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  1. Has there been any good modern setups with twins lately??
  2. Replying with comments that insinuate that If someone makes money from a product then there is an assumed underlying deceptive motive, really doesn't help the OP. Surely you all get paid for work you do or profit from a business you own so is this not the EXACT same thing you are accusing others of?? Just pull your heads in, It's getting old.
  3. it seems that replacing the bearings with a higher quality is a good start. Aurora Bearings ( http://www.aurorabearing.com/index.html ) seem to be a go-to for a heap of race teams and some distributors in the US are starting to offer the arms with the Bearings updated from new.
  4. Flip at JMS in Adelaide loves the new range of HKS twins and he may be worth a quick call to get some feedback on them.
  5. I posted that onto the R32 GTR Australia FB Page and ripped appart. LOL's All I wanted to do was show that some modern tech used in a "Moderate" twin set up would be a good street car with a stealth appearance. These were run on pretty basic US fuel too so i would expect the setups to perform differently with some Corn Syrup but don't let that distract you from the fact that Hector will be running 3 SPOON engines! Not everyone is looking be fully hectic as WSID Bro.....
  6. Why not go the in between L19 studs?? more than the 2000 but not as much as the CA625.
  7. Great work on the car. its looking like you're headed in the right direction.
  8. I've found that the 245 50 R16 Nitto NT01's are just amazing. They are a very stable tyre and offer excellent feel when cornering aggressively, also they fill the guards nicely.
  9. Given the price you can get a pair of Stock Manifolds for ($50 +/-) you could better spend the money or bank the savings. These were designed as an option for people casing some large power figures on the twins location. If you were keeping twins but going 2.8 or larger then looking to max out some larger turbos then these would be your go to. Ive personally had my stock Manifolds ported by Specialized Power Porting in readiness for the next set up.
  10. The power you will get from the -7’s is fun and reliable where as if you go to the -5’s you will get more power but the clutch will take more of a beating and the head gasket will have a limited life (if that’s still stock) perconally would be looking at an ECU with some safety features though as the old Power FC is a bit dated now. Haltech and Link are dependable brands.
  11. Braided lines, DBA T3 rotors and Intima SR pads all combine to be a very capable performance / Street packed with excellent pedal feel. If you spend most time on the street then go the SS pas as the SR’ can have some sqeal occasionally.
  12. Be aware that the Speedtek sets seem to work for the RWD guys but I haven't heard of anyone's successful use of them with AWD. impersonally looking to go to the PAR gear set once my box meets its impeding destiny.
  13. Once the car is modified its modified, regardless of singles or twins. Andrew made the high figures with high flowed -7's, e85 and cams not just standard -7's. If you are worried about value then I would rebuild the stock turbos or just add regular -7's and remove the boost restrictor. modding a GTR is a deep rabbit hole to dive down so decide early if want to "eventually" go big it is way more affordable to go big from the start. Up-Garage in the states look like they do some great work so maybe connect with them to get some ideas or if you are looking for big numbers then there is about 5,000,000 post on this site and an entire internet with options for that.
  14. Definitely keeping the Gtr a 4wd so no chance of this swap. Thanks for the thoughts though.
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