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  1. Hey guys , just thought id try my luck, does anyone know when forced motorworx opens up again? No info anywhere on pages about when hes on holidays until.. thanks
  2. So got a rb25 in my r32, bottom ends knocking, Wondering if anyone can tell me what exactly it is weather it be a bearing or? Im on a tight budget so i want to try get out of this as cheap as possible with a rebuild.. What do you guys think id be looking at for a rebuild and would a workshop tell me to rebuild the whole thing or just replace whats stuffed?video below thanks BF545CFB-AD35-4E33-8AB7-F0BFB008BC7F.MOV
  3. Got a couple of r32 parts and some other things Apexi dunk megaphone cat back came off my r32 gtst $250 R32 Gtr bonnet damaged, Will take offer for this dont know what its worth Kaaz lsd 3.6 , 6 bolt diff from a s15 $800 R32 vlsd locked diff was clunking at low speeds ( opened it and found 2 loose bolts possibly the issue ) $100 4.1 r200 6 bolt diff tight lsd $250 located south east vic Any other questions contact me on <removed> cheers
  4. Hey guys looking for a 4.1 lsd diff 5 bolt with abs to fit my r32, let me know what you got thanks
  5. Hey all just got a r32 recently, has a rb25det neo motor and gearbox, Misfire is getting worse everyday and im not too experienced with these so not really good as diagnosing the problem. anyway i thought If anyone in victoria wants to give me some help nd possibly help me fix it for cheaper than mechanic prices id appreciate it thanks, hit me up
  6. 1989 skyline r32, black, sunroof, RB25DET Motor and Gearbox, R34 GTT fron calipers and slotted rotors, Return flow front mount intercooler, Kakimoto catback exhaust, Tein adjustable coilovers, R33 Gtr rims, r32 Gtr front bar, alpine head unit, rego till January 2016. Also comes with gtr spoiler and mspec side skirts Car needs to get an engineer certficate, Wont be a hassle since works all done. Looking for around 9,500 Shoot me a call or text on <removed> if genuinely interested thanks. (Msg me for photos as i dont know how to upload )
  7. Hey all as the title says i need a reverse switch for my r32, has a rb25det neo gearbox Shoot me a msg on 0402553546 thanks
  8. hey all ive just bought a r32, When i lock the car with my remote the indicators keep flashing. Ive gone and got the door, boot and bonnet switches checked theyre all fine and they couldnt work out the problem. Anyone know what this could be? Thanks in advance
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