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    Thats good to know. For decent power genuine is the only way to go.
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    Guys, just make sure whatever coils you settle on that they're genuine. There's been quite a few reports that the yaris coils supplied by golebys aren't genuine Toyota. Im sure its been talked about on Sau before.
  3. Barra 530nm + @ 2000rpm RB26 <200nm @ 2000 rpm The RB does sing a beautiful song though
  4. Just run it on united e10 (95 octane) just dont go ringing its neck everywhere and understand that it wont run as crisp as the ecu will most probably start retarding the timing. Otherwise buy yourself a commodore, feed it 91 and thrash its tits off [emoji3]
  5. disconnect wastegate and check flapper operation on turbo housing. If it doesn't open and close smoothly by hand, could possibly be the issue. Would be a good place to start anyways.
  6. There's a guy who's cracked the vq25det m35 stagea ecu. Google ITS rom. I know he advertises on ebay, Facebook and is a member on SAU. Cant remember his user name but if you can track him down, would be worth asking him the question and seeing if there's anything he can do for you. Removing a speed limiter should be childs play for him if he can communicate with your ecu.
  7. Do you have a wide band at least? If not, will be a very wise investment.
  8. My shitbox also has a horrendous alarm install. Previous owner paid over $1500 for it, looks like a 1 handed monkey installed it from what i've seen. Surprisingly over 10 years later the place that fitted it is still around.
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    2nd that[emoji106]
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    Unread column still not playing ball [emoji19]
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    The last 2 times i tried logging in today after your fixes, all has been well. Keeping fingers crossed
  12. G'day peeps, My name is Bill, I've recently acquired a series 2 96 R33 gtst. A quick intro about myself, I started off vehicle ownership with an RX4 coupe back in the mid 90's, built and modded it to a respectable 135rwkw in n/a form, was pretty quick and p plate legal. Drove that for around 5 years, also had an RX2 coupe I was building at the same time that was never finished. In the early 2000's I was moving homes to somewhere that didn't have much garage space so I sold off all the rotaries and bits and pieces I had. I then thought I would be responsible and drive a normal looking car, so I bought a vtss ls1 6spd commodore. Did some minor mods to it, zorst, intake, wheels, low, and remap. Drove that for over a decade and finally came to my senses and decided to buy another japper. I was initially looking into RX8's but quickly realised the engines where rubbish. I started to think about what else I could get that was rwd and decently powered and settled for a 2001 adm S15 200sx. I did the usual mods one does and ended up with a decently quick 218rwkw street/track car. Did a few track days and was having a blast. I wanted to do a phillip island day so I joined SAU and did the June 14 track day. It was going well and managed to do a 1.58 in my second session. Car had a few more seconds in it easy. I missed the 3rd session as I was gas bagging with others and lost track of what was going on. I went out in the 4th session and tried to go a bit too hard, too early at the end of the first lap and ended up going off on the inside of turn 12 and slamming the flag marshalls tyre barrier. This was the end of the S15. The S15 was then stripped and sold off. With the proceeds I was able to buy and mod my new ride which is a clean R33 GTST. It was mechanically 100% stock other than coilovers and nismo cat back but the previous owner liked cosmetics and did a fair bit to the body. Photos coming.
  13. Thanks Dan, took your advice and bought these. The offender Calliper being stripped New seals in and a pair of new seals in between the removed old ones The remains of the old seals, i think only 1 was still in 1 piece, was definitely a good idea to rebuild. Lucky my local jap parts supplier had a set of seals in stock. Just got to refit and flush/bleed the fluid. Job done.
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    And mine at the track yesterday
  15. A bit of in car of my boat finally breaking in to the 22's with a 1:22.77. Was an awesome day, thanks again guys.
  16. Another track day completed and another PB, this time at Sandown at the SAU track day, managed a 1:22.77. Still on the 1 year old, very used nangkangs. Had some issues during the day with pushing coolant into the overflow. I did notice the rad cap was weeping earlier this week, so hope that is it. Not keen on ripping the head off. Car wasn't heating up, temps where still normal at 90° max. We ran some long sessions during the day and i did a double stint at one stage when i had missed my group after a fuel run, this obviously didn't help the situation. Will replace cap and re assess vat next track day. Also had issues with the brake pedal going soft at the end of a session. Id go for the brake at the end of the cool down lap and there would be nothing there. Would come good by next session. The fluid isn't fresh so thought it might just be that. After i got home and was putting the street wheels on, there was dampness around the rr calliper. Pulled the pads out to have a look and the seal is fubarred. Not sure if this had anything to do with the soft pedal as i didn't lose any fluid during the day. By this morning, all the brake fluid leaked out, so i either need to replace the calliper or get a seal kit and rebuild. Overall happy with the cars performance and although i had some issues, they didn't affect my day too much. Some pics RC data. Video @ActionDan i tried overlaying data on the video, didn't work out and i gave up. Will try again some other time.
  17. Hey guys, after a rear right brake calliper to suit r33 gtst, will take a pair. PM or text on zero402294740 if you have one. Cheers.
  18. Thanks for putting it on and running the day smoothly. Thanks to all organisers and volunteers. Another top notch SAU track day[emoji106]
  19. admS15