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  1. Matt Black rattle can. Hookers and coke with the change...
  2. Supercheap and spares box aren't the right place to be looking. Try kudos motorsports, if you still can't work out what you need, give them a call. Just jap and taarks are also good suppliers for skyline bits. Edit looks like gtsboy beat me to it.
  3. Sure a plazmaman pro series is much better than a return flow cooler but that's not the limiting factor here. Plenty people here have made reasonable power with them without running into the issues op here has.
  4. The return flow should have been good enough to provide much better results than what you got, so would definitely not be the issue. Dosepipe's suggestion above is a good one.
  5. What was the previous intercooler setup and are you sure the new one is more efficient? Do have iat readings? Is the intake tract and cooler piping internally clean or is there oily residue from blowby, excessive blowby can also cause pinging if substantial enough. Catch can can help here. As already stated e85 will help mask the issue but better to be sorted properly.
  6. admS15


    Rename to bmwvwau please. Thanks
  7. Easy boys, I think what he was trying to say is that dosepipe is the best tuner ever. Bit of a misunderstanding really..
  8. 2nd hand adaptronic select if you can find one. $6-800 plenty of features for the $. Has built in map sensor that can handle decent boost, air temp sensor is advisable but not totally necessary. Only negative is they run wasted spark and the software can be a little tricky.
  9. So when are you turboing the ls1? Please start new build thread when you do.
  10. You can add front diffs to that list too. I personally dont like them either. I think people like them because of the way they drive and look. They handle pretty good for a little truck. Google moose test for a hilux and then compare that with a Ranger. Most of the tradies who buy them don't really give a shit, ford fixes them under warranty and they update them every few years and claim it as a company cost. In all honesty just about every brand has issues with cars, some worse than others. For every car that someone has had a positive experience with someone has had a negative. My own experience with my wifes ford focus and it's powershit transmission means i would never ever consider any sort of ford ever again. Ever.
  11. Nissan Patrol with an RB25/30 swap. You need to keep a little Skyline and Nissan in your life. Out of the dual cab 4x4's i think the Ford Ranger is still top dog. The new hilux has serious dpf issues, they are often seen blowing excessive smoke. I wouldn't touch one. I recently bought an Audi Q7 V6 diesel. Goes well, has 7 seats, can tow over 3T, is fairly capable off road, has factory air suspension with lift function and is a real nice place to be. So comfy, It feels like im driving my couch. 0-60 is pretty impressive too, quatro launches with 500+ nm = big smile. I get back in my skyline after driving it and thank god i dont have to drive the Audi everday. Its a good thing but skylines are the holy grail of motoring enjoyment (•‿•)
  12. Nice response, thats pretty much as good if not better than my little high flow 21u in 2nd gear. So when are you going to full tuna it on the dyno?
  13. Imo piggy's [emoji241] GTR is the ultimate R33. Not too over the top, just right to enjoy. Buy it. On another note, i came across this today in my travels and it reminded me of this thread.
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