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  1. For sale is my N1 Knee pads for R33 and R34 GTR Bayside Blue genuine front bar with lip included. Knee Pads $900 ONO R34 front bar $2000 ONO Message 0435054096 for any further info. Located SA but can help with postage for the bar.
  2. Umm I’d have to dig up some old photos. Pretty easy to do a conversion though, I’ve done two now on jackstands in a shed. Message me if you need any other help if you’d like. I don’t often check this forum.
  3. Yes mate. So from what I’ve been told, non turbo and turbo clusters are different. Get yourself a non turbo cluster and see if you get the speedo back! Save yourself the labour!! I have the non turbo cluster in Adelaide if you want to try it.
  4. Looking for a full set of brakes. Calipers, rotors and pads. Can buy rotors and pads separate. Also looking for rear turbo hubs or wheel bearings. will pay post to SA.
  5. Had it sorted by a workshop, it ended up being a non turbo cluster which reads speed from the diff! So wasted a lot of time and money on something that was fairly straight forward. Oh well, I bought another auto 34 today to convert, so should be able to do that fairly easily.
  6. I don’t have any photos mate. From what I’ve seen though, converting a manual harness into auto looks fairly complex. What happened to your harness? I can get photos but the cars currently in the workshop sorting the speedo.
  7. Have the manual one in now. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, could be the Speedo sensor. Which is annoying.
  8. Hey mate, cheers. Not really sure what do to as I’ve tried both speedo sensors. It’s literally just two wires joined to two wires so I don’t know what’s wrong?
  9. Nope.. Tried both auto speedo connectors and tried both wires and tried them opposite ways and nothing which is quite annoying! Your reverse wires were spot on though cheers! Might have to get it finished off by an auto elec, unless you got photos or something?
  10. Hey mate, got the reverse lights sorted. Cheers. Can’t get the Speedo working though.. we tried yellow to brown and grey to black but didn’t work. Any help? Are they the correct wires?
  11. Hmm not really sure what you mean. Will be working on the car tomorrow so hopefully can get an idea once looking at the wires.
  12. Isn’t there 2 Speedo sensors from auto box? Which one did you use?
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