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  1. Sorry John, don't get on here much! I'm not fussy about what is under the skin, in fact i love modifying. As long as the mods are executed well and improve the car then I say go for it. My biggest issue with my R32 is that I can't modify it! I think the people who have owned and put their mark on a car through it's life are as much a part of the cars story as the people who put it together at the factory. Most don't agree though looking at values of original, documented vehicles vs the modified versions. I bought my 1600 back in 1990 as a body and parts from an engine builder who worked at HRT and then went on to work in F1 with the Arrows team. He had started to prep the car for the track but found HRT took up prety much all of his time. Not sure where he ended up. I rebuilt it back then - it's now about 30%1600 - the rest is 240K, DR30, 180B, 260Z, Hilux, R31 - even Pulsar! Mostly brand faithful, but most of the 1600 bits are gone.. I'm now giving her a refresh, fixing up the awful job I did back in the early 90's! But hang on this is all about ADM R32's. Did you sell your Silver car? Market was looking pretty good last time I paid attention.
  2. Lovely looking DR30 John, not many about either. Is it the FJ20T model? Facebook is taking over everything....
  3. Bargain - someone should snap it up quick! It's in great condition from the photos - bit sad that it has only been enjoyed for 39k kms.. That's only 26km a week...
  4. Couple of sky high asking prices on Carsales also, warms my heart.
  5. 5 of them? Wow, I thought I had an ADM problem... With that many cars he may have had an opportunity to corner the market like those 3 Melbourne lawyers did with their GTHO's some time ago. lol. I've almost finished my interior refresh, just the drivers seat to do then move on to paint. After that point I expect she will be too good to use and I will keep her under a blanket suffering from panic attacks whenever the kids get within a 2m radius...
  6. Another ADM coming up for sale at Shannons Melbourne auction in November. Black, nice looking body, interior a little shabby but looks all original otherwise. There's been a lot of turnover recently, rising prices tempting many to cash in..
  7. That's great that Nissan are showing an interest in keeping some of the GTR heritage in house. I think they should have bought mine though being the first car that they imported. It was used for evaluation, and also did press car duties - although it still runs so it mustn't have seen that much press work! Nissan is just the kind of buyer that I'd be happy to sell to. I was thinking that with the 25th anniversary of Jim & Marks first win on the mountain that there may be something happening for this years Bathurst - anyone heard of any plans?
  8. As long as you don't get stuck behind the sportsbikes.....
  9. Hi All - a nice mid winter cruise - weather dependent - sounds enticing to me. Any interest from others? I'm not fussy about a route as long as it's out of town - the cruise up to Kinglake and back is not bad and doesn't take all day either.
  10. There's a nice silver ADM on ebay at the moment - up to $30k now, low km's if they are right.
  11. Bathurst 12 hr eh? - enjoyed watching the R35 toy with the field this year John? I sure did - amazing performance. GOH5T That number plate mount wouldn't be too hard to make - a laser cut blank run through a small set of rollers then painted. If there are 10 people who would like one I can make up a batch. If there's interest I'll price it. It is a huge improvement on the standard one....
  12. Can anyone recommend a Melbourne mechanic to look after ADM's - any Nissan dealers still 'authorised'? (Not going backwards has it's drawbacks....)
  13. Surely with the 25 year anniversary next year this would be something that would have to get off the ground. I'll bring the mine along to Bathurst, just say when! Not the prettiest, and she isn't going backwards at the moment, got all her stone chips earned over the years, but still a phenomenal car. Anyone with contacts at Nissan should get them on board as well - bring along some R35's as a marketing stunt, we could all give our opinions on how the two cars differ driving at speed around the Mountain! Just an idea.
  14. Hi Guys - another ADM has changed hands - after a lot of research I took the plunge and bought build #11260 - now I know it isn't part of the 100, but I reckon it is still a special car. It's original apart from a droney 3" exhaust and a chip. I'm the 3rd owner, the guy I bought it off had it for 17 years! He was as unhappy as I was happy when I picked it up.... Came with the original wheels which haven't been on the car since the 90's - they are perfect, it's on a set of Simmons wheels at the moment - I'll keep them on for normal driving and get the real ones on for club stuff. Only fault with the car are stone chipping to the front end and a tear in the drivers seat bolster - and a small dent in the door which I'll get repaired. Any suggestions on repairing the upholstery - it's a common problem, hopefully someone here has solved it already? The story is that this car was also used as a press car and as Bob has already said evaluation purposes for Nissan - so I suppose you could say that this car is the reason that there are 100 other ADM's ! I'm a happy lad - been a dream since watching ATCC back in the early 90's to own one, looking forward to garaging her next to my '68 1600 - wifes' Volvo is out in the rain....
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