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  1. QE2 Q7 has docked And i think we have 1 silver car too many now...
  2. But you can get pops and crackles added for and extra couple hundy..
  3. So, after saying i was happy with the M35 Stagea and 33 GTST. I've decided to move the Stagea on and am picking up a diesel Audi Q7 as a family back up and weekend getaway vehicle. Wont be anywhere near as fast but way more comfortable and provide a heap more room for the new addition to our family. We recently had another baby girl, the q7 seems like a sensible choice and was awarded with the Fatz stamp of approval for reliability, so I've taken the plunge.
  4. Turbo = Good. Listen to the want.
  5. Not going to try talk you out of it. Please do and start a build thread about it.
  6. admS15

    Back up for sale. Now has reg till 31/10/19. Price is now $6500 with reg and plates, no rwc. 146 700km on the clock. Has just been detailed and will gave fresh engine oil and filter. I will also include a few spare oil filters i have. Some current pics.
  7. The shop that sells them may be in Australia but they're made in some Chinese sweat shop for about $1.50. In summary, they're shit.
  8. Fill from the radiator. The overflow bottle should be above the min mark when cold and below the max mark when hot. Sent from my A1601 using SAU Community mobile app
  9. f**ken hell brah. This is why i don't want to let the Nissan out. Sales guy needs a kick in the arse. Sent from my A1601 using SAU Community mobile app
  10. Well... You said you wanted more response for skid pans. Maybe they heard you and this is they're way of helping you out. When are skid vids of gtx3576 gen2 goodness scheduled?
  11. Works both ways. Designed to let coolant expand and enter the o/flow bottle, then gets sucked back into the rad as the coolant cools down and contracts. This is all a function of the radiator cap.
  12. admS15

    No probs [emoji106]
  13. They will need one of the rear mounting points modified to bolt in as gtsboy mentioned. From memory some minor cutting/extending/welding has to be done. R33 gtst will go straight in. I have a pair in quite good condition here for cheap if you decide to go that way.
  14. Good luck to the fools who pay 6 figures for an R33.