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  1. hi Alan do you still have the e manage package thanks Phill
  2. Ryuk

    Stock Turbo Psi

    Thanks mate for your helpful response, I noticed that the modest increase I gave it didn't necessarily equal the expected returns. Can see why this may be the case now.
  3. Hi, i just recently bought a stagea and had been lurking around for some info and tips. See you on the boards soon
  4. Ryuk

    Stock Turbo Psi

    Hi, having just recently getting a wc34 Stagea, ironing out a few bugs and installing a manual boost controller etc. I am curious as to what you guys think is a safe level to run the stock turbo? I had heard no higher than 12psi and currently running just shy of 10.
  5. Hey mate, this is the unit and I also have the further wiring harness in same condition (good). $50 ono
  6. Sry I was very clear with that. I know there was another guy that was after the FMIC (core) but not the pluming, I was inquiring about the pluming parts.
  7. Hey little unsure if it was grabbed or not, but you still got the cooler kit?
  8. Selling 1 un-required HKS EIDS Idling Stabilizer Type H1 based in Sydney will post anywhere at buyer's expense
  9. Hey sry but I forgot all about my question regarding the front doors until re-reading this just now, so still considering if still available. However I was thinking should check on a few more parts while I'm at it. Do you still have the tailgate: of so whats it's condition like regarding rust & how much would you want for it? Also not sure if you sold the inter-cooler or not to the feela that was asking before, if you did do you still have the piping and how much would you want for them?
  10. Hi How much for the front doors?
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