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  1. GTS-t VSPEC

    We're always happy to update the list. If people PM me changes, as is requested in the thread, then it will get updated
  2. GTS-t VSPEC

    Ant Scali is doing work for both Fab Car and LF Performance I believe.
  3. GTS-t VSPEC

    I should be along about mid-arvo once the boy has finished his nap, hope to catchup with everyone then
  4. GTS-t VSPEC

    Pretty sure I was doing well till the final event, and it would be unseemly of me to win everything
  5. GTS-t VSPEC

    Maybe we'll get Marcus out there, he could show you how to drive
  6. GTS-t VSPEC

    If there is a spot available Lauren is keen to drive. I'll be there babysitting Marcus
  7. GTS-t VSPEC

    You seem to know quite alot about him
  8. GTS-t VSPEC

    Maybe if we have another competition "Which Car would Hitler Drive?" then you could enter and win
  9. GTS-t VSPEC

    I'll try and remember to enter when I get home, at least I have a Skyline
  10. GTS-t VSPEC

    This is on tomorrow, I'm entered, and practice starts from 9am, in case anyone wants to come down and watch
  11. GTS-t VSPEC

    Would like to come out, but playing on the 13th, so might not push my luck with the boss
  12. GTS-t VSPEC

    Doh, ................................................................. woohoo
  13. GTS-t VSPEC

    I'll be naked, save for some bells
  14. GTS-t VSPEC

    Dale, You posted May the 5th, but I assume you mean Friday 4th May ? If so I'll be there. I'll be the one at the bacon tray
  15. GTS-t VSPEC

    Cool, hopefully the car will be on song for this event. Fingers crossed I've fixed my vibration issue