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  1. Probably better off trying the redline mt90 and add some nulon smooth shift. If it's still no good, then the only ither options are a rebuild or replacement gearbox.
  2. The bigger question is, does it dose?
  3. To achieve max bogan spec, you need to post skid vid of donuts with shazza hanging her tits out of passenger window while downing a VB. Then and only then will you be able to claim that title.
  4. I would like to update my advice to LTA, this is what the cool kids are now doing.
  5. Looking at the video, there's a chunk of time to be had between braking into turn 1 and leaving turn 4. Rest of the lap seemed reasonable. Properly working brakes will help. Last time i went to Sandown, i had a box with 5 sets of half worn rear brake pads. All of them looked like yours by the end of the day and cracked rotors to top it off.
  6. Filled my daily mini cooper s with 98 last week for 98c per litre. 50 litres will last me a month. Just saying 😉 Unfortunately, the 140 odd litres of e85 i bought the other day will be consumed in the matter of a few hours.
  7. That does sound like something that would happen to you. Hey, at least it all worked out and nothing was broken or burnt to the ground. On an unrelated note, we where talking about e85 prices in another thread. Yesterday i went to fill up for the first time in ages, i had stopped at united Moorabbin on my way to work $1:69.9 didn't fill, went to Braeside united after work $1:39.9 Yes please, filled tank and 5 jerry's for upcoming track day. So yep Braeside, near Moorabbin airport is the place to fill up.
  8. Looks like you've been Gregging it again. Lol.
  9. I'll add to your humblebrag, my own vanilla rb25 tested at 175psi across the board (warm) when i purchased the car 5-6 years ago on a accurate comp tester with a similar story. Engine was totally stock, stock boost. 60k kms on a Nismo cluster, so probably 200k kms. 5-6 years later of 310rwkw and over 30 track days, a couple of smashed gearboxes, a dead turbo and many many sets of tyres and brake pads. The engine recently comp tested at 160-165psi (cold) on the same gauge. I suspect that would increase a few psi at operating temp. And they say rb's are weak. End humblebrag. Now that I've said that, I'll start researching rebuilds as the inevitable will likely happen very soon.
  10. Pretty sure Tao tested this and the results weren't great. Not sure if any better than the blitz but pretty sure he concluded it was a waste of money. Maybe, Tao can answer better @hypergear
  11. Or just close the window. On a more serious note. May be worth checking if the boot seal is in good condition and sealing. I once had a car that had a crappy boot seal and what would happen while idleing at traffic lights, some of the exhaust gas would travel up past the seal and fill the boot with fumes. It wasn't a problem until you opened a window inside the car which would create a vacuum and suck the fumes into the cabin. Took me a long time to work out what was going on.
  12. In Australia the tried and tested brand is venom cat converters. The biggest body one you can fit will flow the best. Much cheaper than that Apexi one you linked.
  13. Also don't forget the nos, 2 of the big ones. The ford boys will be frothing. I love a good moo mang and this sounds like it's gonna be awesome and drop epic sick skids. Please upload skid vids when done. We love skids around here.
  14. Samsonas brah, you know you should. Bakemono you should too 😉
  15. @Kinkstaah i usually fill up at the United in Braeside near the airport. Usually a fair bit cheaper than the others. Although, i haven't been there in a while. If you're ever cruising through there, it's worth a stop.
  16. Add 20psi, actually make it 23 to make up for the lost comp. Seriously, run 18-20 whatever it's happy on and enjoy. Should provide you with plenty of smiles.
  17. I had a vt2 ss manual many many moons ago. Had pacemaker tri y headers, dual 2.5 inch exhaust, gts 300 intake pipe with modded airbox, exedy clutch and maffless tune. Made 218rwkw on a dyno dynamics dyno on 95 ron fuel. Went very well. Interested to see what this does, 210-220 sounds about right.
  18. could be stuck rings like gts boy said. Get a can of that seafoam stuff or Subaru upper engine cleaner. Take plugs out and chuck around 20 ml in each cylinder and let it sit overnight. Then follow directions on the can. Ive heard of guys running it through the fuel tank and oil for a bit before a flush. Worth a crack i reckon. Otherwise just send it as already advised.
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