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    Is pcv in or out? Did this only recently start happening after you changed something?
  2. Opened the box up today, Yep, definitely brand new. Nissan ships these filled with oil, fitted with sensors minus the speedo drive, new thrust bearing and fork setup. Unfortunately i wont be using those as i had to convert to push setup. I did that this avo, just had to remove the cover plate behind the thrust bearing and replace it with the 33 one and then fit the 33 thrust bearing and fork. Once that was done, got onto drilling and tapping the holes for the slave to M10 x 1.5. All went well. All done. I organized for my dad to come over tomorrow morning to give me a hand to fit it up. I thought i should set everything up so when he arrives we can get straight into it. I had changed the rear main seal, spigot bush and refitted the flywheel yesterday. I wacked the npc clutch back on today, then put the gearbox onto the jack. I started jacking it to get it up near the engine, everything looked like it was lining up well so i kept going with it. I gave the jack a little nudge forward and to my surprise the gearbox was in place. Couldn't believe how easy it was, took all of 10 minutes. Win. I threw a few bolts in and called it a day. Will finish up tomorrow. Earlier i got a phone call from the shop that sold me the box. They just finished putting one in an r33 and worked out the shifter wouldn't go in because 34's have a smaller bushing. They were nice enough to leave one in their letter box for me and i went and picked it up when I was done. On another note, I've been waiting all week for a pair of rear rotors, the last set developed cracks at Sandown. I get an email saying they've been delivered. Get home, nothing. I spent 45 mins on hold, dumb driver dropped them at wrong address. Great, f**ken fastway. More like slow way.
  3. Thanks Dan, i seriously doubt Nissan still makes the Z32 box but you never know. Yeah I reckon that pic is worthy of being framed. Snip, still in negotiation process. Not sure how i feel about being cut down there.
  4. Thanks guys, the thought of cd009 did cross my mind. Brand new box is similarly priced and 2nd hand can be picked up for reasonable money but i didn't fancy the idea of the changes i would need to make to get it to work. I went with the keep it simple option.
  5. Yellow jackets should be something that only golfers use
  6. This is what the insides of box look like. As you can see, 3rd gear is kaput. Metal fragments and chunks of teeth from 3rd gear went everywhere. So the next option for a replacement that i came across was a supposedly rebuilt box on eBay. When asked the question of what was done in the rebuild, i got a pretty vague answer that it was inspected and only what needed replacing was replaced without telling me what. Was done inhouse by them which are some sort of wrecker. No thanks to option 2. Option 3 is getting mine rebuilt. I saw prices starting at 2k not including any gears or synchros that may need replacing. Yeah, nah. Option 4 Brand new in box r33 gearbox. I had seen an ad up all of last year for a new box for 3k and thought that would be a good option if i ever needed. I rang the shop up enquiring and was told that Nissan has discontinued rb gearboxes and they sold they're last one last week and couldn't get any more. Fuarkk. They then said they may be able to get me an r34 box, i got a call a couple days later saying they had got one for me. Problem solved. Id rather pay 3k on a brand spanker in the box than some unknown 2nd hander or pot luck rebuild thats probably got chinese bearings in it. Box received today Just got to change the front plate over on it and drill and tap a couple of holes for the slave cylinder and it will go straight in. Not looking forward to trying to fit it in my driveway but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Rear main and spigot where replaced today. Couldn't get a thrust bearing today as the npc clutch uses a Datsun 120y bearing but I'm getting one brought in tomorrow. The npc clutch is still in good shape, so thats going back in as is. I did end up getting some pics from the track day from John at track side action photography who posts them on farcebook. Here's a couple. Will post more later.
  7. Been a while, time for an update. Didn't do any track days for a while due to welcoming a 2nd baby girl into the world. Decided a couple of weeks ago it was time to get out there again. Settled on a Sandown event, was on at the right time and close to home just in case anything went wrong (good decision that was). I went easy in the first session as it's been a while since I've been at Sandown and i wasn't really feeling it plus tyres where pretty shagged. I knew i wouldn't be setting any pb's, main aim was to have a bit of fun. Car seemed to be running good, top speed was down a bit, probably due to warmer weather and less boost. Second session i started getting with it and pushing a bit, managed to get into the 25's. Was happy with that. Third session decided to have a crack and on lap 2 disaster struck. I was at the top of 3rd gear about to get off the gas and hit the brakes when all of a sudden i heard horrible noises and felt bad vibration, I thought i blew a tyre. Limped it back to the pits making shocking crunching banging noises. Turns out gearbox lost it's will to survive, 3rd gear kamikaze'd itself. I packed all my gear and drove it home. Was carrying on like a bucket of bolts but it got me there. Spent the rest of the afternoon removing the gearbox. Wasn't too difficult to get out but i know it's going to make my life difficult once its time to put it back in. So now the search for another box was on. I rang around to a few wreckers and replied to some gumtree and ebay ads. Are these guys on drugs or something, most wreckers are asking around $1800 for a second hand 20+ year old gearbox which has copped who knows what sort if abuse. No thanks To be continued...
  8. Ahh, i understand. I'm in the process of replacing a blown box in my r33. I couldn't get a new 33 box as they've been discontinued but i was able to get a brand new r34 box which im going to convert from pull to push by changing the front cover/bell housing from my 33 box over. That way I don't have to drill anything or buy any additional parts.
  9. You going from pull to push? Why? I took a similar pic earlier this week.
  10. Put it back in and i reckon your overfilling the catch can will go away. I run just a basic catch can setup, pcv remains fitted. Hose from rocker covers goes to can and then from can to intake. Works well and never fills even after whole track days. The only time its filled the can is if ive overfilled the engine oil too much.
  11. admS15

