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  1. We're always happy to update the list. If people PM me changes, as is requested in the thread, then it will get updated
  2. Ant Scali is doing work for both Fab Car and LF Performance I believe.
  3. I should be along about mid-arvo once the boy has finished his nap, hope to catchup with everyone then
  4. Pretty sure I was doing well till the final event, and it would be unseemly of me to win everything
  5. Maybe we'll get Marcus out there, he could show you how to drive
  6. If there is a spot available Lauren is keen to drive. I'll be there babysitting Marcus
  7. You seem to know quite alot about him
  8. Maybe if we have another competition "Which Car would Hitler Drive?" then you could enter and win
  9. I'll try and remember to enter when I get home, at least I have a Skyline
  10. This is on tomorrow, I'm entered, and practice starts from 9am, in case anyone wants to come down and watch
  11. Would like to come out, but playing on the 13th, so might not push my luck with the boss
  12. Doh, ................................................................. woohoo
  13. I'll be naked, save for some bells
  14. Dale, You posted May the 5th, but I assume you mean Friday 4th May ? If so I'll be there. I'll be the one at the bacon tray
  15. Cool, hopefully the car will be on song for this event. Fingers crossed I've fixed my vibration issue
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