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  1. Torque Curve

    Thanks , yeah it’s mostly a street car. If it’s a minimal improvement then I won’t bother. But with the front I really wish I could find the details about moving the LCA mounting holes outwards by 20 mm from memory. Thanks for the comment s guys.
  2. Torque Curve

    Thanks for the link. Kind of what I’m after but also not. I’ve seen comments about relocating the LCA Mount points and wanted more detail on that if possible. Cheers
  3. Torque Curve

    Just “Power-Port” the oem inlet. Specialised power porting in Mt.Helen have done them in the past.
  4. Torque Curve

    Thanks for that but trying to find old theads is never successful unfortunately. thanks anyways.
  5. I’ve seen comments previously about changing the mounting locations of the LCA’s and wanted to get some knowledgeable comments. Front: Moving the bolt location on the subframe outwards by approx 20mm ?? Will the existing holes get welded or just drill out fresh points. Rear: Welding on a dropped mounting bracket the front mounting point fro the rear LCA? Will this cause issues with the alignment of the rear mounting bushes. Car is 90% Street / 8% Drag / 2% Track but 100% enjoyed. Already fitted: MCA XR coilovers, hardrace Castor arms, GKTech rear camber & traction arms. Thanks in advance.
  6. Torque Curve

    Not sure. I have the stock arangement end was interested to see if anyone had fitted them or if as you mention, may have found the just plainly don’t fit???
  7. Torque Curve

  8. Hi, i was interested to see if anyone has fitted Turbo blankets to the stock location twins? Ive seen the below link and it seems a good way to control the heat in that space. many thanks.
  9. R32 GTR centre heater vent replacement Hi everyone. After looking all over I couldn't find any information about removing the centre heating vent from the R32 GTR other than "just pull it out, it's easy" or " its best to take the dash out and remove from the back" so I have done a quick vid showing how I removed it with some bicycle tyre levers I have. I hope it helps. Click the link. Cheers
  10. Torque Curve

    Latest update from GkTech today is that these are due to be released on their website next week
  11. Caroline Springs 3023 (western suburbs Melbourne)
  12. R32 GTR / NPC flywheel, strut tower brace, Std Cam gears + more As per most Home garages that have a GTR parked in them I have some parts that aren't needed. I have purchased some items previously that have been supplied with other items I don't need so they are now for sale. All parts are located in Melbourne but can post at buyers expense. NPC lightweight Flywheel, freshly machined. R32 / R33 (R34??) $190 Twin Turbo y-pipe (1/2 polished) $80 Standard RB26 Cam gears $70 Standard R32 GTR fuel pump (working when removed) $40 Cusco style strut tower brace $50 Standard R32 GTR Castor arms (bushes aren't the best) $30 Standard RB26 Air Flow Meters (1xpair / working when removed) $150 Standard RB26 exhaust manifold with heat shields $100 High-flowing K&N air filter Pods $150 Standard Hot Side piping (not sure if they are all they) $40 Troy 0438172461 *Note* All items will remain "For Sale" until full payment has been recieved or confirmed. Thank You
  13. Torque Curve

    Ive heard these are currently in testing at the moment.