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    Turbos are good mufflers
  2. admS15

    Ive bent pressure plate fingers and shattered clutch plate, apparently 7k rpm 2nd gear clutch dumps where a bit too much. This was on a 13B rotary back in the day. It rained clutch plate when i unbolted the pressure plate.
  3. admS15

    Happy to report the speed issues i was experiencing are a thing of the past. Thanks @PranK for working your magic. It's gone from tortoise speed to skyline speed
  4. admS15

    No probs, im on mobile app atm and it seems to be faster than before, ill let you know how the pc goes when i get a chance to use it [emoji106]
  5. admS15

    The speed issues im having are mostly when using pc. Mobile app isn't lightning either but is ok. When on pc in the bottom left corner i get waiting for and then waiting for google ad services and after about a minute the next page will actually load. I have held off in saying anything till now in the hope it will resolve itself but that hasn't happened. Cheers Bill
  6. See above post, forgot to quote.
  7. Dont agree with the way op has gone about this but i have been experiencing issues when using the site on pc. Tried different browsers, different pc's, still extremely slow. Think dial up speed slow. Ive taken to surfing other sites while i wait for loading or just using the mobile app.
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    You could just swap the op6 housing for a 21u housing, will be all in full boost at around 3500rpm and only lose 15-20kw. Another option, upgrade the bearings in the turbo to ceramic ball bearing. Both of these options will be relatively cheap and make a reasonable improvement. Otherwise a gtx3076 gen2 on a 6 boost will sound tits. Wouldn't bother with the cams, not required.
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    C'mon guys, he said be kind. You could probably leagally tow a Datsun 1600 or Mazda rx2, maybe depending on trailer weight
  10. admS15

    All very good points. If your buddy knows what he's doing and sticks to the recommended clearances, shouldn't really be an issue but i see where you're coming from and for the sake of an extra K or 2, may be better to just pay up. If you decide to use a workshop, ideally you would want one with ample sr20 experience. Not sure if you have a local sr expert up there. There's a couple of shops here in Melbourne that pretty much specialize in them. Rob from Sabbadin automotive and Donny from forced motorworx both come to mind as SR gurus and have built that many they could probably do it with their eyes closed. They're the sort of guys id be considering if it was my engine. Food for thought, im sure you'll work it out by the time the rest of the parts turn up.
  11. admS15

