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  1. You're still not getting it m8. You need to stop running that shitty e85, toss the emtron in the bin and upgrade to a syvecs and rice racing water injection kit tuned by the rice master himself. Then and only then will u truly understand what quick is m8.
  2. Yes you can and correct about the about the speedo being out. There is a way to adjust the speed, from memory it involves soldering and de soldering certain pins on the chip behind the speedo. Google can provide more info.
  3. Rob at Sabaddin automotive in Mulgrave if you want a Nissan import expert that caters for anything you could ever need. For more general servicing i use and trust Ian Park motors in Keysborough. Old school and honest bloke who knows his stuff. Not an import specialist but you don't really need to be for a run of the mill service. Google them for address and contact details. Try some injector cleaner and fresh 98 fuel for the jerky acceleration.
  4. Houses are over rated, Skyline's are where it's at.
  5. Every bank knows the exceptional investment that a skyline is in this day and age. Any bank that doesn't throw the money at you is crazy.
  6. Nice, that should solve the problem. Where was that sourced from?
  7. All of this. You will need intercooler and larger injectors. Add e85 for around 300rwkw
  8. Some hellis may help with further diagnosis 😉
  9. Please upload skid vids so we can confirm smoke is only from tyres and not engine 😁
  10. I see no problem here for an engine with 250k + the unknown jap windback kms. Unless it's not performing right or blowing huge clouds of smoke, just turn up the boost and send it.
  11. ECU's are boring. Coke and hookers are where it's at. @Dose Pipe Sutututu can probably hook you up with plazmaman stuff and other parts you may need as well as advice. Pretty sure he had 370rwkw with stock in/ex manifolds.
  12. Power fc Keep it and spend the money burning a hole in your pocket on hookers and cocaine. Lifelong memories right there. You're welcome 😉
  13. I don't think so as the value has risen due to market conditions and they know this. When i originally took a policy with them and wanted to be insured for a higher value, they just asked for lots of info and photos to assess the state and condition of the car. They agreed without any argument.
  14. OR Choose your poison, then flog on marketplace/scumtree. Always looked after, never thrashed or raced, only selling due to upgrading to billet block. Blah blah blah, i know what I've got..
  15. A bloke on another forum I'm a member of reckons he made a claim with enthusiasts and has no complaints with the service. Unfortunately I don't have any more details. Im happy with them so far. I pay $75 a month to cover my R33 @ 19k and my Mini Cooper S @ 9.5k. That is for 5k km with the Mini and 3k km per year with the 33. That works for me as i hardly drive the skyline any more and the Mini is used to drive to work and back. Coming up to renewal time soon, will have to up the value of the 33. We'll see what happens with the price.
  16. V35 skyline and z33 350z also had brembos with 14mm bolts. These type of brembo are almost the same as r33 but use a rotor with a different hat height.
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