decided to change the hot side
  5. Wish I could but I’ll back up at work
  6. i already had a 3.5" tomei exhaust on the car, 3" dump no cat, cooler, pipe work all came with the turbo. sweet im just chasing info at the mo as ive read this thread a few times over since i put this turbo on. yeah shes still a 2.6 if she goes ill be looking at going 2.7 or 2.8. i know she'll get leaned on abit on a stock motor to make those numbers but she is my daily driven car and the occasional track/drag day. for the time been 600 would be the most but once built 700 will be my goal
  7. Like i said i got a good deal on it at the time i was about to rebuild my twins and had everything out of the bay. im looking around the 600-700 mark. if my bottom end goes ill rebuild. next size down is a 6466 or even 6266
  8. 94 R32 GTR Precision 6766 BB .82 T3 Tomei poncams type b RB26 Standard bottom end 100mm intercooler http://imgur.com/a0DW4gH made 501 @ 20 psi on 98 full boost around 5k. still gotta do my e85 tune. Im looking at going to something smaller but wouldnt mind getting some ideas off you's guys. i have looked at going to the smaller rear housing .62 i know ill loose top end but yeah just trying to find something more responsive. Don't get me wrong shes fun to drive on the freeway and rolling starts. I got the whole kit off a friend for cheap and he made 620 @ 25 psi on e85 on a stock 26 but he was getting boost around the 5500 mark. have got this turbo up for sale as im gonna be looking at a 6262 or 6062.
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