    It begins. So, did you decide on an engine builder?
  12. G'day peeps, My name is Bill, I've recently acquired a series 2 96 R33 gtst. A quick intro about myself, I started off vehicle ownership with an RX4 coupe back in the mid 90's, built and modded it to a respectable 135rwkw in n/a form, was pretty quick and p plate legal. Drove that for around 5 years, also had an RX2 coupe I was building at the same time that was never finished. In the early 2000's I was moving homes to somewhere that didn't have much garage space so I sold off all the rotaries and bits and pieces I had. I then thought I would be responsible and drive a normal looking car, so I bought a vtss ls1 6spd commodore. Did some minor mods to it, zorst, intake, wheels, low, and remap. Drove that for over a decade and finally came to my senses and decided to buy another japper. I was initially looking into RX8's but quickly realised the engines where rubbish. I started to think about what else I could get that was rwd and decently powered and settled for a 2001 adm S15 200sx. I did the usual mods one does and ended up with a decently quick 218rwkw street/track car. Did a few track days and was having a blast. I wanted to do a phillip island day so I joined SAU and did the June 14 track day. It was going well and managed to do a 1.58 in my second session. Car had a few more seconds in it easy. I missed the 3rd session as I was gas bagging with others and lost track of what was going on. I went out in the 4th session and tried to go a bit too hard, too early at the end of the first lap and ended up going off on the inside of turn 12 and slamming the flag marshalls tyre barrier. This was the end of the S15. The S15 was then stripped and sold off. With the proceeds I was able to buy and mod my new ride which is a clean R33 GTST. It was mechanically 100% stock other than coilovers and nismo cat back but the previous owner liked cosmetics and did a fair bit to the body. Photos coming.
  13. Yep, lucky i was able to react quick enough while the front wheels where still on asphalt and get it to go the other way. There was a sigh of relief as i was staring straight at the armco that i would have been getting the repair bill for. Arse end couldn't have missed by much either, judging by the rear tyre marks on the grass that can be seen when the car is facing backwards. #thankyougod
  14. Reviewing the race chrono data, i could have theoretically done a 1:23.27 with the best sectors put together. It also seems that using 4th gear was a little slower. I was getting to a top speed of 140 before braking and when using 3rd up to 145. With more practice it may or may not work out. I dont think there is much in it and ill just decide next time im at Sandown what I'll do. Race chrono data. The 1:23.9 lap is recorded as 1:24.13 on RC. Dont really know what was more accurate as the official timing wasn't done with dorians. Im assuming stop watches. Lol. Overall, im happy with the times for yesterday considering age of the tyres and condition of the track, there was kitty litter debris all over the place. There was also a Saturday track day and obviously quite a few cars had off track excursions. Data from lap with 3rd gear turn 1.
  15. Went to Sandown today, was a glorious day for it. Unfortunately no PB, got within .3 of a second. The day got off to a very slow start, like 10 30 am slow. This has become a commom theme lately. Stopped for lunch at 1pm and i had only done 1 session. Unbelievable, only 45 cars, 4 groups and just managed to get 4 sessions in as they combined the last session with slow and fast cars. Not a smooth day, thats for sure. On to the positive stuff, the new seat was fantastic and i didn't have to worry about getting thrown around or my knee hitting my door card, the splitter didn't snap or go flying off. It seemed to do what it's meant to and the car felt like it had a fair bit more front grip, i got a bit too confident and pushed a bit too much until i found the limit, had a bit of an off, thankfully the car and splitter survived. The fist session showed promise with a 1.24.1 just .5 off my pb with unset tyre pressures and heavy fuel load, the second session yielded a 1.23.9, that was as good as it got. The splitter definitely made a difference but the tyres aren't in good enough shape to provide better times. This was also the first time at Sandown with the 4.3 diff, it worked a treat, all the slow corners where taken in 3rd gear and turn 1 in 4th for most of the day. Im not sure if it was quicker or slower, i think if the corner entry is spot on with enough speed, 4th works out better, will have to review race chrono data. Some video Got a bit greedy here Will try and get some race chrono data up later as its on my spare phone still in the car. Cheers.
  16. 10 points Dan. Replaced it with a freshly clean spare and problem solved. The hissing was obviously a by product of the valve not working. Happily idling at 800rpm now with a stable afr.
  17. Yeah the seat is good, only complaint is the gym routine to get in and out of it. Im using a small pillow to reduce the depth my butt has to lower itself into. Otherwise perfectly comfortable and easy to live with. More comfy than the S3 R33 GTR seat it replaced.
  18. I feel like im gonna need it. Im wondering, because it's a vacuum leak and not a boost leak if it will be an issue under boost and if it will cause grief if ignored.
  19. Not yet, will try it. I have a spare one but there is a hissing sound i can hear from the pcv area and hiss stops and idle lowers when pcv is blocked. A boost leak test didn't show up anything. Will do some hunting around tomorrow.
  20. Thanks Dan, booked in for Sandown on Sunday. Typically as soon as i booked, my car developed some sort of vacuum leak creating a high idle. Possibly pcv, hopefully i can get it sorted in time. Damn Nissan's.
  21. admS15

    They're still a good thing but for the price you'll pay for one even second hand you can get something heaps better. There is an adaptronic plug in ecu in the sau classifieds right now for $800. Doesn't require a maf sensor, does boost control and a heap of other stuff you can utilize in the future. @Dose Pipe Sutututu is the seller.
  22. admS15

    Does your car have a dimming switch to turn the brightness of the cluster up and down? If yes, when they fail they usually cause the problem you describe.
  23. Also whiteline