    Slap for PM. Have you considered a career in politics?
  12. Yep, except an s15 can make 200rwkw tuned and around 220rwkw on e85.
  13. I remember forgetting the handbrake on and driving for half an hour in my dads vc commodore back in the days when i was a p plater. Only realised when i hopped out of the car and there was smoke coming out of the back wheels. This happened on several occasions, handbrake still worked fine and shoes still looked good when checked some time later. I doubt your handbrake shoes copped anything like that so they should be fine but if you wanna change them, go ahead. Yoy just reminded me of that whole experience with the good old vc.
  14. Jdm makes 184kw@fly. Adm makes 147kw@fly. As noted above Jdm has more timing advance. Jdm has digital climate control, adm is analogue. The Jdm's imported where the pre Adm years so i think that was 99 and maybe early 2000. I wouldn't worry about which one, just buy the best condition example you find. Personally i favour the Adm version as there is less chance of the odometer being wound back and less chance of rust due to climate conditions. They are things to definitely check for on either model.
  15. admS15

    After a gearbox in good operating condition. Melbourne and surrounding suburbs preferred but will travel if need be. PM me if you have a good box your willing to part with. Thanks Bill
  16. Race and road legal are 2 words that rarely go together. Even if you got an ADR approved seat, i dont believe there is such a thing as ADR approved rails. You would have to get them specifically made and then approved by an engineer. That is why GTR seats are such a popular upgrade.
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    Knock the guts out
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    Ok, i see. Next question is why you would want to get high flow cats for a vq25dd? They are unlikely to make a big noticeable difference. High $ for low gain. Doesn't really make much sense to me. Personally i would leave the stock ones in there.
  19. admS15

    2003 nm35, is it a vq25det? If yes, the cat is built into the dump pipe on the back of the turbo. Very few aftermarket options. Scotty's customs used to make his own, not sure if he still does it. Am performance in SA is another one. Pnm35 is a vq35 and the cats you are talking about in your original post may fit.
  20. admS15

    Same here for the last week or 2 on Android app. Have also been getting an email saying my account has been locked due to incorrect log in attempts originating from ivanhoe vic. This seems to happen every time i browse sau via Tapatalk.
  21. Don't wanna sound like a smart arse but i used to have a bride knock off. A couple of the welds snapped so i took it apart to get it welded back up. What i found was pretty shocking. When they where originally being welded in the factory, they must have had the welder turned up too much and it burnt holes through the metal. Instead of chucking that piece of metal out and starting again, they just welded it around the holes. There was around 3 sections like that with 6 burn holes all up. There was no way that thing would remain in 1 piece in a crash. That seat was promptly removed and replaced with a gtr seat and then a sparco pro 2000. The bride rep was sold cheap to a guy who used it in his simulator setup. To op, for aftermarket seats, a couple cheap options are the autotechnica range, entry level sparco and omp seats. The racetech mentioned above are great but a little more $, Cobra seats are also very good but also more $.